Sep 13, 2012


And the homecoming week fun continues! Today was Western Day at school. I was so pleased when I saw this on the schedule. How easy is that! Jeans, bandana, boots, pretty easy. I just hate that we didn't get a cowboy hat out for B to wear today. Let's be honest, she would have lost it anyways. {still hoping my boots actually make it home today}

Tomorrow isn't really a dress up day. It's just spirit day...jeans and school Tshirt. But it's Field Day, Tailgate lunch and the big football game. I have taken off work tomorrow because I have a ton of time to burn and don't want to use it all in December was begged to come to the lunch. When I was her age, I begged my mom NOT to show up at stuff at school. Yea, I was a jerkface apparently. So I am going to take advantage of the time she still wants me showing up for stuff. If I can actually remain "cool" for the middle school years it will be an absolutely miracle!

Happy Thursday Friday, yall!

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