Nov 14, 2012

Random Wednesday

I was so happy to read that Shanna was going to do a "random" link up this week. I am always jotting down little blog notes in my planner or on my phone, but a lot of times those little notes aren't enough for an actual post. It's usually just something random that I saw and thought was funny. So today I went to see what I had in my notes and half of it didn't make sense. Anyone know what "funny ER site message" meant? Yep, I have no clue. Oh well, here are some random things this week:

  • Not so random fact, today is my baby girl's birthday. She is a whopping 10 years old today. How is that possible?! She opened her closet this morning to an avalanche of balloons then opened two tiny presents in her room before going downstairs to see her fun presents. Her birthday festivities are going to happen Friday so I will have pictures and details to post then. 
Black Bean Brownies for Brooklyn's class today (say that 5 times fast!)
  • This is the most behind I have ever been on Christmas present shopping. On another note, I think I'm going to really participate in the Black Friday madness this year. Usually I will get out and buy a few things but mostly drive around Target with my baby sister (Lil J) and laugh at everyone in line. Yes, we are cruel. 
  • Yesterday I saw a man that looked exactly like a pug. Seriously. He was in the car beside me at a red light and I could.not.stop staring at him. I was dying to take a picture, send it to everyone in my contact list my friends, and see if I was not the only person who thought this. What is wrong with me?
  • I hate going to work unsure about an outfit. Like today...I am wearing boots with a maxi dress. I am not sure how I feel about this. Someone tell me that is perfectly acceptable. Because otherwise, what do I wear with my maxi dresses?
  • I just started training for a 10K this past week and today I signed up for a 3 weeks. But it sounds like so much fun! It's the Ugly Sweater Run. How fun does that sound?! And I registered on Living Social so it was half the regular cost. If you are in the Memphis area, you should go register too!
  • I really want a Bloody Mary today. Not sure why. Random.
  • We pass two crossing guards/traffic director people on the way to school each day and we lovely call one of them Handsy thanks to the show The League (so freaking hilarious, but lots of "manly" humor). I recently noticed Handsy's gloves have neon on the back of the gloves and a stop sign on the palm....and for some reason that was hilarious to me at 7am. 
And that's probably enough random for one day. Next week I hope to be able to read my random notes!


Alyssa said...

YAY! I'm doing the ugly sweater 5k too!!!!! Pretty excited about it hah can't wait to hit up walmart for some great sweater options :)

Hmm let me know what people say about boots and maxis... I've been unsure about that, too hah but I'll bet you pulled it off! Maybe I'll have to give that a try again :)

ps. happy birthday to your little!!

Lora said...

can't wait for the 5K. we are totally taking 1 million pics.

oh and since B is 10 now, we are officially old. just thought you should know.

jessica said...

i did a 5k this past weekend. it was a color run where you get colored cornstarch thrown at you during the race. it was a lot of fun. it was the first 5k for me to sign up for and now i definitely want to do more, especially if they are fun. like the ugly sweater one sounds lots of fun!

btw i was just wondering if you had gotten your ornaments i sent you? i just want to make sure they get to you ok.

Kimmyyy83 said...

How do you find 5Ks in your area? I have tried to find some in Oklahoma, and I am lost (this coming from the google queen!!)

smk053078 said...

Happy Birthday to you sweet girl!! Time flies right? I can't believe I am about to have a 5 & 8 year old!! And if it makes you feel better, I have not bought one Christmas present yet!!! YIKES!!!! And a bloody mary sounds good to me every day!! Is that bad? Thanks for linking up!!! xoxo

Lindsey said...

First, I haven't bought a thing for Christmas so don't feel bad. Second, was the pug in T-county? If so I am sure we know him or our parents do. Third, I want to start running but I am afraid I will die. LOL!