Sep 27, 2012

Where am I?

Did anyone else almost completely skip Thursday this week? I definitely tried. I'm anxious for Friday, but I have too much to get done to skip a full 24 hours. 

One thing I did remember this morning was to step on the scale. Not gonna lie...I was really expecting an awesome number. I worked out this weekend. I was REALLY watching the calories since last Thursday, and I went for walks/speed walks (it's better than nothing) at lunch Tuesday and Wednesday. A mile and a half Tuesday and 2 miles Wednesday, what what. Unfortunately I didn't quite give it enough effort. I stayed where I was pretty much. I think I am down 5.5 pounds since I started tracking my weight. I know I have to do more though. But I am very glad those 5.5 are gone forever
I still would like to kiss another 9.5 lbs goodbye in about a week but I really don't see that happening. Or definitely not happening and staying off. With a lot of different things going on right now and knowing that next week is busy week at work, I'm giving myself a nice small goal for the week. I want to lose another half of a pound. That's it. Pretty simple. I want to push a little more and get my butt in gear some more. I just know the stress is going to be higher so I need to lighten up on myself. I will be a harda$$ when I get back from vacation #8days17hours42minutes
So who did better than me this week? And who is rocking a small realistic goal for the week?

Linking up later with either Raven or Kristen. Check out last week's link up for participants. 

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Holly said...

Not I said the fly. You did better than me. I haven't even got on the scale because I don't want to severely depress myself.