Oct 11, 2012

Out of Office Reply...

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program....
To bring you a guest blogger....Hey y'all!!
I'm Lora. aka the Bff.

That's me, with the chubby face grin, and my handsome husband, and the two mini mes.
I blog over at Raising Steppe Sisters about a whole lot of nothing.

I hate to dissappoint you, I'm sure you clicked on this post thinking it would be J in all of her Running On Empty glory.....

But she left us. You and me. And went to the beach.
That heiffer.

Since I am left here green with envy at work while she is away, I am going to tell you a few things you might not know about her.....
shhhhhhhhh! Let's just keep this between us, mmmmkay?

First off, if you really knew her, you would know that she is LATE FOR EVERYTHING. We are talking I-told-her-the-wrong-time-for- my-wedding-so-she-would-be-on-time kinda late. If she would have been late for my wedding I would have cut her {Bon-Qui-Qui style}. Luckily she wasn't. And I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I begged her to move up her hair appointment.

There was this one time when she was early. Or rather, on time. And she documented it with pictures. #youknowyouareneverearlywhenyoutakepicsofit
But yes, there was ONE TIME when she wasn't late.

If you really knew her,
you would know that she is a ninja multitasker. And when I say that she is, I mean we both are. I'm pretty sure that's why we are BFF. People that we work with think that we get a lot accomplished in a day, but really, they have no clue....if they only saw all the blogging, fb'in, instagram'in, and emailing we got done on top of all the work we do, they would surely give us a raise.

If you really knew her,
you would know that she is a freaking google wizard.
I mean, got an exboyfriend's sister's cousin's 3rd grade teacher that you want to check up on? Email her. She will find her. Her name, address, shirt size, blog address, you name it, she will find it. Or else they just don't exist. Period.

If you really knew her,
you would know that this girl is that skinny heiffer that you love to hate. You know, the one who writes about needing to get in shape for a trip to the beach, but that actually doesn't have a single ounce of fat on her? Yep, she is GUILTY.
Luckily, I still love her.

If you really knew her,
you would know that #sometimesweholdentireconversationsviahashtags.

If you really knew her,
you would need to know that she went to the beach without me and left me at home sick in bed. Yep, I'm pretty sure she planned that one. But I'm sure she is buying me a "My BFF went to FL and all I got was this tshirt" souveneir. I'm totally sure she is.

An in honor of me trying to get a tshirt, here are the top ten reasons why she is my BFF:
1. she makes me awesome buttons like this one. Fo real, she put the letters on it and everything. Bish got talent.

2. She takes my kids to school. Without her, I wouldn't be able to get up at the buttcrack of dawn and sneack out the door to get to work early. {I just spelled sneak with a c and I'm totally gonna leave it. #Ihatebadspellers}
3. Our kids are BFFs. I'm sure that we kind of forced this upon them. but so not the point. I am secretly scared of what the second annual Wolfpack will get into in their teenage years, but let's all just hope they learn to blog about it.
**one child is missing from this pic, but this is just one of my all time favorites**
4. She's really fun when she drinks. Especially when we are on a river.
5. We share a love for Target. And we both live way too far from the local Target....we are trying to change this.
6. We are both very loud accountants. Which is pretty much never heard of. In our single life, {RIP Single JLo}, guys would think we were lying when we told them what we did for a living.
7. Together, we make up JLo. No, not that big booty girl, but just the nickname. She's the J, I'm the Lo. Get it? Good.
8. We both stalked our men before they became ours. What can I say? We are smart girls that know what we want and once we decide we want something, we go after it!!

9. We both graduated from college AFTER getting knocked up at a young age and marrying losers. Then bounced back with great careers, handsome princes, and nothing can stop us now. :)

10. We are both obsessed with all things social networking-related. We have been known to carry on 3 different conversations at once, via fb, email, and texting. And we are both smooth enough to keep it straight. That's how we roll.

Welp, that's all I got for now. Thanks for letting me interrupt your blog time normally better spent with J. She will be back for more blogging ASAP {and probably tan and happy after her break}!
Stop by my blog sometime and say hi!!

Happy Thursday #almostFriday Peeps!!

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Holly said...

Oh my gawd! I love you just for the Bon-Qui-Qui comment. :)