Nov 2, 2012

Shut the....

Front door! It's Friday?? This was definitely one of those mornings when my beloved Friday seemed to be disguised as a Monday. Gasp! But do you know what the cure is for that? Find Pop & Hip Hop Power on Pandora, or 90s Greatest Hits, or basically anything that makes you feel 16 again and turn it up as loud as you can. Results: Pulling into our stuffy corporate parking lot at 8am (and by 8am I totally mean 8:15) blaring "I Like Big Butts" with my windows down a little. Yes ma'am! All morning I felt like I was a senior in high school again and we just had our homecoming title stripped from us because of a rather awesome raucous dance for our class dance. Good times....good times....
*one of my fav ecards
Now it's a Fab Friday! And here's why:
  • We get an extra hour of sleep {or date night, however you see it} this weekend. This is especially awesome for me since I've been staying up late every night this week catching up on Sons!
  • Our very first link up was not a bust! YAY! And I had a fun time reading the responses. So thank you SO much for telling me about your blog name and if you haven't linked up yet, go do it! Inquiring minds want to know!
  • This week I realized I accidentally paid two car notes last month. Sucked at the time because I was really confused, but now it's nice because I am ahead going into 2013.
  • I found hot chocolate packets in my pantry...score! Yes, it's the little things in life that make me happy.
  • It's November and I still have 8 days of vacation left for the year. What! I almost have enough to take off everyday that B is out of school for the holidays.
  • I found the most comfy skinny jeans ever! Ok, that could be a lie...I have on super duper comfy skinny jeans today. I am just not sure if they are super comfy or if I just bought a size too big. Oh well. Works for now.
  • And in the famous words of Steve Azar {country, anyone?} "I don't have to be me 'til Monday!"


Lacy said...

Awesome fabs!!

Isn't it great to get a extra hour. Hope my kids get the memo. Ha ;)

How fun you are ahead going into 2013. I'm sure that will be nice.

Glad to hear your link up wasn't a bust.

Visiting from Laura's Blog (Between The Lines).

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks for linking up. Hope to see you again. :)

Angela @ Honey, I Shrunk the Mom said...

Hi! I'm visiting from Laura's blog (Between the Lines).
I too love that extra hour of sleep, but I'm not a fan of the sun going down so early through the winter. I'm always ready for the time to change back in the spring.