Sep 13, 2012

Lucky Number 7

It's week 7 of the Inspire Me Healthy posts. Most consistent link up I've ever done.  I just hope I keep this up even after our vacation and into the holidays. 

This week was not as exciting as last week. No sickness weight loss extravaganza like last week. In fact, no weight loss at bueno! Actually I'm kind of ok with it. I would rather have a no loss week than a gain week like I've had in the past. So this week I am holding steady. A good 10 pounds away from a "happy weight" and a good 15 pounds away from the ultimate goal. I would be perfectly fine staying at my current weight though if it was a toned 1XX pounds. 

I have just one small goal for next week...make it to the gym on my lunch break at least once. I know, such a small goal but I am a member of the Y and usually go to the one closer to my house. The one near work doesn't offer as many classes I would enjoy during the lunch hour. Plus I've never done the gym at lunch thing. I don't like having to get back into regular clothes after sweating, but if you aren't sweating you aren't working in my book. So this week, I want to sweat it out at lunch and somehow pull myself back together to finish 3-4 hours of work. If I can pull it off once, I know I can start pulling it off about 3 days a week. That will save valuable time for me in the evenings. 

Ok, hope everyone else had a great weight loss/healthy/fitnessified week! Now go link up!

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Kristine Foley said...

You said it! Even tho you didn't lose you didn't gain :) Good luck this week!

The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

SimplyHeather said...

Hey ! Better a small goal then no goal. I ended up only losing one pound from last week, I was hoping for more, but it's better then nothing just like maintaining! I'm glad you're feeling better!

Blue Dog Belle said...

no loss is definitely better than a gain! Just keep working at it and the toned muscles will show up eventually!

xo, Emily

Megan B.B. said...

I love your realistic goal, and I'm with you, I haaaated working out during my lunch break, because then I'd have to "Get ready for work" all over again. Bleh.
Megan @

Dani @ Inspire Motivate Love said...

I love your goals. They are simple and realistic, which is always better than out there goals that will never be reached.
Good luck this week! XoXo

Traci Aerykssen said...

Small goals are what make it happen. Good luck!