Jan 6, 2013

12 Days

For 12 whole days I got to practice being a stay at home mom. I think I got the hang of it and was all ready to see about getting that job when someone informed me that they don't get paid too well....crap. Back to the drawing board!

Not gonna lie, I am still in 2012 mode. 
I miss the red and green paper all around. I miss the glow of my brighter-than-the-sun Christmas tree. 
I miss fun times with my crazy family. Look at my adorable niece in the background! And yes, that would be my sister, the first in the glasses.
I miss late night dance parties to the new Just Dance 4. Seriously, this is so much fun that my friends are all getting together to dance in a few weeks. 
I miss free time to play on my Christmas toys too. My completely amazing bf surprised me with a Kindle Fire this year. Like totally surprised me. I thought we were doing this year small. And speaking of surprising, my mom used my Pinterest pins to pick out two of my Christmas presents. She gets major points for that one! I have been dying for the perfect leopard scarf and leaf necklace and she got the perfect ones! Ya know those proud parents that slap the "my kid is an honor student at..." stickers on their cars? I feel like slapping a "my mom and dad use technology" on the back of my car. I am just that proud. I remember trying to convince my dad back in like 1993 that it would be ok to get the internets and I promised no one would steal our bank info. 

Anyways, so I'm back in the swing of things ish. I'm ready to get into this new year and start working on my New Years resolutions that I haven't even decided on yet. I am also ready to get to working this off my body...
That would be two plates of fudge, chocolate covered nuts, two boxes of chocolate covered cherries and peanut butter balls....I died and went to fat girl heaven over Christmas break! 

I hope everyone is out of their Christmas coma by today. I feel like I'm the last one out of mine. 

Happy New Years, chicas!


LB @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

Woohoo, that's awesome. Feel the same way about my parents ha! My mom actually reads my blog and comments, what the heck?! And then she calls me Friday and asks me how to close all her tabs and doesn't even know what tabs are. I tell her browser tabs and she asks what a browser is. Fail!

Shesabigstar said...

Love the Kindle Fire! Both of my kids got one for Christmas and me? Yeah I don't have one yet.

Kimmyyy83 said...

Love it! You know whats next! Time to play in the dirt! My oldest is thinking about not renewing her softball career, its like the elephant in the room round these parts!

Lora said...

I'm so glad you finally posted! ya slacker!