Nov 21, 2012

Rando Wednesday

Am I the only person out there at work today? Lie to me and at least say you are sitting at work, mkay? What a perfect day for a Random Wednesday post. 

First bit of randomness....
I can't decide if someone with the clearance sticker machine thought this would be funny or they have themselves a little penny scheme (think Office Space) going on. 

Next on the list, Netflix. I love you and I hate you. Ya see, short story long, B was spending the night with a friend last night. So you know what that means, bow chica wow wow......grown up tv! Oh yes! And since I missed last season of Sons of Anarchy because of some reason or another, we have been catching up. I missed like the first 6 episodes of the show in the first place so we started from the.very.beginning and are now on last season. I am pretty sure we watched 5 episodes just last night. That put me going to bed way past my fall asleep at 8pm on the couch bedtime. Also I hate how the last episode we watched ended and I am dying to see how the rest of last season goes. Unfortunately, I need to cook tonight instead of staying glued to my tv. Bummer. 
Girls always go for the bad boys...
In other random news, one of B's friends explained to her what French kissing was the other day on the way to her birthday fun at Paint a Piece. I got to hear that conversation and my favorite part was one of the twins telling her "French kissing is gross. I mean, you don't even know where his mouth has been and what if you both have smelly mouths?!?" Then they all made a pact to never get in an argument about a boy because friends come first (i.e. girl version of Bros before Hoes)

Also...pattern mixing? Nailed it. 
Being from the south though I'm a little sad that Alabama just claimed houndstooth as their state pattern. It doesn't just belong to you, Alabama! Today it's mine! (Real dalmatians were not harmed in the making of those $4 shoes #clearance)

I've been getting into running in prep for a 5k in 2.5 weeks and hopefully a 10k and half marathon next year. But I don't care who you are, this is just funny...

Have a great Turkey Day everyone!!
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Alyssa said...

You're not the only one! I'm at work today, too... it's no fun.

Basically I can never wear houndstooth because my boyfriend is a HUGE Auburn fan... yeah. But I just LOVE how you wore it with those cute shoes :)

Megan said...

LOL. you are rocking the prints girl!