Jan 29, 2013

Mack Truck Tuesday

Let me start by saying...if I manage to work a full 8 hours today, it will be a freaking miracle. Ok, maybe that's asking too much....if I manage to sit in my chair at work until 5 pm today without banging my head into my keyboard then it will be a miracle for sure. 

Last night I felt like junk so I did something I haven't done in a really long time...I went to bed before 9:30, gasp! I really wanted to stay in bed today too. I got a text from MrsLoYoung to let me know she was sick so no need for me to pick up her girls for carpool. Actually, I believe she told me she was dying....
I then told Miss Sassy/Mini Me that she and her friends must have brought cooties home from school and they were already immune to them but us poor moms were suffering! She explained only boys carry cooties and debunked my theory. 

All of these rambling to tell you why I'm just not feeling my blogging mojo today (and I just typed "blogging mofo" instead, oopsy). 

Today I just wanted to bring this to your attention....
Mel mentioned Boyz and NKOTB coming to StL, but she didn't mention my ex-hubs Drew was coming too!! So I took myself on over to ticketmaster for some more details. Unfortunately, my work schedule will not allow me to make it to the show in StL...big sad face. But lucky for me, they are also coming to Nashville!!! Now I just have to find someone who wants to go with me on a Tuesday night! 

Ok chicas, that's all I have for ya today. Tomorrow I'm headed to the doctor first thing in the morning (unless I make it off today's waiting list for a cancellation spot) to get something to cure this cruddddd! 

Jan 28, 2013

Blown Away

Happy Monday! I am blown away like that mean ole Mister in the Carrie Underwood song minus the whiskey drunkenness and tornado! Blown away at the new readers stopping by! I am guessing you are all here because of Mrs Young's big giveaway! But if not, go here and enter that right NOW! Also, go see Laura for her awesome giveaway today! 

Mondays around here usually contain a little weekend update as long as there are updates to be given. But today, I wanted to give a little more background on this little blog and me for my newbies. First off, this little space of the world wide web is usually random. It's a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get, Lieutenant Dan! Expect a lot of this little girl...
also known as Miss Sassy. She is my world! She keeps me busier than I ever thought I could be, that's for sure. The pic above was from her weekly pitching lessons yesterday. She's on a travel/competitive softball team and my weekends are about to be tournaments, tournaments, and hey, more tournaments. 

Also taking up space here on the ole blog....our new house. Yes, I am the lady that took 2 years to buy a new car and one week to put in an offer on a new house...that's right! And hopefully, you won't get too tired of hearing about it, because I have lots of Before and Afters planned for this place. This weekend I spruced up the cabinets....
Thank you my BFF, Target! I know that doesn't look impressive, but seriously, it took forever to do the drawers in my kitchen. I am a perfectionist with certain things and it just kills me if the pretty liner isn't cut exactly straight. Tell me I'm not the only one?!? 

I like writing letters around here too. I like to write to my friends, my stuff, and my days of the week. It makes the day go faster, try it some time! I also love weddings, winning the lottery, lists, and my friends being liar liars pants on fires

Hopefully, you hang around after the giveaway is over! There are more fun link ups and giveaways planned around here. Now it's your turn, whether you are new or old, leave me and comment and introduce yourself. Tell me a little something about yourself and by all means, give me the link to your piece of the internets!

Jan 25, 2013

New Readers Friday!

It's Friday!!! And I'm doing my favorite Friday thing...writing some letters!

Dear Readers, if you haven't stopped by my BFF's blog yet, go check it out. She's giving away lots of swag over there. I seriously would love to win but I'm participating! If you don't have a blog button yet, I'm giving away one! 
Dear new readers, hey girl heeeeey! So glad you found my little piece of the internets. I promise to not be such an absent blog mom going forward. I've been living in boxes recently and just got that world wide web at my new house. 
Dear M-town, I literally started laughing out loud like a crazy person this morning. Yesterday you salted all the streets and brought all kinds of business to the grocery stores for milk and bread. Then it was 44 degrees when I woke up....nice try. The teachers and kids were banking on an ice day. 
Dear fridge, I'm going to need you to clean yourself by the time I get home. The supplies are right on the counter, so have at it! It's time to go grocery shopping for the first time at the new house this weekend. Garage fridge is now clean but I like my indoor fridge better. 
Dear Meredith, Thank you for giving me a perfect picture of the built ins I want around our tv. See how plain this is....
And high five to your hubs for being a DIYer! #menwithtoolbeltsarehot
Dear Directv and Xipline installers, Your cat fight was hilarious and I only wish things had come to blows in my front yard. Note to self: always multitask and schedule this stuff on the same day. It proved to be quite entertaining!
Dear lady with the top of your head ponytail today, No...just no. Your ponytail should never be that close to your bangs. Period. 

Ok, chicas, that's it for this Friday (our second favorite F word)! What's everyone got planned for the weekend?

Jan 23, 2013

All over the place

Sit down and buckle up, people, this one is going to be all over the place. 

Let's start here...Greek yogurt. I tried it back in the day and it was something I had to choke down. It was so gross. I love regular yogurt though. I decided to give it another shot last year and it was decent. Not as good as the fat kind. Duh. Today, Greek yogurt is my "I'm leaving work at 11 so I need a snack between breakfast and 11 so i don't eat Taco Bell on my way home" snack. And it isn't too bad, but I'm sure I bought the most bad for me kind or something. Here's my question...which one is best for you? And which one tastes best? And does it look a little ick when you first open it up? It hadn't expired, thank goodness. 
Next up, weigh in Wednesday. I would love to post about how much weight I lost this week but I have no clue. Seriously. 
Big fail because my scale is still at my apartment. It didn't make the first cut list for the big move. I will be getting it this weekend though so then it will be time to get back on track. 

I finally got a "blogger bauble". Yep. I know. I wasn't a fan at first and then I got one of those sale emails with them in it for only $5. I couldn't help myself. And I never say no to turquoise. 
I personally liked this better with my mustard colored identical shirt, but the one in mustard is a extra small and this color is a small. So it won. The medium fits just right though. And how do I know this? Because I have 5 of these shirts from Target. They are the most comfy things ever. Whenever they end up on the sale rack they are $3 so why not?! Throw on a necklace and that is how I wear a Tshirt to work. Bam!

And in following my random theme...construction! It has begun at the new house. Well, it's what I call construction. Anything involving screwdrivers, nails, cutter thingies (the official term) or hammers is construction in my book. 
Ok, so this isn't really the "after" pic. This is more of the in progress pic. But this little piece of sheetrock is keeping my nose from freezing at night. This is the spot in the master bedroom that needed to be patched. And I figured why not make the project bigger and last longer (twss?), so I am going to go over the rest of the ceiling and scrape the "popcorn" off. It will be ugly for a while but I have a pretty plan to paint my smooth ceiling once that is done and the sheetrook is re-mudded (just made that a word). 

That's about the extent of my randomness today. Sorry. I promise to be more interesting by Friday!

Jan 18, 2013

We all made it!

Whew, Friday came in with a bang today. Normally once I get my butt out of the bed I can make myself into a morning person. This morning...not so much. I know I was in a horrible mood. (Sorry family) There just wasn't much I could do about it. My casual Friday jeans couldn't even contain my inner usually outer biotch beast.

Made it to work and then dumped a gallon of water on my desk....ok, maybe I just tipped over a water bottle. But it nailed my planner...sad face...
Yep, those are napkins, four of them, lining the pages right now. But of course I want to pout and get a new planner so my pages won't do that wrinkly thing. 

So to put myself in a better mood....I'm highfiving it for Friday and linking up with Lauren

1 This happened this week...
And we have been slowly moving things since Wednesday. I cannot wait to get into our house and start working on painting, flooring, decorating, etc. I'm hoping for dramatic before and afters! So there's a big high five.

2 Now that we are closer to the gym, I officially have no more excuses. I know, I shouldn't have excuses anyways, right? But I make them. Sue me. I am very excited about getting back into a routine and enjoying some classes at the Y starting next week. 
3 My BFF is having a nice little link up for her MFP challenge. If you missed out...or failed miserably like me....never fear, you can link up again on Feb 8th. Also, check her out next week. She hit a big goal (300 followers) and rumor has it, she's got a major giveaway going on. And someone really awesome (aka me) is giving some swag away. So check that out. 
Raising Steppe Sisters

4 I crossed tons off my to do list today...but my favorite thing was getting a hair appointment. Let.me.tell.you. I have put off my hair for a LONG time. So long in fact my 10 year old even asked me about it in a concerned kind of way. And I've gone WAY past when my grandma says "Did you just get your hair done". When she says that I know it's time to touch it up. I remind her "No, you are just noticing the extreme difference in my roots and hair now". It's not "blonder" trust me. I will be looking like this Thursday evening...
5 Sparkly things deserve a high five. Always. And today I have sparkly shoes and a pretty sparkly necklace on. So that means I should be a happy happy girl!
Have an amazing weekend, lovelies! And if anyone wants to be paid in pizza and beer (or queso and margaritas), meet me at the apartment to help us get our move on!

Jan 14, 2013

Basketball Jones

This weekend our basketball dreams of being the undefeated state champions of the world were crushed....ok, so maybe it was just church ball. Whatevs. My little mini is #13. Of course I don't have any action shots of her facing this way because when she did face my direction I was yelling at her to look for her man or the ball. Oh boy, I'm fun at ball games. I even thought my dad was getting rowdy about the other team with one of their granddad's behind us, so I sent him a text as he was right behind me. Then I turned to realize it was just my BFF's ex that he was ranting with. It's all good. 

Some shots from the game....one of these days I will figure out the light setting on my camera. Promise.

Our little group of girl friends are known as the WP...wolfpack. The movie just hit home for us, hah! And we call our kids the Jr WP. And yes, that does scare the mess out of us. We are hoping we have learned all the tricks in the books and can keep them from getting away with anything in about 4-5 years. 

So that was our Saturday. The rest of the weekend was mostly boxing stuff and checking out Pinterest during our allotted breaks for paint ideas. We also made a quick stop by Lowe's to price a few things. 

Closing is Wednesday and all that "we have 30 days so we can move slowly" crap went straight out the window. I want out and I want out right now. I've got work to do on the new place so I might as well live there while doing it, right? Whatever. Don't try to talk me out of it. Today I found out we will probably be without internet and TV at the new house for 1-2 weeks due to "scheduling" issues....and the fact that the internet there is a monopoly. I whined for forever a minute then decided I still want to move right away. I've got workout DVDs that haven't seen the inside of a DVD player ever um in years in months! I can bust those babies out to pass some time in the evenings. 

Anyone have any good book recommendations for me during the "dark ages" until I have TV and internet set up? What about moving tips? Anyone want to come decorate my house for me so I don't have to decide on anything? 

stillbeingmollyThe Things We Find Inside

Jan 11, 2013

Some Letters for ya

Hey hey! It's my favorite F word!! It's Friday, It's Friday...sorry if I'm a little obnoxious about it this morning (totally just tried spelling obnoxious with an "a")  but it has been one of those weeks. Work has been obnoxious with a capital A! The weather has been yuck, which means yuck traffic. And we have been too freaking busy outside of work. 

Sounds like a perfect recipe for a little Friday Letters!

Dear Stuffs, if you could pack yourself by the time I get home from work, then I promise not to leave you in the boxes too long next week. Pinky promise. Dear AT&T, get your shi- together and get me some fast internets at the new house. What do you mean you can't find my new address in your system? Dear Mapquest, can you go help AT&T find my house, k thanks. Dear apartment, can you please just stay in one piece until next week. I guess I pissed you off when you heard me talking about my new luxurious closet, but ya know what? I deserve it with having to deal with your tight squeeze cheap self this long. Dear baseball season, I am ready for you right flippin now! (random much?) Dear awesome, fun bands/musicians, I'm gonna need you to come visit Memphis the weekend that Mel is here. Not that we can't find somewhere to dance, but I feel the need for a little live music in our lives! Dear Walmart, I'm gonna need you to have a 12ft Christmas tree stashed in the backroom somewhere for me. Oh and I'm going to need it to be half the price it was during the clearance sale. Dear Saturday, you need to last longer than 24 hours. I have LOTS to accomplish on you....that sounded awkward. Lots to accomplish on your square on my calendar. Dear Lora, this was an amazing post. You put this into words in such an awesome way. I am thankful that indifference found you and me both. And I am thankful that we have such amazing men in our lives now. 

And that's about it for now. So...is it 5 yet?! 

Linking up here and here :)

Jan 9, 2013

The Last Roll of Toilet Paper

Things were starting to get desperate in our house this week...we have been in the process of buying a home and due to the seller's circumstances this has been a long drawn out process. Seemingly unrelated (but I'll tie it in), I am a bulk shopper when it comes to most things at home. Box of 5 tubes of toothpaste? Yep. 85 rolls of paper towels? You bet. Trunk full of toilet paper? Absolutely! So the last time I bought toilet paper I said that it would be the last trunk load package I was buying for the apartment. I was a little fed up. This week, B told me we were down to one roll...luckily, we receive the very last piece of paperwork on the new house yesterday and we are set to close next week....whew, we dodged a bullet there huh? B asked me if I was serious about not buying anymore TP for the old house, hah! 

How's that for Random Wednesday?! Like how I go from running out of toilet paper to getting a new house? 

Here's some more randomness this week.

I got a new planner for 2013. The month view of the calendar starts on Monday instead of Sunday and I have been off all week. I've been telling people the wrong dates for things. It's been awful. I am fine when I look at the week view, it's just the monthly view that throws me off. I guess I'm not great with change. Please tell me I'm not the only one.

Next up, workin' on my fitness. I am really wanting to get a Polar, possibly the FT4. I can't decide. Also, I don't feel like I have worked out enough to earn a "reward" like this yet. And just being honest, I probably won't get fully dedicated until the move is over. I will be closer to the gym and I will have plenty of space at the new house to workout from home. Once I get a routine, I am getting one of these babies!
Just in case you hadn't heard...trampoline workouts are hardcore. 
After the first plank we did on Saturday, I looked and thought I was bleeding. I got trampoline burn....who does that?! Looks a little better in these pictures.  Trampoline planking is hardcore apparently. 

In other news, this happened this morning and I've been feeling fresh ever since, lol. 
And that's enough random for this Wednesday. Is it Friday yet??

Jan 8, 2013

Running Shoes

I am so excited about Mel & Laura's link up today! I am in the market for some new running shoes and I just can't decide what to check out. So let me start by saying my running shoes are just a bit old, but they have been great....
The best part is how freaking sexy they are, ya know?!

Ok, so maybe those are just the shoes they make you wear at Skyzone....

My real running shoes are Adidas Climacools. They are lightweight and were super comfy when I first got them. They have the perfect amount of room for my toes so they don't squish when I run, but they are also tight enough around the rest of my foot to fit the way I like. Now I have worn them down a little, and it's time to go shopping again. I think I may keep these as workout shoes and get a pair of shoes just for running. 
There's a little running store here in Memphis that will "test" your feet and let you know which shoes are best for you. I really want to go there one day this week and just see what they say. A lot of people that have done it end up with Brooks shoes and never go back. I look forward to reading some more shoe reviews though before I make a final decision and get some new spring shoes! Then I guess I have no excuse to get out there and put the rubber to the pavement, right?!

Jan 6, 2013

12 Days

For 12 whole days I got to practice being a stay at home mom. I think I got the hang of it and was all ready to see about getting that job when someone informed me that they don't get paid too well....crap. Back to the drawing board!

Not gonna lie, I am still in 2012 mode. 
I miss the red and green paper all around. I miss the glow of my brighter-than-the-sun Christmas tree. 
I miss fun times with my crazy family. Look at my adorable niece in the background! And yes, that would be my sister, the first in the glasses.
I miss late night dance parties to the new Just Dance 4. Seriously, this is so much fun that my friends are all getting together to dance in a few weeks. 
I miss free time to play on my Christmas toys too. My completely amazing bf surprised me with a Kindle Fire this year. Like totally surprised me. I thought we were doing this year small. And speaking of surprising, my mom used my Pinterest pins to pick out two of my Christmas presents. She gets major points for that one! I have been dying for the perfect leopard scarf and leaf necklace and she got the perfect ones! Ya know those proud parents that slap the "my kid is an honor student at..." stickers on their cars? I feel like slapping a "my mom and dad use technology" on the back of my car. I am just that proud. I remember trying to convince my dad back in like 1993 that it would be ok to get the internets and I promised no one would steal our bank info. 

Anyways, so I'm back in the swing of things ish. I'm ready to get into this new year and start working on my New Years resolutions that I haven't even decided on yet. I am also ready to get to working this off my body...
That would be two plates of fudge, chocolate covered nuts, two boxes of chocolate covered cherries and peanut butter balls....I died and went to fat girl heaven over Christmas break! 

I hope everyone is out of their Christmas coma by today. I feel like I'm the last one out of mine. 

Happy New Years, chicas!