Dec 31, 2013

Christmas in my Boots

New Years Eve. I had to work today and I ain't even mad, bro! Mostly because we got off at 2 and also because I haven't had to work since half a day last Tuesday. 

We had a whirlwind of Christmas celebrations starting on Christmas day and lasting through this weekend. Brooklyn couldn't be happier with all her Christmas loot and I think I did a pretty good job on Jeremy's Christmas too. He got some things he needed for hunting and some surprises. Surprises are my favorite. I got a good mix of wants, needs and surprises as well. 

I think my funniest gift came from an idea of Brooklyn's. Apparently on Christmas Eve, she texted Jeremy while she was at her dad's house and told him he had to run to the store. She had thought of something I specifically said that I wanted. Leave it to her to think of something on the busiest shopping day, hah! So Christmas morning I go to open THE gift and I just died laughing when I saw insoles. Old lady insoles. The only thing she remembered from Black Friday shopping was how badly my feet hurt. And she swears at some point I mentioned getting insoles for Christmas. I think she misunderstood. But this weekend I threw those babies in the Black Friday boots and today when I get off work I am going to buy 4 more sets for my other shoes. Maybe the kid does know what she's talking about. I feel like I'm walking through a bounce house! She wins the most used Christmas present award this year. 

Anywho, I hope to be back this week with some Christmas pics and some goals for the new year (I hate calling them resolutions. Goals sounds more like I have a list and I'm checking it off). Hope everyone has a safe and fun NYE, catch ya in 2014!

Dec 18, 2013

Joyful, Joyful

You know that chick that cries at everything? Not like whiny crying but crying at weddings and when babies are born and when someone says something half way sweet. Well, that's me. You can't take me anywhere, in case you didn't know. 

With that being said, the school Christmas program was last night. This is B's second year at her current school and it's the second year I have struggled during the program not to let the tears flow. There is just something about those little tiny ones singing sweet Christmas songs that gets me. I really wish I had video'd "Happy Birthday Jesus" or the other song the little ones did. It was just too precious. Plus this year will be B's last year in the program because she is moving up middle school next year. I am proud to say I held it all together. Go me. 

The big 5th graders did such a wonderful job with all their reading and singing parts. B nearly threw up in the car on the way there though. She and her twin friends K&A had individual singing parts in the finale. At first she told me the three of them were singing a solo....uh, if there's three people it's not a solo. But then I saw they each had solo pieces in the song. 

Don't they look so grown up! B's nervous face looks a lot like her mad face.

My sweet niece was in the program too. She is in kindergarten this year so I have another 5 good years of watching her perform. 
*She's the cutie in the glasses & that cutie down front is another friend's little boy. I love all the connections we have because of alumni parents and a small school.

Dec 12, 2013

Return of Christmas, Link up style

I know I've been gone absolutely forever, but I just couldn't miss talking about Christmas and linking up with my favorites! I'll be back tomorrow (and by tomorrow I mean next year probably) to do a little catch up.
1. My favorite Christmas was....probably the year that B got her Dora the Explorer jeep. The pictures of her riding it around that afternoon are still some of my favorite candid pics of her. She was so beyond excited. 
2. The worst Christmas I had...was the year I decided Santa didn't exist. That year I learned "if you don't believe, you don't receive". Or you just got delayed presents, whichever. But now I follow the rule and I believe 100%. 
3. That one gift that made me scratch my head and say, "Hmmmm" was...I got some very classy diamond stud earrings from my great grandmother one year. Too bad I didn't have my ears pierced to actually wear them!
4. One year I....blew out 10 strands of lights. Oh wait, that's every year!
5. I think the worst gift to give is....Christmas stuff, kinda. I mean I really like getting new Christmas decor because I'm a girl but then it really sucks because you get it just in time to pack it up. Also on the bad list, anything that has to do with cleaning. Buy me a vacuum and I will cut you! Even though I want a new one. Give me a gift card and I will spend it on my stupid vacuum myself. I'm practical. 
6. At Christmastime I typically....wait until the last minute to get our cards out and plug way too many lights into one plug in. The tree goes dark and then I go on a Griswold-ish rant about how stupid our electricity is. 
7. Typically, family Christmas morning with just me, Jeremy and Brooklyn. It's the most relaxing time of the Christmas season. Then he have Christmas lunch with my granddad and run around like crazy people the rest of that week. 
8. If I could change one thing about the Holiday season....I would find a pre-lit tree that meets my standards. A girl can dream!
9. It is so hard to buy for....old folks. I mean really. They have everything they want and aren't interested in anything you could get for them. So enjoy your family pictures, Uncle Ed and Aunt Martha*
10. My favorite Christmas tradition is...drinking sparkling cider in "fancy" glasses with Brooklyn while we decorate the tree then watch Christmas Vacation. 
11. Santa, baby, bring me a ....Nikon 3200 with additional lens, cute workout gear, bondi bands & bondi hat with ponytail hole, cute booties in brown, tan, and black....and all the pretty things. 
*Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Not that they read my blog. Or know what a blog is.

Now onto Jenn's list: 
  • Favorite Christmas song: Hark the Herald Angels Sing. I have lots of more modern ones that I love but I will never forget how beautiful Hark the Herald sounded in our childhood church. 
  • Christmas song you can’t stand: Thistlehair the Christmas I'm not joking. And it's my husband's favorite! Or he just plays it because he knows I hate it. 
  • Favorite holiday movie: Bend over and I'll show you! Christmas Vacation
  • Real or artificial tree: Fake all the way
  • White or colored lights? White on the big tree and the pink tree. Colored on the tree in the bonus room.
  • All matching ornaments or more random personal ornaments? Mostly random. We have a set that matches but they don't match the color scheme of the tree topper or my wrapping paper so they are out this year. Don't judge me.
  • Favorite ornament: We started a tradition two years ago to take a plain colored ornament and add a word or phrase to it until we filled the whole ornament. The words are supposed to relate to something that happened within our family during the year. I love the first one we did and I love my baby ornament. I think I have the best 1982 ornament ever. 
  • Angel or star tree-topper: Neither. We usually have a large ribbon bow with ribbon twisting down the tree. This year I got some glittery swirly things to go at the top. 
  • Does Santa wrap presents or leave them unwrapped: He changes his mind sometimes. I like it when he doesn't wrap though. 
  • Favorite childhood memory: Waking up before everyone in the house and see all my presents and presents for my sisters. The tree was the only light in the house and it was beautiful.
  • Coffee, hot chocolate, or eggnog: Boiled custard. It's like melted ice cream. Yum
  • Christmas morning at home or do you travel: Home in the morning, lunch with family, then back home. Sometimes we travel on Christmas day but this year we are traveling the weekend after Christmas.
  • Traditional holiday meal or something unconventional: Traditional I guess. It looks like Thanksgiving part 2. 
  • Personalized photo Christmas cards, store bought cards, e-cards, or “ain’t nobody got time for that”: Personalized photo Christmas cards for sure

Nov 1, 2013

The Halloween Hangover

It's November 1st. Which means, we are all coming down from last night's sugar rush! To prevent myself from being in a funk this morning, I decided to start my day with another handful of candy. So far, that plan is working like a charm. 

I am not sure who was more excited about trick or treating last or Brooklyn. When I was little, we got dressed up for Halloween and hopped in the car. My mom drove us to a few church ladies' houses and some family members' houses. If we just trick or treated our neighborhood, we would have stopped at my grandma's and two great aunts' houses and been done for the night. For the most part, Brooklyn has done the same. We drive around to aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc and get home exhausted because it took us 4 hours to make all the stops and not piss anyone off by skipping them. 

This year was different. In January we moved into a new house in a little neighborhood. 
We walked through our neighborhood and got home at a decent hour. It was amazing, borderline amazeballs. It was a little weird to Brooklyn at first. After the second house she said "Mom, this feels kinda weird. I'm like walking up to houses asking for candy." Welcome to Halloween, hunny. 

She decided to go as Katniss from The Hunger Games. She read it for a book report recently and we just let her watch the movie this week. By the time it was getting dark, she started getting worried that no one would know who she was though. 
The first 3 stops knew who she was immediately and that just made her night. Then a group of teenagers went on and on about how cool her costume was, so she was on cloud 9. Forget all those old folks in the middle that called her a "cute bow hunter". 

I was really impressed with our first year of "neighborhood livin" for Halloween. According to people on our "Grove's" facebook page, several stopped counting at the 120 kids mark. Kids walked through the neighborhood. Some were driven in from other neighborhoods. Some rode on hayrides through the neighborhood. It was a really big night. I am so glad the rain stopped and we had perfect weather for our first Halloween in the 'hood. Next year I think we may have a cookout/party with the fam and let Brooklyn take my nieces through the neighborhood. 

Prototype Mama

Oct 31, 2013

Happy Candy Day!

Just popping in real quick to say Happy Halloween! I really love holidays. All of the holidays. I will dress up in theme for anything. 

This year I didn't really go all out for Halloween though. I was more trying to think of wearing something comfy to work. I was thinking I would go as a marathon runner today with some tall compression socks, a race bib, my iPhone on my arm band and water bottle for props. It would make it easier to hit the gym at lunch also! 

Then I decided to still go comfy but dress up so I can squirt water in people's faces all day....
Cloudy with a chance of rain

The boots turned out to be a good call since someone's fog machine set off the fire alarm at work, and we ended up standing in the parking lot in the middle of a tsunami for like 15 minutes. No biggie. My clouds survived. 

Tonight we will attempt the indoor activities at a local church. Unless there are eleventy billion people there and then I will just take B door to door with an umbrella and scare the old neighbors with her bow and arrow....she wants to be Katniss this year. 

Hope everyone has a safe, fun and jacked-up-on-sugar kinda night! Happy Halloween!

Oct 28, 2013

More Partying

I've gotten into the habit of saying we have a "free" weekend when we don't have a softball tournament. Most of the time when someone asks me what our plans are it's usually "softball". And there's nothing wrong with that. It's our thing. This weekend we had "nothing at all to do"....and then I looked at my planner. "Nothing" actually included a fall carnival, birthday dinner with the fam, a baby shower, picking up clothes from a consignment thing I did, and the usual house stuff we have to do on "free weekends". 

This is the first year I let B go to the carnival by herself....and by that I mean, I was waiting in the car the whole time where I could both entrances to the building. Because I'm that mom. Look, she was just lucky I let her go by herself mkay. 

After the carnival we got ourselves all ready to go out to eat at one of my favorite local places. I had an amazing dinner and opened some great bday presents. Then the sweet waitress brought out this amazing piece of work...
I couldn't eat the whole thing, thank goodness, but I sure did try. Needless to say, I am hitting the gym hard today. 

Sunday I got to help some of my best friends throw a shower for another BFF. We have so much fun when we all get together. And I think we have all balanced out our "place" in the party planning. Luckily, we have a creative person who made this beautifulness possible. 
I made food and got to use some of my new wedding gift serving pieces. I may have been overly excited about that. 
We laughed hysterically at this new baby shower game. Baby showers aren't boring like they used to be. 
And a group pic to end the day. These are seriously some of the most awesome chicks ever! We definitely know how to have fun when we all get together too! 

Oct 25, 2013

"Free" Weekend

I'm barely hanging in today, people. This is one of those "maybe I should've called in sick" kinda days. It's casual Friday, and I came really close to trying to test the lines of "casual" today with yoga pants and a Tshirt. Almost everyone is off today because we have reached that point in the year where people need to start burning that vacation before they lose it. This year I got an extra week and I went to town on burning that up starting about March, so I'm good. And by good I mean, gotta save every last day so I'm not that pathetic "workaholic" sitting here on Christmas! 

Anywho. It has been one of those weeks. I think it's because I didn't have cake on my birthday. I plan on making up for that by having cake all weekend long to make things right in the world. I am one of those people that believe your birthday lasts a whole month, so going with that we are going out to eat for my birthday with my family this weekend. The week after my birthday. I'm super excited because we are going to the place where I had my family bridal shower just a few short weeks back. Plus both of my sisters will be there. It is hard to get us all together because one sister has 3 kids and the other sister is in college right now and plays two sports for her school. "Busy" is putting it lightly for those two. 

Hopefully this little cutie will be in attendance this weekend also...
And I get to open birthday presents. That's always fun. Especially when your tween daughter goes shopping for those presents and can't half keep her mouth shut so you already kinda sorta know what to expect....

That "can't keep her mouth shut" kid also loves chevron and was super excited to spend her OWN money (i.e. money that was left in a wallet that her grandmother gave her) on a birthday gift for me this year. Hello fall scarf!
We also have a school fall carnival and baby shower in the mix for this weekend. It's a good thing that this is our "not  busy" weekend, right?!

Oct 1, 2013

What Day is It

This morning I was surprised by all the October in my inbox. It's my Birthday Month!! Yes, I get a birthday month. Don't even start on that subject. But this year it snuck up on me. I woke up to $10 off here, 20% off there type emails. I love those. 

Today I updated the wreath on our front door. I just couldn't leave before making sure our neighbor (just one) was able to see we understand it's October at our house. September was wedding month, so after the 14th our "H" hung on the door. But Brooklyn has been asking when we can put up the Halloween wreath, and Halloween decor can't go up until Oct 1st in our house. 
Not bad for my first homemade wreath attempt. It still needs something at the top along with a bow but I just haven't found that yet. Another Hobby Lobby trip should fix that right up. 

Along with birthday month comes what I consider the first month of fall. Sure it's still 80 degrees here. Maybe I wore leggings and boots to work today anyways. It's October the official month of the pumpkin in my book, so that means it's fall. Time for picking out pumpkins, painting them, going on hayrides, running through haunted corn mazes, making soups and hot chocolates, putting pots of mums at all entrances. 

This weekend we have our neighborhood yard sale....the first one since we moved to the neighborhood. So I'm ready to clear out all kinds of junk so I can make room for new decorative junk. That's how it works right?? I plan on taking everything that doesn't sell to Goodwill Saturday afternoon and probably heading to get some fall flowers and pumpkins to go by our front door. 

Anyone else have an Oct 1st rule for fall decorations? Any fun traditions I should add to our fall list? 

And because I promised Natalie, here's another wedding pic that we have so far. This was one of our sneak peek pics that the photographer posted on facebook the weekend of the wedding. She was amazing and I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures she took. 

Sep 24, 2013

Weddings and Babies

Let me just say a little oopsies for the blog break. Didn't really mean to do that. I thought I would be updating right up to the wedding and then taking a little break, but that didn't really work out. I avoided stress but I didn't avoid about a thousand little last minute things for #hesterwedding2013. I plan to recap some wedding things in a bit, but I'm trying to wait on the rest of our professional photos. I really cannot wait to see how they turned out. I have heard that the guys kept the photographer and her assistant laughing for most of their session. I kept hearing "guns out" and "chicken dance" once we got the guys and girls together for photos so there is no telling what they did in their pictures. 
Also while I was gone, my best friend had her sweet baby boy, Harper. You may already know about this special little guy from other blog friends. Mr Harper just couldn't wait until December to meet his special family and all their friends so he made his appearance Sunday. The little guy is just 1 lb 9 oz but he is a tough one. So far things have been good. The doctors said the first 72 hours are the most critical so he's still in that window of time. Harper, his mom Lora, dad Michael and twin sisters need lots of prayers right now. Little man has to grow and get super strong so he can come home. Lora is planning to keep her blog updated with info on little Harper once she is discharged, so you can follow her story there. There is also a site dedicated to raising money for the Young family. This site can be updated with photos and little status updates on little Harper as well. So check those out and keep the prayers coming!

Aug 23, 2013

Friday 5: Cray Edition

I made it to Friday just barely this week. I'm going to keep it simple stupid with 5 random things today. 

1. It's been the sh*t hit the fan week for the wedding. I guess I should have known this was coming. I've now made peace with it...wooosahhhh. But good golly this week was tough. Tough as in there may or may not have been tears shed at work and at home more than once. But then I realized...we still have a bride and we still have a groom so I'm going with it. 

2. Sickness is rearing it's ugly head. I woke up and my tonsils felt like two golf balls this morning. I have way too much stuff on my to do list to get sick right now. This morning Brooklyn noticed me spray perfume on my neck and then rub my wrists together...yep, I forgot a step. I get loopy like than when I am sick. I thought a man at work was wearing a toddler backpack and followed him to get a better was just a picture on the back of his Tshirt. I almost just said "bedder" instead of "better" right there. Yep, I need to go back to bed. 

3. Before the sickness snuck into our house, I was enjoying rearranging things in the house to put up wedding gifts. 

New frame on the mantle and clock on the wall. New spice rack all pretty on the counter. 
Got the new k-cup shelf thingy filled and set up. Then I went to make my coffee this morning, and realized the top of the keurig won't open now. It hits the cabinets. Organizational fail. Oh well. 

4. We all know....women be shoppin'. It's just a law. E=mc squared and sh*t. But I get really excited when I get things on super sale and surprise people with the total. 

I ended up getting these 4 shorts, button down neon shirt, 3 pairs of pants for B, two workout tops and two scarves...for $96 tax and all. I was pretty proud. I tried to share my excitement with B and let her guess how well I did. Her guess "$40" concept of money. 

5. At B's parent night for school last week, the teachers gave us their "twitter names" or whatever the appropriate term for that is. I am on twitter but I usually only use it when I want to say something I think is too risque or whiny for facebook. {there's a good selling point for you following me huh?} Since I hardly check twitter, I set it to text me when her teachers tweet something. And one day this week, I hear the text noise on my phone read and then go "oh hey, don't forget your vocab and reading test is Friday. We need to go over those after dinner." She gave me that weird "huh" look and said "um, ok, who just texted you that" and then I said words I never thought I would say...."no one, your teacher just tweeted it". 

Aug 20, 2013

Couple Shower

And we're back from another awesome weekend. Those two words just go together....awesome weekend. We celebrated our upcoming wedding again this weekend with a couple's shower. Tired of wedding talk yet?? Come back in like 26ish days. 

We had a fun night celebrating with our friends and enough food to feed a village. No seriously. There was so much food it was crazy but oh so yummy! 

Now I have lots of thank you notes to get out in the mail this week. And I have a meeting with the caterer in just a bit to go over that. We still have two major things to cross off the wedding list. I'm kind of ashamed to even mention what those two things are until they are done. I never thought I would say this but I'm pretty ready to get this wedding over with. I'm ready for Sept 14th about the time the preacher says "You may now kiss your bride". Then I can finally breath again...but not too much or my dress may pop. And then we can enjoy our reception and party!

Aug 16, 2013

Five on Friday

I've been wishing it was 5 on Friday like all week...start of the weekend. But I've got just a few minutes to wait that one out. 

So here's 5 things lately:
ONE: 99% of our wedding invitations are at our friends and family's houses now. They were all mailed out a few weeks ago with the exception of a few that we couldn't track down addresses on (read: the groom didn't get addresses for me on those). We got one back in the mail that was stamped "no such street" but of course my grandfather who lives just down the street from the adrs received his. Oh well, I'm just praying we receive lots of RSVPs so I know what to tell the caterer, eek. 
TWO: I got a spray tan last night as like a wedding trial run and just in time for our couple's shower this weekend. All day I have been asking myself why I didn't do this ALL summer long. I swear I lost at least 10 lbs when I left with my tan. Why is that?

THREE: This little baby finally got herself a hair cut this week. She freaks out in cars, but I keep telling myself she is going to get better. Well, I had to pick her up by myself Tuesday afternoon and I think she realized that if she didn't keep calm and carry on I was going to drop her off with the first person I saw on my way home. 
FOUR: On day 3 of school, Brooklyn had to come home by noon because she had a fever. Seriously? Already. She is better today so that is always good. I just hope her body is ready to fight off the school germy germs now. I guess she didn't spend enough time at camp this summer building up her immunities. 
FIVE: We had a "cold" snap this week and it's only been about 80 instead of 105 degrees. It has been truly amazing outside. If the rain stays away Saturday then it might just be the perfect weather for a patio afternoon with friends. 

Ok folks, have an amazing weekend!

Aug 12, 2013

That's Why We're Popular

It's Monday again. And I'm trying not to be mad at it (bro). This weekend was so very fun, so I'm still riding that high. We had some really good friends in town from Virginia, and they are expecting their first little baby boy in October. So we had a Saturday shower extravaganza. First her baby shower that morning and then my very first wedding shower that evening. 
I am fairly certain that was the very best wedding shower ever. By the end of the night I had laughed so hard my face and sides were hurting and we talked so much I started losing my voice. I really do have the best friends ever. Ev.Er!
I nearly choked on my margarita when one of the hostesses said we were playing a "who said it" game based on our facebook statuses from 2008 to 2012...The winner got 9 out of 10 right. She even beat ME!
We munched on tacos and the most amazing cupcakes ever. The taco theme is so very much us. It is comical how many stories we have that involve tacos. 
These girls did an amazing job. I love them so much and I'm so happy they made this so special. I can't wait until we all get together again. Laughing that hard has got to be a great workout!

Aug 9, 2013

Primpin' Ain't Easy

It's the first day of school for us. Yes...on a Friday. I feel worse for the teachers than for the kids having to go back to work on a Friday. 

First off, see that picture above? You see that bow in her hair? I did NOT make her do that. In fact, that bow gave me a good laugh this morning. I laughed at myself pretty hard. You see, when I was in elementary school I was that kid who the teachers had to take around at least once a week to show the other teachers my "adorable" outfit that was smocked by hand, my mom's hand. You see, she's crafty. Like insanely talented with all things craft related. Me....I hated those outfits. I hated them with a passion. Hated the big bows, the poofy, frew frew, porcelain doll look. I remember telling my mom how she dressed me like a dork and I would NEVER do that to my daughter when I had one one day. So when Brooklyn died to have that bow right there, I just started laughing at myself. I think God must have laughed at me the day(s) I told my mom that my daughter would never wear a big bow like that. Hah! Oh well, at least it's chevron. 

I was also not prepared for her to take over my big bathroom this morning and spend longer on her hair than I did on mine. Last year she wore her hair in a ponytail almost everyday because her hair is wavy and she hates that. Today she spent forever trying to straighten it and curl the ends under. 
(sorry if you've already seen this pic...if not, follow me on IG duh! @janessa1020)
I don't think I am ready for 5th grade. She may be but I want to rewind, like a lot. I hope she has an amazing year. I hope everyone stays friends and we avoid girl drama. I hope they continue to grow and mature this year. I hope they focus on what's important. I hope they strengthen their faith. I hope the teachers learn their personalities and choose the best ways to guide them this year. 

Now I'm going to go cry.....

Aug 2, 2013

So to make the transition back to blogging a little easier, I'm linking up with Kimmyyyy today for her six part "Who Are You?" Link up. 

Just to be difficult, I'm going out of order. Up first, describe 3 legitimate fears and explain how they became fears
1. Something happening to my daughter. Pretty self explanatory. And these fears nearly consumed me this week with her being at her dad's and then on vacation without me there to watch her every step. 
2. Lightning. In high school I saw a house get struck by lightning. 
3. Snakes. I was born afraid of them. And then this happened once...
Obviously I had to move after this

Ten things you would tell 16 year old you:
1. Be nicer to your parents! Don't roll your eyes at me
2. Stop spending so much on gas, park somewhere!! Wait, no, not like that...
3. Set your cruise control and stop speeding on the road school is on
4. Get out of the tanning bed
5. Cherish your friends! Life is too short!
6. Go to that dance, you will regret it horribly if you don't. 
7. Stop thinking you are fat. You have no idea
8. Throw notes away. 
9. Find a bronzer asap. Chalky white face, tan's ain't cute. 
10. Enjoy life with no bills and a bank account that magically replenishes itself. You got it so easy, kid!

Five things that make me happy right now
1. My baby is home tonight! A week is FAR too long in my opinion
2. It's almost the weekend
3. I have an amazing fiance
4. Wedding plans are coming along super smoothly
5. We are visiting out of town family this weekend

And 20 random facts about me
1. I hate raw onions but I will eat onion rings
2. Mustard=disgusting, Honey Mustard=yes please
3. I once drove a Grand Am completely over a baby cow
4. I'm terrified of grasshoppers (shut it!)
5. My whole family has "J" names, but we won't have a Jeremy until Sept when I marry one
6. I once ran into someone I had dated at a family reunion....awkward!
7. My first traffic accident was in a Walmart parking lot. My last was at Kroger. Neither were my fault. 
8. I hated pink growing up but now it's my favorite color.
9. My closet is organized based on style and then color. Roy G Biv baby!
10. I'm the most organized disorganized person you will ever meet.
11. People think I'm late to everything. Not sure who started that rumor....
12. My best friends are better funner crazier than yours
I tried to put a funnier picture here but I'm pretty sure someone would kill me if I put the really funny pictures out there for the world to see

13. I would love to get my personal trainer certification or become a nutritionist, on the side of course. 
14. Excel is my Lova
15. I have been told I'm "surprisingly funny"....uh, I'll take left-handed/backhanded (??) compliments for $500, Alex?
16. I spend most of my time outside of work at the softball field and I've never played softball a day in my life.
17. I have never broken a bone. Knock on wood
18. I always have the crudest answers in Loaded Questions
19. I like everything to be in parallel lines, perpendicular lines or perfect right angles on my desk....nothing willy nilly
20. I threw up on a judge in a beauty pageant once...somehow I didn't win that one.

*Side note: While I was on my hiatus, I happened to look at blogger one day and my traffic was about 10 times higher than an average day....then I blogged yesterday and it dropped by the same amount. I should take this as a sign....but I'm too stubborn for that.

Aug 1, 2013

Hey Girl Hey!

Psst...'Member me?

Yea so I went a little MIA recently. 

I am going to go ahead and blame that on this one...
and her softball career

And this....
And no, that task list at the bottom isn't exactly correct. I'm techy but when it comes to to do lists, I'm an old school pen and paper kinda girl. 

Have you ever not talked to someone in a while and you just don't know how to spark that first conversation again? That's sort of how I felt about this little blog. So tomorrow, no excuses. I'm just going to jump back in there. 

Jul 5, 2013

Acts of Kindness

Ok, I've seen several of you little blog friends are at work today. At least I know I am not alone. I was fairly alone on the interstate this morning though. Except for that one cop that magically appeared in my rear view about the time my current speed started blinking on the speedometer thingy on the side of the interstate. Luckily the cops here have much bigger problems than my interstate speeding habits so we both went our separate ways. I will consider that his random act of kindness towards me today. 

And speaking of random acts of kindness, have you ever thought about it and done something random and nice for some stranger? Feels good doesn't it? An old friend from high school (old as in high school was a while ago, not old as in we are old...because we totally are NOT) is spreading some kindness this month for her daughter's 2nd birthday. Go read the details here and spread some BigLove this month. 

I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th! Ours was awesome--good food, good family, laughing kiddos, fireworks for a week, the usual. Of course the only pic I think I got was this....
This is how Kallie feels about holidays that involve fireworks. She becomes a big fan of my dress section in the closet. Thank goodness for maxis. 

 photo button1_zps168ed151.jpg

Jun 28, 2013

Don't Stop Believin'...

....that Google Reader is gonna say "jk" on July 1st. 

Are you over hearing about GR going away and Bloglovin' being the best thing since sliced bread? (PS I have to do it....go follow me here #shamelessplug) Now a show of hands....who else is still using Google Reader and will cling to it until it's dying breath post? Just me? I really love it. I have everything all pretty and organized it in. I know I know, McBlogLovin' can be organized too, but I like my Reader. So I'm reading all your lovely blogs today and through the weekend on GR. Monday may be a hard day for me. 

Anyways, besides being sad about change, this week I marked another something off my wedding to do list. We got officially registered. One of the places I registered had a super annoying website that made me want to throw my laptop out the window! And since I wasn't going to register for a new laptop, I decided to take a friend (and recent bride)'s advice and switch to a different place. 

Being a girl, I have been going to wedding and baby showers as long as I can remember. I hated them when I was 4 and had to wear a frilly dress with bows, but hey...there was cake! But I know pretty much everything that's going to show up on a registry. I didn't think about how entertaining it was going to be explaining to J why there were eleventy-seven different types of bowls to decide between. 

I also didn't expect to see this suggestion when I was looking for a gravy boat...
This is actually bigger in person. That is a regular pitcher. Definitely not a gravy boat. 

This was right after he asked me if the salad bowl I was holding was for him to put Ranch in and dip things. I was laughing and he had no idea why. 

In the luggage section, he pointed out a nice "makeup" bag for me....
If I need that much makeup, then he probably shouldn't be taking me out in public much less vacation, mkay! In his defense, I do have a large toiletry bag I take on vacation but it has everything for me, him and B that we could possibly need out of the bathroom. If you decide you want to wax your eyebrows or decorate your nails, there's probably stuff in there that can do it. I also don't get travel size stuff unless it's a sample from somewhere. So there's a foot tall hairspray bottle in my bag....that I have NEVER once used on vacation. Always prepared though! 

So go ahead and mark registry off the list. That baby is donezo! Next project...finding a DJ! Any tips on that?? The one I have seen at weddings before is booked for our Saturday. How do you know if they are "good" or have the right music or will keep from playing "My Chick Bad" while my grandparents are still there??

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Jun 20, 2013

Tying that Knot

Today I'm linking up with Holly and Mel to talk weddings! I was so excited to see this link up. I'm always trolling for more wedding ideas on pinterest but now I can look to my blog loves for more inspiration. 
Here are the deets we have so far: 

Date: We are getting married September 14,, 85 days!

Location : We are getting married at the Chamber Center on the square in my (kinda) hometown. Growing up I spent a lot of time on the Square because my mom worked in the court house (and this is how me and Lindsey go way back...her mom held an office there for many years). I've always thought the square was beautiful year round and now I get to get married there. And it's where some of our fall pictures were taken. I like the old brick on all the buildings.
Colors: We are going with a deep fall purple for bridesmaids dresses. No clue on flowers just yet. I have ideas of arrangements but I won't know specifics until closer to the wedding. This was my original inspiration for the purple.
Bridal Party: My sweet sisters will be my maid and matron of honor. J's sister will also be a bridesmaid along with 3 other friends. And I have honorary bridesmaids because some decided to get preggo (cough, Lora, cough #Louie). Brooklyn is going to be a junior bridesmaid and my niece Gracie will be our flower girl. 
First Dance Song: I actually have not made this decision yet (sorry Mel!)...I mean, we, we have not decided yet ;) I am a big fan of mushy fairytale fate love story type movies, and I know I've said "I want to use that for my first dance" about a million times. Nothing stuck though, so I'm still on the search. Maybe I will watch some chick flicks for inspiration. J still says our first dance should be to My Chick Bad.....
DJ/Band: We are going with a DJ. I kind of want my wedding to be like one of those nights when you hit the bar with a bunch of friends and the band ends up being amazing so you dance the night away. Yea, I'm going for fun with a little bit of sweet wedding to start the party. 

Random: We cannot decide which version of Canon in D to play when I come down the aisle. Is that weird that that is undecided? I love the classic version but I really really love the rock version. J liked the Celtic version. Maybe we will flip a coin. 

Honeymoon: Another undecided item, suggestions?
What would you do different? I should have started planning a year ago before he even asked me hah! I never wanted a long engagement but apparently I needed longer to plan!
That's most of the decisions that are made. I still have to pull everything together now and write checks to everyone and their brother, so that's fun. 

I can't wait to go check out the rest of the posts in the link up. Make sure you check them out and share your own story!