Jan 25, 2013

New Readers Friday!

It's Friday!!! And I'm doing my favorite Friday thing...writing some letters!

Dear Readers, if you haven't stopped by my BFF's blog yet, go check it out. She's giving away lots of swag over there. I seriously would love to win but I'm participating! If you don't have a blog button yet, I'm giving away one! 
Dear new readers, hey girl heeeeey! So glad you found my little piece of the internets. I promise to not be such an absent blog mom going forward. I've been living in boxes recently and just got that world wide web at my new house. 
Dear M-town, I literally started laughing out loud like a crazy person this morning. Yesterday you salted all the streets and brought all kinds of business to the grocery stores for milk and bread. Then it was 44 degrees when I woke up....nice try. The teachers and kids were banking on an ice day. 
Dear fridge, I'm going to need you to clean yourself by the time I get home. The supplies are right on the counter, so have at it! It's time to go grocery shopping for the first time at the new house this weekend. Garage fridge is now clean but I like my indoor fridge better. 
Dear Meredith, Thank you for giving me a perfect picture of the built ins I want around our tv. See how plain this is....
And high five to your hubs for being a DIYer! #menwithtoolbeltsarehot
Dear Directv and Xipline installers, Your cat fight was hilarious and I only wish things had come to blows in my front yard. Note to self: always multitask and schedule this stuff on the same day. It proved to be quite entertaining!
Dear lady with the top of your head ponytail today, No...just no. Your ponytail should never be that close to your bangs. Period. 

Ok, chicas, that's it for this Friday (our second favorite F word)! What's everyone got planned for the weekend?


Meredith said...

Aw, thanks for the shoutout! And I must have missed the ice storm tragedy....I didn't turn on the news for the past couple days though.

Have a great weekend at the new hizzle! bahaha Yea, I just said that.

LB @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

Hola! I'm not promising ill be at skyzone tomorrow but I'll still try for the outlet as king as I don't feel like someone ran over me with a ChooChoo customs van.

Lindsey said...

Worst "Ice Storm" ever! And I think I just saw ponytail lady at Kroger! Hahaha!

Chelsea said...

HA! I love the last one.. I can just imagine how high that ponytail was.. heehe :-) I can't wait to read more!


Jaime Byram said...

I'm a new reader sent over from Lora's blog. I've visited a couple times, but I'm officially yours today according to GFC. Love your buttons and the ponytail comment is cracking me up. I will be thinking about that one all day. I'm also interested in having you create a button for me possibly. Check out my blog Mommy On a Mission at byram3.wordpress.com.

Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

We want to do a built in TV too. Ours is plain like yours. Booooo

I am a new follower! Hope you will stop by my blog. If you like what you see follow me back:

Laurie said...

The pony tail comment had me laughing. I agree! And what about the lady with the pony tail on the side by the ear? :)

I wanted to invite you to stop by our weekly Meet & Greet Blog Hop! It runs Friday night till the end of Monday. Come link up this weekend if you have time!


Michelle said...

Hello from a newbie reader :)
Yes I agree unless your 3 years old and have just enough hair to tie back in a pony so its right up high like a hair fountain ... its not ok to do a super high pony!

Kayleigh said...

Hi There, thanks fo joining the blog hop, I am currently featured blog and would love you to follow back http://beautylifeandbabies.blogspot.co.uk/ Kayleigh x