Oct 16, 2012

Week Recap: Take One

This is the part where I bore you or annoy you with all my vacation pictures. But seriously, you would do the same thing. 

Last Saturday, we made the 9.5 hour drive to Panama City Beach. Can I just say that is seriously one boring drive! No offense Mississippi and Alabama but where is all yalls stuff?! You have to have stuff right?! Alabama,  you get a pass though. I saw at least two cities in your state, so you're good to go. 
As far as the eye can see.....nothing...
Anyways since we didn't quite leave as early as I would have liked, we arrived right around sunset. Gorgeous btw! We ran down to the beach, put our toes in the sand and then B said "crab!"....she thinks she's funny....so I was ready to get our room all set up for the week. So we unpacked and then headed out to our trusty Walmart to get some groceries/snacks and drinky drinks. 

Oh.Em.Gee. I will never step foot in that WallyWorld again. Promise. It was a mad house and then we were in line forever!
And this was from the half way point in the line. Ugh.

But we survived and woke up the next morning to this....
Hello Gorgeous!

We hit the beach and stayed out there pretty much all day except a little trip to the room to make a snack and refresh our cooler.

To avoid pic overload, I'm going to break the vacay pics up a little. And to avoid pics like beach, food, water, food, beach, I think I'll just recap the categories...beach, pool, food, food, and more food, and outings. So come back tomorrow to see me go into a seafood coma!


Holly said...

A seafood coma sounds like a great time! And I feel your pain on Wal-mart... love/deep hate relationship. :)

Melissa said...

i was really impressed with panama city this summer. it was the first year we didn't do destin or navarre. thanks for posting the pics!

Anonymous said...

Wal-Mart can be a crazy place. I avoid them whenever possible.