Sep 12, 2012

I wanna class Tshirt too

There are two kinds of people....those who had a blast in high school and love the memories from those days and those who hated high school and would never want to relive it. I was in the first group!

Tell me I'm not the only person that misses homecoming week? I even loved it freshman year when I was not allowed to wear makeup, had to put my hair in 27 ponytails, and sing on a table in front of the whole school. Just a rite of passage. 

This week is homecoming week at my daughter's school. Since they wear school uniforms every day {and not just the polos and khakis, we have to get an actual uniform from the uniform store. cha ching!}, Monday was dress down day. It basically means they can wear "normal" kid clothes. Tuesday's theme was patterns and bright colors. The bright colors were definitely not an issue this year with the neon trend. I was amazed at some of the outfits when I dropped her off. 

Today's theme is Fairytales. B and her friends cooked up the idea to be the Three Little Pigs. So today they were all in pink with pigtails and their pig noses. One with straw, one with {fake} brick, and my little piggy with her stick....
Tomorrow is Western Wear....yep, totally got that one covered!

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