Jan 14, 2013

Basketball Jones

This weekend our basketball dreams of being the undefeated state champions of the world were crushed....ok, so maybe it was just church ball. Whatevs. My little mini is #13. Of course I don't have any action shots of her facing this way because when she did face my direction I was yelling at her to look for her man or the ball. Oh boy, I'm fun at ball games. I even thought my dad was getting rowdy about the other team with one of their granddad's behind us, so I sent him a text as he was right behind me. Then I turned to realize it was just my BFF's ex that he was ranting with. It's all good. 

Some shots from the game....one of these days I will figure out the light setting on my camera. Promise.

Our little group of girl friends are known as the WP...wolfpack. The movie just hit home for us, hah! And we call our kids the Jr WP. And yes, that does scare the mess out of us. We are hoping we have learned all the tricks in the books and can keep them from getting away with anything in about 4-5 years. 

So that was our Saturday. The rest of the weekend was mostly boxing stuff and checking out Pinterest during our allotted breaks for paint ideas. We also made a quick stop by Lowe's to price a few things. 

Closing is Wednesday and all that "we have 30 days so we can move slowly" crap went straight out the window. I want out and I want out right now. I've got work to do on the new place so I might as well live there while doing it, right? Whatever. Don't try to talk me out of it. Today I found out we will probably be without internet and TV at the new house for 1-2 weeks due to "scheduling" issues....and the fact that the internet there is a monopoly. I whined for forever a minute then decided I still want to move right away. I've got workout DVDs that haven't seen the inside of a DVD player ever um in years in months! I can bust those babies out to pass some time in the evenings. 

Anyone have any good book recommendations for me during the "dark ages" until I have TV and internet set up? What about moving tips? Anyone want to come decorate my house for me so I don't have to decide on anything? 

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Lindsey said...

Ugh...moving! Hope it goes well and you get internet ASAP!

LB @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

So exciting but stressful lol. When are y'all moving in? You best be having a party soon. : ) we are having one next month so y'all have to come see the house.