Nov 6, 2012

Hashtag Vote

So I know this is probably like the thirty-hundredeth time you have heard this....but seriously, go vote today! And if you have already voted today (or early voted), I'm proud of you! Today I hope everyone steps into the voting booth with a well informed decision. I hope each and every person votes for who they genuinely believe is the best candidate for the job, not just someone that your parents or significant other or friends are voting for. Make sure you really look at all the issues and choose what you think is best for the country. 

Ok, off my soapbox. 

Now, is anyone actually really excited about the election? Just me? The first time I remember watching the election news coverage, I asked my parent, "Why are we picking a new President? Did ours die?" That was when I was around 6. Then at 10, we got to vote in mock elections at school. Again, I didn't really understand the importance. At 14, things started making more sense. I knew there were issues that were being argued, people taking sides. By 18, I had formed my own opinions, but was still unable to vote due to my birth date. From that point on, I've been all about seeing if my candidate won and hoping my voice was the loudest at the polls. Tonight I will be watching as usual. 

Happy Election Day, everyone!


Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

I AM!!!!!!!!!! I love this day more than anything. My heart races, I get highs and lows, and I get to see another history in the making.. Happy Election Day.

Lora said...

do you remember voting between choc chip cookies and oreos? was it just my class that did this? said...

I Voted too!

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