Oct 31, 2012

Raise your hand if you think Halloween should always be on like a Friday. Ok, now raise your hand if you think it should count as a holiday we get off work! That's what I thought. 

This morning I was running late, but I tried my best to come up with something festive for today. I already made a cheese ball, as requested, for the potluck. Apparently I make the best cheese ball ever, just sayin. I searched a little on Pinterest while drying my hair, contemplating dressing up for work... 

I wonder if I can turn my slutty cowgirl costume into something work appropriate? There's really no hope for the nurse's outfit. Oh, Yoga instructor! Yes, I can wear my yoga pants. No, wait, then I'd have to wear a yoga instructor looking top. Not going to work. Beach Bum! Then I can have a pina colada before noon! Score. No, then I'd have to wear somethingy beachy and that's all packed away. Hmm, I went as Saturday last year. That was comfy. I don't think I can do it again this year. Hmm, crap, I'm running late. Screw it.

So I decided to just throw on a navy and white striped dress, leggings and riding boots, since I've been curious to see if that combo was going to work for me. I get to work and what's the first thing I hear...."Oh, you're in jail".....Say what?..."The stripes. Are you supposed to be a prisoner". Should I assume my cute fall outfit was a bust?

And here are some random photos of Halloween past just because...

Oct 30, 2012

Say My Name, Say My Name....

There are endless options for names now. Parents can literally throw a dart at a dictionary and pick out the new popular name. Wanna name your kid after a place? What's up, Brooklyn #totallyhowIpickedthat. Wanna name your kid after a fruit....sure thing, little Apple.  What about shoes? Hey, Nike, how you doin? Want a celebrity name? Meet little Brangelina, she looks just like her daddy

So now that the stress is officially off naming your kids, let's talk about an important naming situation....your blog! Everyone wants something catchy and fun.   Some names have a play on words. Some use song lyrics. Some are just random inside jokes. So here's your project....tell me how you came up with your blog name. Has that name changed since you first started blogging? Give us the details! 

Grab the button below and come back on Thursday, Nov 1st to share your story. As usual, make sure you follow the host {psst, that's me} and your co-host {The BFF}. 

Running on Empty
<div align="center"><a href="http://thepinkhouseadventures.blogspot.com" title="Running on Empty"><img src="http://i1247.photobucket.com/albums/gg622/janessa1020/SayMyNameButton.jpg" alt="Running on Empty" style="border:none;" /></a></div>
*Sorry for the issue with the button earlier. I'm still new at this :)

Oct 29, 2012

Costumes and Carnivals

So in case you didn't know, I love me some holidays! I am the crazy lady that wants to put a Christmas tree in every room. I am the crazy lady that puts up shamrock garland for St Patty's Day. I'm that crazy person that shows up to any party in October in a Halloween costume, period. With that being said, I truly disappointed myself this year. Halloween weekend snuck up on me and then we didn't decide to actually go to the Halloween party until the last minute Friday. So I'm going to pretend this picture is actually from this year and I really dressed up and weighed 15 pounds less.
But in all honesty I was the lame chick at the party this year. I did help make this happen...
That would be Phil and Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty. Although most of the time we just quoted Uncle Si. Jack!
We didn't get too crazy Friday night because I had to be up and out the door in time to work my shift at B's school carnival. The shift wasn't too hard to work, just an hour and I didn't totally lose my mind like I thought I was going to. I was slightly surprised at the interest our "Coke Toss" booth received. Basically, you throw 3 frisbee sized rings at 2 liter coke bottles. If you land 1, you get a prize. If you land 2, you get a coke. I was surprised at all the repeat customers. 
There was plenty for the little ones and big ones to do at the carnival, so B had a pretty good time. I made her check in often but for the most part she was in line to get her face painted during my shift. 
One of the moms is seriously the best face painter around. I think the PTO should hire her out for birthday parties to fundraise. That idea may not be too popular with her though. 
All in all in was a pretty fun weekend for us. It really feels like Halloween has already passed though. Now I just want to drag my Christmas decorations out!! But I promise, I won't until after Thanksgiving. Like...an hour after.

Linking up with Leslie, Meg, Sami, Hayley and Molly

Oct 24, 2012

Sneak Peek

Here's the quick version....work stinks, busy busy, still not caught up from vacation, waiting on house info, laundry piling up, need to wash my car, two half days this week, deadlines, last minute everything, to do list the length of my leg...

But on a good note...we managed to get ourselves together and look presentable for family pictures on Tuesday. I try not to be too matchy matchy in pictures but I want our outfits to coordinate. Thanks to a literally last minute stop at Marshalls I ended up having something to wear. What would I do without my trusty Marshalls?!

We had a great time and that always equals good pictures. We have classic fall pics for Christmas cards and some fun pictures on the town square. The next two weeks I will probably check her website fifty-eighty times a day. Luckily by the time we got home from softball practice that night, she had posted a sneak peek for us! Yay for pretty pictures, Boo that my baby looks like she's growing up!
If you happen to be in the Memphis area, I strongly recommend Cristi Oswalt Photography. She is the bomb.com and awesomesauce all rolled into one. 

Oct 22, 2012

What Had Happened Was...

So I had planned on wrapping up the rest of the vacation posts and finishing that up this weekend. 

Then this happened....
Yep, I welcomed 29 again on Saturday. Those are the messages from my little sisters. What would I do without them?! 

So what did I do for my big birthday.....I spent the day at the ball field in all my Wildcat gear, but I'm good with that. Since somehow I ended up as the lucky one that gets to keep the book this year, I don't have time to even snap some pictures with my phone. Wait, that's a lie. I did manage to take one during warm ups. 
That's my baby warming up. She got a little pitching time this weekend. I think each time she gets a little more confident and a little more accurate. She's just gotta work on speed and power this "off season". 

The birthday isn't completely over yet though #Icelebrateallmonthlong. We are planning on doing dinner with some friends this week, and I've already decided that I am going to my favorite sushi place. Yum! Can't wait. Maybe I will get a late birthday present from my real estate agent this week too. Fingers crossed!

We have family pictures this week, so I am going to go stress out now and scour Pinterest for outfit ideas. Suggestions??


Oct 17, 2012

Week Recap: The Food

I love how I stress about eating healthy and exercising for weeks #months before a beach trip and then go nuts with the food when I get there. Once I saw all the yummy stuff though I didn't care. 

So here's our tour of food for the week:
Spinnaker's Paradise Grill

I have to admit it was a little weird trying to decide if several restaurants were "ok" to go to during the day knowing the reputation PCB has during spring break. Pulling up and seeing a parking lot with only 3 cars assured me it should be fine though. 
Let me just say if you go to Spinnaker's and don't order the fish tacos, you should hang your head in shame. They were absolutely amazing. See above? I couldn't even take the pic without demolishing most of the first taco. And they were huge. I ate one and couldn't finish the second. And yes, that is a chicken finger basket on the right. B was not totally in beach mode at this point. 

Pineapple Willy's
Eh. They have adorable shirts and fun cups if you are just walking up to grab a beverage. Their big selling item is their bucket of ribs though, and being from Memphis, we weren't eating ribs or any kind of BBQ. We can get the best at home. We got shrimp and fish baskets, and they were fine. You go here for the view and souvenirs though not really the food. 

Dusty's Oyster Bar
Super duper yum! I got a little nervous again going here with B but the reviews {and yes I check reviews all the time for new places} said it was family friendly. Again we went for a late lunch and didn't have to wait. I did hear the wait at Dusty's during the lunch hour and dinner were crazy. They had the most amazing smoked tuna dip! Yum. I've gotta get a good recipe for that. And we all, for the first time, tried oysters. Oddly enough, I didn't think they were bad. I'm not sure the name of the ones we got, but they were cooked with Parmesan cheese, bacon and some other good seasonings. B tried them and cried though...yep, cried. I guess she wasn't a fan.  

I'll be honest...I picked this place because the name was cute. It was a fun little ice cream place and it's super cheap for what you get. We each got a scoop of ice cream for $3 each and I couldn't even finish mine. The scoops were huge. B chose the Cookie Monster ice cream, which looks exactly like it's name. I got Lost Gold (vanilla with caramel swirls and chocolate covered caramel bites) and Jeremy got the Superman which was just red and blue colored vanilla. 

And that's basically all the food I have pictures of from this trip. We stopped a few more places and had even more seafood but I was obviously too hangry then to take pictures. #SeafoodComa. Tomorrow I'll recap our outings for the week. And by outings, I mean, mini golf. 

Oct 16, 2012

Week Recap: Take One

This is the part where I bore you or annoy you with all my vacation pictures. But seriously, you would do the same thing. 

Last Saturday, we made the 9.5 hour drive to Panama City Beach. Can I just say that is seriously one boring drive! No offense Mississippi and Alabama but where is all yalls stuff?! You have to have stuff right?! Alabama,  you get a pass though. I saw at least two cities in your state, so you're good to go. 
As far as the eye can see.....nothing...
Anyways since we didn't quite leave as early as I would have liked, we arrived right around sunset. Gorgeous btw! We ran down to the beach, put our toes in the sand and then B said "crab!"....she thinks she's funny....so I was ready to get our room all set up for the week. So we unpacked and then headed out to our trusty Walmart to get some groceries/snacks and drinky drinks. 

Oh.Em.Gee. I will never step foot in that WallyWorld again. Promise. It was a mad house and then we were in line forever!
And this was from the half way point in the line. Ugh.

But we survived and woke up the next morning to this....
Hello Gorgeous!

We hit the beach and stayed out there pretty much all day except a little trip to the room to make a snack and refresh our cooler.

To avoid pic overload, I'm going to break the vacay pics up a little. And to avoid pics like beach, food, water, food, beach, I think I'll just recap the categories...beach, pool, food, food, and more food, and outings. So come back tomorrow to see me go into a seafood coma!

Oct 11, 2012

Out of Office Reply...

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program....
To bring you a guest blogger....Hey y'all!!
I'm Lora. aka the Bff.

That's me, with the chubby face grin, and my handsome husband, and the two mini mes.
I blog over at Raising Steppe Sisters about a whole lot of nothing.

I hate to dissappoint you, I'm sure you clicked on this post thinking it would be J in all of her Running On Empty glory.....

But she left us. You and me. And went to the beach.
That heiffer.

Since I am left here green with envy at work while she is away, I am going to tell you a few things you might not know about her.....
shhhhhhhhh! Let's just keep this between us, mmmmkay?

First off, if you really knew her, you would know that she is LATE FOR EVERYTHING. We are talking I-told-her-the-wrong-time-for- my-wedding-so-she-would-be-on-time kinda late. If she would have been late for my wedding I would have cut her {Bon-Qui-Qui style}. Luckily she wasn't. And I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I begged her to move up her hair appointment.

There was this one time when she was early. Or rather, on time. And she documented it with pictures. #youknowyouareneverearlywhenyoutakepicsofit
But yes, there was ONE TIME when she wasn't late.

If you really knew her,
you would know that she is a ninja multitasker. And when I say that she is, I mean we both are. I'm pretty sure that's why we are BFF. People that we work with think that we get a lot accomplished in a day, but really, they have no clue....if they only saw all the blogging, fb'in, instagram'in, and emailing we got done on top of all the work we do, they would surely give us a raise.

If you really knew her,
you would know that she is a freaking google wizard.
I mean, got an exboyfriend's sister's cousin's 3rd grade teacher that you want to check up on? Email her. She will find her. Her name, address, shirt size, blog address, you name it, she will find it. Or else they just don't exist. Period.

If you really knew her,
you would know that this girl is that skinny heiffer that you love to hate. You know, the one who writes about needing to get in shape for a trip to the beach, but that actually doesn't have a single ounce of fat on her? Yep, she is GUILTY.
Luckily, I still love her.

If you really knew her,
you would know that #sometimesweholdentireconversationsviahashtags.

If you really knew her,
you would need to know that she went to the beach without me and left me at home sick in bed. Yep, I'm pretty sure she planned that one. But I'm sure she is buying me a "My BFF went to FL and all I got was this tshirt" souveneir. I'm totally sure she is.

An in honor of me trying to get a tshirt, here are the top ten reasons why she is my BFF:
1. she makes me awesome buttons like this one. Fo real, she put the letters on it and everything. Bish got talent.

2. She takes my kids to school. Without her, I wouldn't be able to get up at the buttcrack of dawn and sneack out the door to get to work early. {I just spelled sneak with a c and I'm totally gonna leave it. #Ihatebadspellers}
3. Our kids are BFFs. I'm sure that we kind of forced this upon them. but so not the point. I am secretly scared of what the second annual Wolfpack will get into in their teenage years, but let's all just hope they learn to blog about it.
**one child is missing from this pic, but this is just one of my all time favorites**
4. She's really fun when she drinks. Especially when we are on a river.
5. We share a love for Target. And we both live way too far from the local Target....we are trying to change this.
6. We are both very loud accountants. Which is pretty much never heard of. In our single life, {RIP Single JLo}, guys would think we were lying when we told them what we did for a living.
7. Together, we make up JLo. No, not that big booty girl, but just the nickname. She's the J, I'm the Lo. Get it? Good.
8. We both stalked our men before they became ours. What can I say? We are smart girls that know what we want and once we decide we want something, we go after it!!

9. We both graduated from college AFTER getting knocked up at a young age and marrying losers. Then bounced back with great careers, handsome princes, and nothing can stop us now. :)

10. We are both obsessed with all things social networking-related. We have been known to carry on 3 different conversations at once, via fb, email, and texting. And we are both smooth enough to keep it straight. That's how we roll.

Welp, that's all I got for now. Thanks for letting me interrupt your blog time normally better spent with J. She will be back for more blogging ASAP {and probably tan and happy after her break}!
Stop by my blog sometime and say hi!!

Happy Thursday #almostFriday Peeps!!

Oct 5, 2012

Just throwing it out there

So in case you haven't noticed my annoying updates every day or so....I am leaving for the beach tomorrow!!! 

And just throwing it out there....if there is anyone that would like to do a guest post (Bff I'm looking at you) next week I think you should let me know. Just drop a little comment to say hey I wanna post and I will get with you about details. 

Oct 4, 2012

I'm Going For It...

...the most random post award today. The competition is fierce but I think I can do it!

So, I wasn't even going to do an "inspire me healthy" update this week. I was down a pound yesterday but right back to last week's weight when I woke up this morning. I'm headed to the beach Saturday so not much I can do between now and then. Ah well. Then this happened:

Me (walking to the vending machine for a Dr P #dontjudge and see the receptionist that is on the floor I used to work on in the same building): Hi Mrs Jane Doe, how are you?
Mrs Lady: Good. What'd you have?
Me thinking "say what? does she mean what'd I have for lunch. do I say just this dr p because i'm trying to lose 12 lbs by Saturday. No that's not good. Um. Hmm. Did I misunderstand her? Oh dang, I haven't said anything yet. Speak": Um what?
Mrs Lady: What did you have?
Me ok I give: Have when?
Mrs Lady: Did you have a girl or boy?
Me (OMG!): Umm, I didn't have a baby (but thanks now I need a vodka cranberry instead of a Dr Pepper)

Thanks, Mrs Lady. I'm now back on the workout bandwagon....

And for some reason that quote reminds me of my sister....she's not fat at all. She's a skinny heffer but that just sounds like something she would say. And speaking of that skinny heffer, her birthday was yesterday. 
Why does her birthday make me feel much older than my big birthday this year? Maybe because I remember her coming home from the hospital #withnoname. 

And speaking of birthdays (I'm rolling with this whole random thing), I forgot to mention that birthday month officially started on Monday. If you think I'm not allowed to celebrate for a whole month, let me give you that address to come kiss my behind. I always plan lots of things in Oct and Nov (B's birthday month). It may be because it's birthday time or it may just be a coincidence that lots of stuff goes on during fall. I will chalk it up to birthday month. 

And in house news. Since I sorta explained that I put an offer in on a house. I can now sorta explain that I won't be getting any news good or bad anytime soon. Probably. The banks (yes I said banks, plural) involved are known for being very slow to review offers. I feel good about my offer though because the selling agent felt good about my offer. She seemed really great and spent about an hour really discussing the house with my realtor. Now we just wait and see. 

In other random news. Was everyone else's news feed blown up with political stuff last night? Gah. Wonder what was up with that?! (absolutely kidding. I know about the debate. I heard the issues, etc. Don't comment and say I'm an idiot or uninformed voter)

Oct 2, 2012

That Ish Cray

Want a real quick recipe for driving yourself crazy? Put in an offer on a house. Take it up a notch and put in an offer on a house during your busiest week at work and the week before you head to the beach on vacation. That shi* cray!

Funny that I came across this link up this week....
Can I just say how much I love that Cee Lo is on this link button? I cannot stop staring at that little man when I watch The Voice. His little hands and that crazy bird...I don't know what it is. Ok, that's a lie, I stare at Blake, but when Blake isn't on the screen I can't keep my eyes of TRex handed Cee Lo. #Isaythatwithlove

Anyways, does this make my crazy?

1. I'm afraid of grasshoppers. Yep. Me and spiders can get along but throw a grasshopper at me and I will lose my mind. I jumped from the front seat to the back seat of my parents' suburban once when I noticed a grasshopper in the floor. My dad did not know what had possessed me to do this. Did I mentioned I was like 23 when this happened. My sister still reminds me of this story. Does that make me crazy?

2. I hate water in the kitchen sink. It drives me nuts when someone puts a bowl in the sink facing up. I know if I run the water for whatever reason, the bowl will get water in it that sits. I turn everything upside down so there isn't any standing water when dishes are rinsed. Does that make me crazy?

3. I took a year and a half to buy a car. Yep. I shopped and gave up then shopped some more. Then I took two days to decide to buy a house. Does that make me crazy?

4. I have two light switches in my living room--one by the entrance from the kitchen and one from the front entrance. If the light is off, I need them both to be in the off position. Ya know how those sometimes get off from being in sync? It is ok if the light is on, but when it's off they need to be in sync. Does that make me crazy?

5. Whenever I have real cash money in my wallet {so rare}, I need the dollars to be in order from smallest to largest bill and all facing the same way. I also have to count my money several times while in line to pay for something if I am paying with cash. Does that make me crazy?

6. I have severe I-sent-that-email-to-the-person-I-was-talking-about-not-talking-to phobia. After I send an email I have a minor freak out and check my sent folder, even opening the email to double check. Gotta make sure sure. I blame this on my BFF who once sent an email to someone at work about someone at work then had to run to his desk to delete it from his email. Fun times. Does that make me crazy?

Please click over to The Vintage Apple and read some of these. There are some really hilarious entries. And add your own while you're at it. And let me know....does that make me crazy?