Oct 2, 2012

That Ish Cray

Want a real quick recipe for driving yourself crazy? Put in an offer on a house. Take it up a notch and put in an offer on a house during your busiest week at work and the week before you head to the beach on vacation. That shi* cray!

Funny that I came across this link up this week....
Can I just say how much I love that Cee Lo is on this link button? I cannot stop staring at that little man when I watch The Voice. His little hands and that crazy bird...I don't know what it is. Ok, that's a lie, I stare at Blake, but when Blake isn't on the screen I can't keep my eyes of TRex handed Cee Lo. #Isaythatwithlove

Anyways, does this make my crazy?

1. I'm afraid of grasshoppers. Yep. Me and spiders can get along but throw a grasshopper at me and I will lose my mind. I jumped from the front seat to the back seat of my parents' suburban once when I noticed a grasshopper in the floor. My dad did not know what had possessed me to do this. Did I mentioned I was like 23 when this happened. My sister still reminds me of this story. Does that make me crazy?

2. I hate water in the kitchen sink. It drives me nuts when someone puts a bowl in the sink facing up. I know if I run the water for whatever reason, the bowl will get water in it that sits. I turn everything upside down so there isn't any standing water when dishes are rinsed. Does that make me crazy?

3. I took a year and a half to buy a car. Yep. I shopped and gave up then shopped some more. Then I took two days to decide to buy a house. Does that make me crazy?

4. I have two light switches in my living room--one by the entrance from the kitchen and one from the front entrance. If the light is off, I need them both to be in the off position. Ya know how those sometimes get off from being in sync? It is ok if the light is on, but when it's off they need to be in sync. Does that make me crazy?

5. Whenever I have real cash money in my wallet {so rare}, I need the dollars to be in order from smallest to largest bill and all facing the same way. I also have to count my money several times while in line to pay for something if I am paying with cash. Does that make me crazy?

6. I have severe I-sent-that-email-to-the-person-I-was-talking-about-not-talking-to phobia. After I send an email I have a minor freak out and check my sent folder, even opening the email to double check. Gotta make sure sure. I blame this on my BFF who once sent an email to someone at work about someone at work then had to run to his desk to delete it from his email. Fun times. Does that make me crazy?

Please click over to The Vintage Apple and read some of these. There are some really hilarious entries. And add your own while you're at it. And let me know....does that make me crazy?


Michelle @ The Vintage Apple said...

I seriously do THE SAME THING with my cash in my wallet!!!!!!! THE SAME!!!!!! So happy to know I'm not the only one!!!!! Funny, cause I'm really unorganized everywhere else!!!! Thanks for linking up!!!

bailey j said...

I'm the same way with cash. I also work with cash at work and when coworkers make the money face different ways im like - DONT YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MONEY? THEY NEED TO ALL FACE THE SAME WAY. I'm a total weirdo.

Lora said...

ummm the funnier part of that story is that I used my butt to distract him while I was deleting said email. #andittotallyworked
does that make me crazy? lol

smk053078 said...

LOL!!! So funny!!! Loved learning more about you! Annnnd, I NEVER have cash in my wallet, so it doesn't even matter how it is arranged! LOL!

Bev said...

LOL at your water in the sink hatred!! That is cray cray... BUT the cash in the wallet fixed nice and neat, and the light switches having to be flipped the same way.. those are totes norm!!! They bother me too!! LOL

xoxo, Bev