Oct 17, 2012

Week Recap: The Food

I love how I stress about eating healthy and exercising for weeks #months before a beach trip and then go nuts with the food when I get there. Once I saw all the yummy stuff though I didn't care. 

So here's our tour of food for the week:
Spinnaker's Paradise Grill

I have to admit it was a little weird trying to decide if several restaurants were "ok" to go to during the day knowing the reputation PCB has during spring break. Pulling up and seeing a parking lot with only 3 cars assured me it should be fine though. 
Let me just say if you go to Spinnaker's and don't order the fish tacos, you should hang your head in shame. They were absolutely amazing. See above? I couldn't even take the pic without demolishing most of the first taco. And they were huge. I ate one and couldn't finish the second. And yes, that is a chicken finger basket on the right. B was not totally in beach mode at this point. 

Pineapple Willy's
Eh. They have adorable shirts and fun cups if you are just walking up to grab a beverage. Their big selling item is their bucket of ribs though, and being from Memphis, we weren't eating ribs or any kind of BBQ. We can get the best at home. We got shrimp and fish baskets, and they were fine. You go here for the view and souvenirs though not really the food. 

Dusty's Oyster Bar
Super duper yum! I got a little nervous again going here with B but the reviews {and yes I check reviews all the time for new places} said it was family friendly. Again we went for a late lunch and didn't have to wait. I did hear the wait at Dusty's during the lunch hour and dinner were crazy. They had the most amazing smoked tuna dip! Yum. I've gotta get a good recipe for that. And we all, for the first time, tried oysters. Oddly enough, I didn't think they were bad. I'm not sure the name of the ones we got, but they were cooked with Parmesan cheese, bacon and some other good seasonings. B tried them and cried though...yep, cried. I guess she wasn't a fan.  

I'll be honest...I picked this place because the name was cute. It was a fun little ice cream place and it's super cheap for what you get. We each got a scoop of ice cream for $3 each and I couldn't even finish mine. The scoops were huge. B chose the Cookie Monster ice cream, which looks exactly like it's name. I got Lost Gold (vanilla with caramel swirls and chocolate covered caramel bites) and Jeremy got the Superman which was just red and blue colored vanilla. 

And that's basically all the food I have pictures of from this trip. We stopped a few more places and had even more seafood but I was obviously too hangry then to take pictures. #SeafoodComa. Tomorrow I'll recap our outings for the week. And by outings, I mean, mini golf. 


Holly said...

You lost me at the Pelican shop... I am now drooling. thankyouverymuch.

Leslie Gilmore said...

I do the same thing! Eat healthy a few months before a trip and eat as much bad food I can during vacation!

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I am hungry!!! uggghhh

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