Oct 4, 2012

I'm Going For It...

...the most random post award today. The competition is fierce but I think I can do it!

So, I wasn't even going to do an "inspire me healthy" update this week. I was down a pound yesterday but right back to last week's weight when I woke up this morning. I'm headed to the beach Saturday so not much I can do between now and then. Ah well. Then this happened:

Me (walking to the vending machine for a Dr P #dontjudge and see the receptionist that is on the floor I used to work on in the same building): Hi Mrs Jane Doe, how are you?
Mrs Lady: Good. What'd you have?
Me thinking "say what? does she mean what'd I have for lunch. do I say just this dr p because i'm trying to lose 12 lbs by Saturday. No that's not good. Um. Hmm. Did I misunderstand her? Oh dang, I haven't said anything yet. Speak": Um what?
Mrs Lady: What did you have?
Me ok I give: Have when?
Mrs Lady: Did you have a girl or boy?
Me (OMG!): Umm, I didn't have a baby (but thanks now I need a vodka cranberry instead of a Dr Pepper)

Thanks, Mrs Lady. I'm now back on the workout bandwagon....

And for some reason that quote reminds me of my sister....she's not fat at all. She's a skinny heffer but that just sounds like something she would say. And speaking of that skinny heffer, her birthday was yesterday. 
Why does her birthday make me feel much older than my big birthday this year? Maybe because I remember her coming home from the hospital #withnoname. 

And speaking of birthdays (I'm rolling with this whole random thing), I forgot to mention that birthday month officially started on Monday. If you think I'm not allowed to celebrate for a whole month, let me give you that address to come kiss my behind. I always plan lots of things in Oct and Nov (B's birthday month). It may be because it's birthday time or it may just be a coincidence that lots of stuff goes on during fall. I will chalk it up to birthday month. 

And in house news. Since I sorta explained that I put an offer in on a house. I can now sorta explain that I won't be getting any news good or bad anytime soon. Probably. The banks (yes I said banks, plural) involved are known for being very slow to review offers. I feel good about my offer though because the selling agent felt good about my offer. She seemed really great and spent about an hour really discussing the house with my realtor. Now we just wait and see. 

In other random news. Was everyone else's news feed blown up with political stuff last night? Gah. Wonder what was up with that?! (absolutely kidding. I know about the debate. I heard the issues, etc. Don't comment and say I'm an idiot or uninformed voter)

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