Sep 4, 2012

Beach Prep

We are headed to the beach in 31 days, 22 hours, 20 minutes, and....well, who's counting, right? 

It's a little too early to pack, but don't think I haven't already put a few beach towels and swim suits in a bag. And I've already done some vacay prep shopping, so what do I have left in the meantime? If you said tanning you are right! 

This weekend I busted out my self tanning supply and wow, I have quite a stash. I should have thought ahead and taken pictures of my collection {along with before and afters but that's neither here nor there]. 

This weekend I started with L'Oreal's Sublime Bronze for medium natural tan. 
I like this product because it's a little towelette with a very light weight self tanner. It feels like using a wet wipe, and it doesn't take long for your skin to try. I don't seem to have any noticeable streaking because of it. There's a little extra tan mark on my left heel but that's it. All in all I am happy with this product. It doesn't add a whole lot of color the first time around though. I am going to use my last towelette today and then move on to the next tool in my collection. 

What's your favorite self tanner?


Alyssa said...

I love self tanner! It is the best! I've never tried this kind before though, I will have to look into it! (: Found you from the blog hop! Have a great day!!

toxycat said...

Im one of those in a minority that never uses tanning products or sunbathes!! Im rocking the pale look!! Which is pretty easy in the UK as we barely have a summer anymore!!
found you via the followers to friends blog hop xx