Sep 17, 2012


Over my homecoming posts yet? No? Good because here's another...

Homecoming week ended with a field day, tailgate lunch and Pep Rally on Friday. I got to come to the lunch since B begged me to go and the timing just worked out at work. 
My adorable little niece is in PreK at the same school so we got to watch her play on the jump house/slide a little while I was there. And even had time for a few pictures. 
I am still quite amazed that my child will be seen with me in public. She even agreed to taking a picture with plain sight of all her friends, what?!
Sidenote: I am a die hard UT fan. Period. I have a Rebels shirt because it is my old high school and B's current school's mascot. It doesn't say Ole Miss anywhere on it so it is allowed. 

That afternoon I found out that my sister, who was homecoming queen last year, would not be crowning the queen at this year's game because she had three softball games Friday night. Since softball and basketball kinda pay for her school, she can't exactly miss those. We gave B the option of going to homecoming or going to see her Aunt JJ play ball.....
And so we skipped homecoming...yep. Shame on us. But we have to go to the football game this week anyways, so it all works out. 

And that's all of homecoming week. It was fun while it lasted. Now back to the usual boring week. 

I am hoping that this will turn me into a crafty person this week....
Good luck, brother!

And if not, I will just focus on this...
This little countdown and the live camera feed of the beach here are keeping me focused for the next few weeks. Also keeping me focused on not eating good fattening foods and trying to live at the gym until Oct 5th. Whew, 18 days...ish just got real!


Angie Ouellette-Tower said...

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Sarah Grace said...

count downs to good things are the only thing that get me through the rough weeks! love it! and i'm so jealous you get to go to the beach!!

happy monday!

Megan B.B. said...

Sounds like a fun weekend, and your pictures are awesome!
Megan @