Sep 28, 2012

Dear Lover


Dear Lover, also known as Friday, our meeting this week was bitter sweet. I needed to see you to keep my sanity, but I had LOTS to get done by the time we had hung out for a while, like by noonish. I promise to love you lots more next time we meet.

Dear Secret, you are so hard to keep. I am so stressed about you and trying to finish work early today. I am scared to tell anyone that I am looking at a house for the second time today with intentions of putting in an offer on Monday. I don't want to jinx it. Thank goodness, I am just talking to you in a letter and my secret is safe....

Dear House, please do not have anything else wrong with you other than the cosmetic things I already know about. I would appreciate if you gave the water heater and AC unit a good talking to as well. Oh and would you look extra nice when they do the appraisal too. If you want me to put some pretty pretty floors down, you are gonna need to show me the money!

Dear Youngs, thank you for all your help and answers and pointers. I would be even more stressed without yall! Thank you for dealing with me this week (and next), haha. 

Dear work, go do yourself....seriously. I need to leave early today. See above!

Dear mortgage man, please don't think I'm an idiot for asking all the questions that I am asking. I have no clue how this all works so I've been bugging my friends a lot! 

Dear Friends, say some prayers today for me. I really want this to go off without a hitch and I am so very nervous about this whole process. I know everything happens for a reason though and if it is meant to be it will be. 

Have an amazing weekend, blogland!

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Lora said...

any more questions, just ask the husband and wife realtors. :) no, but seriously, I LOL'ed at the "go do yourself"...maybe it's because i read it like you said it with attitude. haha