Dec 20, 2012

Holiday Q&A


Happy Friday (for me) everyone!! Today I am being lazy. Not enough time to put together one of these posts I have waiting in my drafts but still need a little work. But I did want to join in on the Holiday link up. Hope everyone else is more ready for this weekend and next week than I am! 

What's your favorite holiday movie? Christmas Vacation. Hands down! We watch it every day after Thanksgiving! 
Do you have any special traditions?  Well I spilled one on the question above. We watch Christmas vacation and drink sparkling grape juice from what B calls "fancy glasses" on the day after Thanksgiving while we decorate the tree. We also open one gift each on Christmas Eve....surprise, they are always Christmas PJs, usually matchy matchy so I can take cute Christmas morning pictures. We also make it a point to go to Starry Nights and Christmas City each, just realized I need to add those two things to my to do list!
What's your favorite ornament or decoration? That's tough. I love snowmen. Absolutely love them. I have some cute snowmen ornaments and decorations and I love my snowflake lights. I guess my favorite ornament is my very own baby's first Christmas ornament. It's a rattle and inside it is a little mini nursery. I guess it's my favorite because I've seen it every single Christmas I've been alive. I'm actually sort of surprised my mom let me take it. 
Best gift you've ever received? This is tough. My parents do an awesome job shopping for us for Christmas and I'm sure my best gift would be from them. I just can't think of anything in particular. They always had a way of getting me everything on my list plus several great surprises I hadn't even thought of. 
Worst gift you've ever received? Hmm. I don't know if I've ever received a "bad" gift. I've received several generic gifts that were kind of boring. What about no gift at all? Does that count? 
Favorite winter accessory? Scarves! Although I wear those all year round just different styles. 
Real tree or fake? Fake all the way. I cannot stand Christmas tree smell and I don't want to sweep/vaccuum 20 times a day. 
When and how did you find out that Santa was not real? What are you talking about?? seriously? That makes no sense. Santa is SO real. 
Merry Christmas from Glitzy the Christmas pig!

Dec 17, 2012

Late Partying

Good morning, party people! Did anyone else notice that half of the work force is off this week? I didn't have to slow down on the interstate this morning, and that never ever happens. Or maybe they weren't successfully dragged/drug kicking and screaming to work this morning like I was. Party foul. 

Why am I tired? Because this happened...
And any time we get together, it means it's a late night!

Saturday I started out the day in the stands cheering for my baby and the Rebels basketball team. We won again!! 26-11 this time. From there B rode with my dad to visit my sister who is in college about an hour north of where they currently live. Then she spent the night. 

My rush began at this point. My schedule was run home, dress up, run to Target for a present, bridal shower at 2, get downtown by 4, get back to Atoka (about an hour from downtown) by 6...yep, I may have scheduled a little too much for myself Saturday. I ended up getting to the shower LATE (surprised? nope, me either). Since that was late, the rest of my day ran late as usual so I had to cut something out. I missed the Memphis blogger meet up and that totally makes me a loser. I was really looking forward to it, but I didn't want to get to dinner as late as I would have been and then have to leave at a strict time to make it to my BFF's Christmas party. 

So I rushed my little late self from the shower, to Target again for a Christmas bag, fought the holiday traffic, witnessed a 6 car rearender pile up, and headed back to TCounty. About 6:45 I am hauling it into the neighborhood and I round the corner to see only my BFF and her hubs' vehicles....
I ended up being the first guest to arrive. That happened about two months ago too, so maybe I'm starting a new trend. Or my friends are just going to continue to lie to me about times. Whatever. 

From there we had an amazing time laughing our rears off at each other and teaching my friend Natalie how to hashtag. I swear, I wish I had a recording of some of the conversations we had....or maybe not! I ended up coming away with a nice huge mason jar thingy with spout like this...
And my friend Mandi took home the gift I brought....Magic Mike! And yes, that is Mr Tatum himself in the background of our group picture you see above. Amy hadn't see the movie yet, so we popped that bad boy in!
It was such a fun night with friends! I am so glad that we keep this annual Christmas party tradition going. This started with a girl Christmas party each year where we would dress up, play games, be crazy, and usually head out to someplace where we could dance afterwards. This group of friends got me through SO many ups and downs in the last 10 years and I love them dearly! 

Dec 14, 2012

It's the freakin Weekend

Whew, what a week! Normally I am just waiting on Friday to show up around these parts but this week it truly was like a surprise when I woke up this morning and could reach for a pair of jeans. 

This week I have been doing all kinds of house things. In case you didn't know, I take about 2.5 years (no joke) to pick out and buy a car. Seriously. And then I take a week to buy a house....well, to make an offer. That's just how I roll. Back in October, I made an offer and waited patiently...and then no so patiently. See apparently when you are buying a short sale it takes freaking forever! Friday I got word that my forever long short sale was a go! Then I hit the ground running. Inspections, Appraisals, Picking out new stuff for the house...I mean, um...taking paperwork to my mortgage guy, etc. Mix that in with my work computer crashing from too much blogging for two and half days (a guy got my computer on Wednesday and failed to mention he would be on vacation the rest of the week, wth), it just makes for a hectic week!
My BFF thought to take this picture when we were going for our second look at the house. I promise I brush my daughter's hair. I can't wait to get a nice "Sold" sticker for that bad boy soon (hopefully Dec 28th). Then prepare yourself for plenty of before and after pictures for the rest of the year. We have a lot of cosmetic work including painting every freaking room in that house and putting in new hardwood floors!! I'm super excited. My wallet is still crying since I broke the news though. 

Have a lovely weekend! And in case you missed my instagram (@janessa1020) announcement....I will pay any movers in pizza and beer or margaritas and cheese dip. Your choice, see you soon!

Dec 10, 2012

When Mondays don't suck

I found the secret for making Mondays about 20 times better. I'm so nice I'm going to share the secret with you....use those saved up vacation days! Bam! Just blew your mind right? And since I've been a blog slacker lately, you get updated on more than just my weekend....sit back and hang around a while.

Thanks to some later hours last week, Friday I got to cut out of work a little early. I love leaving work early on Fridays. It just doesn't seem right to be in the office until 5. I picked up my Ugly Sweater Run swag and shopped around in Sports Authority for a while. Gah, why is exercise gear so expensive?! I am just going to get all funky sweaty in it, but dang if they don't have some super cute stuff in there. 
After a little shopping at my home away from home Target, I got a call from Oprah my real estate agent to say "You got a home for Christmas." We got our final yes from the sellers' banks around 4:45 Friday afternoon. Now I'm not totally jumping up and down because I'm a worrier. I've gotta set up the home inspection for as soon as possible. Once the inspector tells me that the foundation is stable, the wiring and plumbing aren't missing, and the spot on the carpet is just a spot and not a hole to China under the flooring AND we get an idea on the actual close date....THEN i will start doing my happy happy dance! 

We may or may not have driven to the house Friday night and pretended we were parking in our new garage...B may or may not have seriously cried when we told her....and I may or may not have reorganized my pinterest albums this weekend to separate legitimate house ideas from "i'm never going to be able to do that" house ideas. 
Other than constant new house talk and ideas, we had a few other things to check off our weekend list. The big one was B's first basketball game. Ever. she is a 24/7 softball girl so this basketball thing was super new for her. 
Yes I took a picture of her waiting to go in for the first time. She didn't look too bad for a newbie. We were a little worried by the size of the kids on the other team and may have requested birth certificates. But our girls handled it.
My baby scored 4 points and got her first foul! The lady Rebels won with a final score of 28-4. Because..."that's how we do" 
This weekend was a bust when it came to finishing up the tree though. I just didn't take the time to go somewhere good like HobLobs or Michaels for tree topping sparkly goodness though. So until then....we improvised...
We're a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll around here. It's kind of growing on me though. 

Ok time for me to get productive and watch some trash tv and set up an inspection, talk to my mortgage guy, go get boxes, hit the wine box, hit the gym, and all that good stuff. Feel free to stop what you're doing and come help!

Dec 6, 2012

Crockpot Meal

The crockpot has really become my lifesaver lately. Ok, more like a waist line saver because I would totally just hit up Taco Bell in a pinch. This week has been crazy busy so yesterday I took a little extra time to throw together a crockpot meal. My brain was working enough to put it together but not working enough to remember to take pics for the link up over at Raising Steppe Sisters today. My bad. Come back though and I'll add a picture of the leftovers tonight. I know you can't wait. 

I know you've probably seen the recipe for Bacon Ranch Chicken on pinterest. Here's what you need:

Turkey Bacon (a few or a lot of cooked strips)
1-2 cans of cream of chicken (depending on how much you are 
making/size of crockpot)
Chicken breast
Ranch seasoning
Sour cream (get the lowest fat version)
Fav noodles

  • First up, cook your bacon in a skillet (honestly, I left out the bacon the last time around because I didn't have time. 
  • Tear up the cooked bacon and put it in the bottom of the crockpot
  • Throw in a can or two of cream of chicken (I used one)
  • Add half a cup (or a cup) of sour cream to the crockpot (You can substitute Greek yogurt for this also. I haven't yet and the yogurt I had in the fridge is needed for another recipe this week so maybe next time around)
  • Add the Ranch seasoning and mix everything up. You may want to try half a Ranch packet the first time around. I use about half so it isn't too Ranchy #betterthanraunchy
  • Add chicken breast. I used 3 chicken breast in my dish. 
  • Scoop some of the mix up on top of the chicken and turn the crockpot on low
  • Go to work and come home to a yummy smelling house
  • Make noodles according to package then toss that in with the crockpot goodness
Finished product will look something like this....
You can also add a little garlic and some Parmesan if you prefer that taste. Enjoy!

Now go link up at Lora's blog so we can all try some new recipes. 

Dec 3, 2012

Going to the Chapel ... or Train Station

Do you ever have those Mondays where you are racking your brain trying to remember if you did anything fun over the weekend? I had a fun weekend but after seeing my planner and the busy busy week ahead, it made my short term memory just disappear. Luckily, I can scroll through FB, IG, and my phone to see what the heck was going on. 

Friday we decided on Chinese takeout and a movie. We are all about keeping it simple on Fridays. We rarely make it out on Friday nights since we got old. We {read: I} had chosen Eat, Pray, Love on my Netflix queue at some point so we watched it. Um, yeah, I was super bored and fell asleep. 

Saturday was a bit more exciting because it involved a wedding and I love weddings! We ventured downtown late to the Train Station. I have never really been to a lot of the places on S. Main St but I love the look of "regular" Main St. The train station is actually right across the street from the famous Arcade. One of Elvis' favorite it's probably super unhealthy. I'll have to try that sometime anyways. 
Train station on the right. Look a trolley! Love those
Inside #neonlights!
The wedding was so pretty, and the bride was even prettier! I got to see a few folks from high school that I haven't seen in a while, and it was just an all over good time. 
Being fancy at the reception. I swear I curled up my hair but by the reception it was like this. Blah
Laura and I. Friends since kindergarten!
And ya know what's cool about my wedding outift? Dress, necklace, cost $17. Swear! The necklace was the most expensive item. 

That's it for the weekend. Now I've gotta be ready for this week....busy week at work #accountantproblems, Scentsy party tonight, basketball practice Tuesday, pitching lessons Wednesday, Christmas program Thursday, Pick up my race packet (Ugly Sweater Run) Friday, weekend time!