Sep 6, 2012

Inspire Me Healthy 6

This week thanks to a convo with my bff I realized one of my motivations for getting healthy (and skinny) is fashion. Don't judge. I love me some cute new outfits but some trends just don't work on a bigger body. Some require no muffin tops...the nerve! To me, fall was a time when I could hide things with my clothes even more than summer. I could put a sweater on and you wouldn't see the pudge or wear something extra long over my skinny jeans. This year I want to be the girl that wears this 

but with long sleeves for a casual day. And I don't want to have to throw a long scarf over it to cover anything in the midsection up. I also have a very hot little black dress in my closet that isn't making an appearance until I reach my ultimate goal. So I'm using cute clothes to motivate me today, whatever works!

So how did I do this week? Well I was pretty upset earlier in the week because I got super sick Sunday and have been sick up until today. Like flu/sinus sick. I couldn't turn my head sideways without sharp shooting pains and my whole body ached. I was sad because that meant no exercise but I found a silver lining. Surely, I would lose a pound or two from losing my appetite. I weighed Tuesday and gained a pound! What? After my sickest day. But I am super happy to report that I weighed today during my normal weekly weigh time and I LOST 3.5 pounds this week! Now I know that isn't normal and some must be from being sick it just took effect later, but I'm happy. This coming week will mean healthy eating, feeling better and adding my exercise plan from last week in. 

Now I'm off to read some other inspiring week 6 posts!

All In My Twenties


Tif said...

Girl...FASHION is what inspires me to lose weight too! I have outfits picked out for each "goal" ! You go girl! Happy New Follower...thru the Followers to Friends blog hop!

Ramblings of a Southern Belle

Megan said...

Fashion is also why I want to lose a few. Congrats on your 3.5 pounds! Keep up the good work!