Oct 29, 2012

Costumes and Carnivals

So in case you didn't know, I love me some holidays! I am the crazy lady that wants to put a Christmas tree in every room. I am the crazy lady that puts up shamrock garland for St Patty's Day. I'm that crazy person that shows up to any party in October in a Halloween costume, period. With that being said, I truly disappointed myself this year. Halloween weekend snuck up on me and then we didn't decide to actually go to the Halloween party until the last minute Friday. So I'm going to pretend this picture is actually from this year and I really dressed up and weighed 15 pounds less.
But in all honesty I was the lame chick at the party this year. I did help make this happen...
That would be Phil and Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty. Although most of the time we just quoted Uncle Si. Jack!
We didn't get too crazy Friday night because I had to be up and out the door in time to work my shift at B's school carnival. The shift wasn't too hard to work, just an hour and I didn't totally lose my mind like I thought I was going to. I was slightly surprised at the interest our "Coke Toss" booth received. Basically, you throw 3 frisbee sized rings at 2 liter coke bottles. If you land 1, you get a prize. If you land 2, you get a coke. I was surprised at all the repeat customers. 
There was plenty for the little ones and big ones to do at the carnival, so B had a pretty good time. I made her check in often but for the most part she was in line to get her face painted during my shift. 
One of the moms is seriously the best face painter around. I think the PTO should hire her out for birthday parties to fundraise. That idea may not be too popular with her though. 
All in all in was a pretty fun weekend for us. It really feels like Halloween has already passed though. Now I just want to drag my Christmas decorations out!! But I promise, I won't until after Thanksgiving. Like...an hour after.

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Enjoying the Epiphany said...

I LOVE your blog and am your newest follower. I was hoping that you would pop on by my blog and return the favor!



Reese said...

lol! You should go to wal-mart. They have superhero t-shirts that have capes on the back with Velcro so you can remove the cape if you want. I'll be rocking a batgirl t-shirt on Wednesday.


Helene said...

haha you are so cute you do not need to lose anything!!
Helene in Between - you should link up with me!

Kimberlee said...

haha seems like all the guys went out as Duck Dynasty or Psy this year!