Nov 19, 2012

I had gas...

...on Friday. I did. Then I used it all. Being a stay at home mom for the day is expensive. Poor Gladys {my car} used an entire tank of gas on Friday. Ok, that's a lie, but in like 48 hours I had to fill up again. 

Since B is out of school all week for Thanksgiving, they had their Thanksgiving Feast on Friday. I was that mom that brought Subway instead. I think it worked out better anyways. But they had at least eleventy tables with desserts on them. I have no idea who made that Oreo, whip cream, marshmallowy goodness but if you are reading, I need the recipe stat! 
This one had a great time! As you can see. And since she goes to school with my BFF's twins, I got some BFF chat time in as well. 

Back to home for a while, then back to school to pick B and 3 friends up to head to Paint a Piece for a mini birthday party. Off we went with the new One Direction CD blaring and my little American Idol contestants practicing their vocal stylings in the back. 
Each girl painted a cute ornament and then we were on our way back to school for basketball practice. Their first practice. And since they were all with me, they were late. Imagine that. It really was not my fault this time. I am not mean enough and when I said "let's go" at 4:45 and they gave me the sad eyes and begged to finish "just one last thing"....I gave them a few more minutes. Then we got stuck in rush hour/private school street hell. A two lane road with 3 huge private schools that all apparently had something going on Friday night. How dare they!

I know I have mentioned this before but I really love B's new school and all the special things she is doing this year, like the basketball team. She is growing new friendships and learning so many things. I couldn't be happier with our decision.

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Lora said...

you forgot to mention the french kissing conversation....but man those ornaments are cute!