Sep 28, 2012

Dear Lover


Dear Lover, also known as Friday, our meeting this week was bitter sweet. I needed to see you to keep my sanity, but I had LOTS to get done by the time we had hung out for a while, like by noonish. I promise to love you lots more next time we meet.

Dear Secret, you are so hard to keep. I am so stressed about you and trying to finish work early today. I am scared to tell anyone that I am looking at a house for the second time today with intentions of putting in an offer on Monday. I don't want to jinx it. Thank goodness, I am just talking to you in a letter and my secret is safe....

Dear House, please do not have anything else wrong with you other than the cosmetic things I already know about. I would appreciate if you gave the water heater and AC unit a good talking to as well. Oh and would you look extra nice when they do the appraisal too. If you want me to put some pretty pretty floors down, you are gonna need to show me the money!

Dear Youngs, thank you for all your help and answers and pointers. I would be even more stressed without yall! Thank you for dealing with me this week (and next), haha. 

Dear work, go do yourself....seriously. I need to leave early today. See above!

Dear mortgage man, please don't think I'm an idiot for asking all the questions that I am asking. I have no clue how this all works so I've been bugging my friends a lot! 

Dear Friends, say some prayers today for me. I really want this to go off without a hitch and I am so very nervous about this whole process. I know everything happens for a reason though and if it is meant to be it will be. 

Have an amazing weekend, blogland!

Sep 27, 2012

Where am I?

Did anyone else almost completely skip Thursday this week? I definitely tried. I'm anxious for Friday, but I have too much to get done to skip a full 24 hours. 

One thing I did remember this morning was to step on the scale. Not gonna lie...I was really expecting an awesome number. I worked out this weekend. I was REALLY watching the calories since last Thursday, and I went for walks/speed walks (it's better than nothing) at lunch Tuesday and Wednesday. A mile and a half Tuesday and 2 miles Wednesday, what what. Unfortunately I didn't quite give it enough effort. I stayed where I was pretty much. I think I am down 5.5 pounds since I started tracking my weight. I know I have to do more though. But I am very glad those 5.5 are gone forever
I still would like to kiss another 9.5 lbs goodbye in about a week but I really don't see that happening. Or definitely not happening and staying off. With a lot of different things going on right now and knowing that next week is busy week at work, I'm giving myself a nice small goal for the week. I want to lose another half of a pound. That's it. Pretty simple. I want to push a little more and get my butt in gear some more. I just know the stress is going to be higher so I need to lighten up on myself. I will be a harda$$ when I get back from vacation #8days17hours42minutes
So who did better than me this week? And who is rocking a small realistic goal for the week?

Linking up later with either Raven or Kristen. Check out last week's link up for participants. 

Sep 24, 2012

Weekend What?

Sometimes the only good thing about Monday is reminiscing the weekend in a blog post....Actually it hasn't been that bad of a Monday. Maybe that is just because I realized birthday month is only a week away. That's right. I get the month of October to celebrate. 

But back to this weekend recap....Friday we had Mexican for dinner. Who wouldn't love that?! Then we headed to the football game. B was cheering at halftime while the boys were playing flag football. The 3rd grade played the 4th grade and I'm going to pretend like I paid attention to the football and say the 4th grade won. Yay! I'm also going to pretend like I was able to take decent pictures and steal some from my bff

We had to be up early {extremely early for me on a Saturday} to get to a one day softball tournament so we weren't able to stay for the end of the football game. By the looks of the scoreboard though, I'm pretty sure we can guess the end result. 

Saturday we got up, we put on our Wildcat cheering gear, playing gear and coaching gear and headed out. It should have taken us about 1.5 hrs...thanks so somebody #itwasme it took us about 2 hrs instead. Guess I planned the scenic route. Thank goodness we didn't have to make any bathroom stops. The girls ended up playing 4 games that day but they were spread out from a start time of 9:10a to a start time of 8:50pm. And the 8:50pm game was running behind. During the break the guys tried to get some games on in the parking lot....
and the girls started an Uno tournament.....

The girls played hard all day and got to take home a trophy when it was all said and done. They didn't take first, but they took second and a big confidence booster. I just hope we never have to go back to that little town or see those umps and crowd anytime soon! Hey, don't judge, they call it competitive ball for a reason! 

Aren't they cute!? All smiles off the field. 

We snapped some pics, grabbed our junk & a snack and got out of town as fast as possible. I think it was around 1am when we finally made it home. Some people were able to get a little nap in...
I'm sure you can already guess by the pictures....Sunday was a lazy day. We got a little laundry and a little cleaning done, but for the most part we did a lot of this...
And I'm perfectly ok with that.

Hope your weekend was just as busy, lazy, and everywhere in between!

Sep 21, 2012

I Believe....

I believe in Keurig. It's worth the money. I can have an iced caramel coffee any morning. No matter how late I am for work.

I believe in random acts of kindness. 

I believe in all things sparkly.

I believe in sisters. Oh how I wish my little B had a sister that she could have inside jokes with or one to tell on her each time she does something dumb while operating a moving vehicle. Sisters are the best. 

I believe in the good guys. There are really good guys out there. Never settle.

I believe in the phrase "my bad". You are allowed to use it once per infraction without consequence. Twice in one day, and it isn't excusable. 

I believe Memphis traffic is the worst. We aren't the biggest city but we definitely have the worst drivers. 

I believe in friends. And I believe mine are the best. Just saying. And I'm totally not being biased. Invite them to game night. You'll see what I mean. 

I believe in jeans with flap back pockets. Not everyone should believe in these though. These take my "hmm, ok maybe you have a butt" to "bam, you got a booty". Not like Kim K booty but enough to shake a little.

I believe in Jillian Michaels. That chick is bad ass. Period. I love her but hate her when I'm doing her DVDs. She gets results though. That's for sure.

I believe in Dr Pepper. I've tried not to believe. Dr P, I just can't quit you!

I believe in being late to the party...obviously, since I am just now posting this I Believe post. 

I believe in jewelry of all, expensive, whatever. Although I seem to wear more of the cheap stuff. #Cheapweardontcare

I believe in laughing hysterically. It's one of my favorite kinds of exercise. 

I believe in blogging. I've been doing it a lot more lately and hope to keep that up. 

I believe in beaches....I believe I should spend more time there. Or just move there. Whichever. 
These chairs are calling my name
I believe it's time to end this post before you get too bored....what do you believe in?

Go Link up!

Inspire Me Healthy 8

All In My Twenties
In case you didn't know, this is pretty much my favorite link up. I hate to make the other link ups jealous, but I love this one. Not that I love the topic. I would much rather the topic be "I am totally 100% in shape and have like no body fat and walk around in a bikini like I own the place"....but that would only really take one entry to sum that all up. The rest would simply be photo ops. With that being said, you KNOW I must have been swamped to actually miss the true link up day! First one I've missed in 8 weeks. 

Even though it's my fav link up, I don't have much news to report this week. I did manage to lose half a pound. Better than nothing. And I did make it to Zumba and sweated my tail off. I weighed the day after zumba and I was down FIVE pounds from the previous Thursday. I knew it had to be a fluke though...4 and a half of those jokers came back. 

My one measly little goal last week....failed it. In my defense, I planned to go yesterday then ended up making a trip to get cute light and cheap tennis shoes. I got a hot tip that my local TJMaxx had the super light New Balance running shoes for like $30....can't pass that up, right?! Well, that was a bust too. They didn't have them anymore. So I guess I will be carrying that goal over to next week except I'm going to double it. I want to work out at lunch twice next week. The weather has been beautiful lately so there's no reason why I can't just bring tennis shoes and go walk/jog around the park. I would commit to hitting the gym this afternoon but I have something super awesome happening this afternoon and hopefully I can share good news about that soon :)

Ok, I hope everyone reached their goals for this week. Time to get in serious gear. Gotta reach those goals before the tempting holidays get here!

Sep 17, 2012


Over my homecoming posts yet? No? Good because here's another...

Homecoming week ended with a field day, tailgate lunch and Pep Rally on Friday. I got to come to the lunch since B begged me to go and the timing just worked out at work. 
My adorable little niece is in PreK at the same school so we got to watch her play on the jump house/slide a little while I was there. And even had time for a few pictures. 
I am still quite amazed that my child will be seen with me in public. She even agreed to taking a picture with plain sight of all her friends, what?!
Sidenote: I am a die hard UT fan. Period. I have a Rebels shirt because it is my old high school and B's current school's mascot. It doesn't say Ole Miss anywhere on it so it is allowed. 

That afternoon I found out that my sister, who was homecoming queen last year, would not be crowning the queen at this year's game because she had three softball games Friday night. Since softball and basketball kinda pay for her school, she can't exactly miss those. We gave B the option of going to homecoming or going to see her Aunt JJ play ball.....
And so we skipped homecoming...yep. Shame on us. But we have to go to the football game this week anyways, so it all works out. 

And that's all of homecoming week. It was fun while it lasted. Now back to the usual boring week. 

I am hoping that this will turn me into a crafty person this week....
Good luck, brother!

And if not, I will just focus on this...
This little countdown and the live camera feed of the beach here are keeping me focused for the next few weeks. Also keeping me focused on not eating good fattening foods and trying to live at the gym until Oct 5th. Whew, 18 days...ish just got real!

Sep 14, 2012

Homecoming Friday


Yay, we made it to another Friday! And even better, I'm not sitting at work today! 

Dear Homecoming week, thank you for making me miss high school. But seriously, B had so much fun this week with all the festivities. Can't wait to see you next year.
Dear Pandora Pop Dance station, you did an awesome job waking me up this morning, but next time please don't turn my foot to lead. Apparently, I like to speed when fast songs are on. You almost got me into some trouble this morning.
Dear Walmart, sorry for saying I hate you so much. I guess you aren't so bad during the middle of a work day when no one else is there. Plus, you had the perfect scarf for some fall softball games and Tiger football games. Don't judge me if I go back before the day weekend is over and get the UT orange one too!
Dear fortunes cookies, I appreciate the first one but the second one was totally set up to sell those amazing cupcakes sitting at the register....nice try. A for effort. In case you didn't hear though, I'm workin' on my fitness...this link up is my witness...
Dear gym, I would like you to hold an impromtu Zumba class today around 3pm. If you could hurry up and get that set up, that'd be great! 
Dear little newbie blog, thank you for being so much fun. I really have enjoyed writing more lately and feeling like someone is actually reading along too. I love this community and the laughs you provide throughout the week. Keep it up ok! 

Happy Friday, everyone!

Sep 13, 2012


And the homecoming week fun continues! Today was Western Day at school. I was so pleased when I saw this on the schedule. How easy is that! Jeans, bandana, boots, pretty easy. I just hate that we didn't get a cowboy hat out for B to wear today. Let's be honest, she would have lost it anyways. {still hoping my boots actually make it home today}

Tomorrow isn't really a dress up day. It's just spirit day...jeans and school Tshirt. But it's Field Day, Tailgate lunch and the big football game. I have taken off work tomorrow because I have a ton of time to burn and don't want to use it all in December was begged to come to the lunch. When I was her age, I begged my mom NOT to show up at stuff at school. Yea, I was a jerkface apparently. So I am going to take advantage of the time she still wants me showing up for stuff. If I can actually remain "cool" for the middle school years it will be an absolutely miracle!

Happy Thursday Friday, yall!

Lucky Number 7

It's week 7 of the Inspire Me Healthy posts. Most consistent link up I've ever done.  I just hope I keep this up even after our vacation and into the holidays. 

This week was not as exciting as last week. No sickness weight loss extravaganza like last week. In fact, no weight loss at bueno! Actually I'm kind of ok with it. I would rather have a no loss week than a gain week like I've had in the past. So this week I am holding steady. A good 10 pounds away from a "happy weight" and a good 15 pounds away from the ultimate goal. I would be perfectly fine staying at my current weight though if it was a toned 1XX pounds. 

I have just one small goal for next week...make it to the gym on my lunch break at least once. I know, such a small goal but I am a member of the Y and usually go to the one closer to my house. The one near work doesn't offer as many classes I would enjoy during the lunch hour. Plus I've never done the gym at lunch thing. I don't like having to get back into regular clothes after sweating, but if you aren't sweating you aren't working in my book. So this week, I want to sweat it out at lunch and somehow pull myself back together to finish 3-4 hours of work. If I can pull it off once, I know I can start pulling it off about 3 days a week. That will save valuable time for me in the evenings. 

Ok, hope everyone else had a great weight loss/healthy/fitnessified week! Now go link up!

All In My Twenties

Sep 12, 2012

Tuesdays with Morrie....or not

I came across this link up today and thought it would be perfect for a day this week. We are always running around like crazy and I know I can't complain about that. Most of the running is my fault. I should have never let that kid of mine figure out what sports were....just kidding, of course. 

Here's this week's Tuesday:
5:45a-Alarm #1 goes off. Turn it off. Go back to sleep.
6:00a-Alarm #2 goes off. Snooze x2
6:15a-Jeremy's alarm goes off. {Crap I'm late} Wake up B. Hit the shower.
6:35a-Start drying hair while checking fb/email/blogs/pinterest/etc while shouting questions/orders requests..."B, get your lunch out of the your binder in  your backpack...what day is today?" #multitasker
6:45a-Brush teeth, get dressed, watch as the 6:50 time to leave the house on Tuesdays comes and goes, grab planner, purse and keys.
7:00a-Out the door
7:15a-Pick up the twins. #carpoolmom
7:25a-Drop kids off at school 
7:50a-Drop Jeremy at work
8:05ish-I'm at work. Working and working and numbers and blah...
12:00-Head to party store to see if they have pig noses for the girls for FairyTale Day.
12:05p-Party store has "coming soon" sign in door. Frick. Head back to work to eat packed lunch.
5:00p-Rush out the door as soon as possible. 
5:25p-Traffic sucked and just got to JH's work
6:00p-Made it to other side of town, stopped at party store, got 3 pig noses
6:30p-Meet bff at Walmart to pick up B and a pink shirt
6:50p-Home sweet home. But no relax time. Unload/Reload dishwasher. Make dinner while mini takes her shower.
8-8:30p-Eat dinner. Watch some random TV. 
8:30p-B is supposed to be in bed but usually takes until 9 to get herself there. Amazing. Then we watch some TV, finish up some laundry, and hopefully get to bed before 11p

Not the most busiest of days, but still tiring. Wednesday starts before we know it and we do it all over again. Minus carpool, plus art lessons, after school care, and pitching lessons.

I wanna class Tshirt too

There are two kinds of people....those who had a blast in high school and love the memories from those days and those who hated high school and would never want to relive it. I was in the first group!

Tell me I'm not the only person that misses homecoming week? I even loved it freshman year when I was not allowed to wear makeup, had to put my hair in 27 ponytails, and sing on a table in front of the whole school. Just a rite of passage. 

This week is homecoming week at my daughter's school. Since they wear school uniforms every day {and not just the polos and khakis, we have to get an actual uniform from the uniform store. cha ching!}, Monday was dress down day. It basically means they can wear "normal" kid clothes. Tuesday's theme was patterns and bright colors. The bright colors were definitely not an issue this year with the neon trend. I was amazed at some of the outfits when I dropped her off. 

Today's theme is Fairytales. B and her friends cooked up the idea to be the Three Little Pigs. So today they were all in pink with pigtails and their pig noses. One with straw, one with {fake} brick, and my little piggy with her stick....
Tomorrow is Western Wear....yep, totally got that one covered!

Sep 7, 2012

Oh Friday...

I wasn't going to write today. I was planning on spending most of my day trying to figure out if it was truly possible to take a nap at my desk without getting caught. Spoiler alert, it's not possible.

So here's just a few of the letters running through my mind today...

Dear girl at work in that cute striped shirt, that's a dress not a shirt. I swear I did not wear a shirt as a dress to my BFF's reception after party...
...hmm maybe that's why I only have pictures from the waist up. Anywhoo

Dear clouds in the sky, you officially have a no fly zone in this area until Monday. That means no rain! I will be working outside at a fundraiser ALL day Saturday and I need Sunday to be pretty so I can make it out to Germantown Fest. This is not a request; this is a firm order! 

Dear new cowboy boots, I plan to wear you tonight. You should plan to be nice to my feet. 

Dear mouth, you are in so much trouble for having that super yummy blueberry donut this morning. And you know the rule, if you get in trouble the whole family does. That means trips to the gym, workout DVDs and some serious walking while I shop.

Dear sand and ocean, I will see you in less than 30 days! I know you can hardly wait. Feeling's mutual babe!

Dear Jess, you brought me into the 100 club today! Finally. I never in a million years thought I would reach that point. And I get to guest post for you while you get married and honeymoon! How exciting!! 

Dear 5 o'clock, yep, you guessed it....hurry please!! Pretty please with cherries on top!

Friday Letters Link up HERE.

Sep 6, 2012

Inspire Me Healthy 6

This week thanks to a convo with my bff I realized one of my motivations for getting healthy (and skinny) is fashion. Don't judge. I love me some cute new outfits but some trends just don't work on a bigger body. Some require no muffin tops...the nerve! To me, fall was a time when I could hide things with my clothes even more than summer. I could put a sweater on and you wouldn't see the pudge or wear something extra long over my skinny jeans. This year I want to be the girl that wears this 

but with long sleeves for a casual day. And I don't want to have to throw a long scarf over it to cover anything in the midsection up. I also have a very hot little black dress in my closet that isn't making an appearance until I reach my ultimate goal. So I'm using cute clothes to motivate me today, whatever works!

So how did I do this week? Well I was pretty upset earlier in the week because I got super sick Sunday and have been sick up until today. Like flu/sinus sick. I couldn't turn my head sideways without sharp shooting pains and my whole body ached. I was sad because that meant no exercise but I found a silver lining. Surely, I would lose a pound or two from losing my appetite. I weighed Tuesday and gained a pound! What? After my sickest day. But I am super happy to report that I weighed today during my normal weekly weigh time and I LOST 3.5 pounds this week! Now I know that isn't normal and some must be from being sick it just took effect later, but I'm happy. This coming week will mean healthy eating, feeling better and adding my exercise plan from last week in. 

Now I'm off to read some other inspiring week 6 posts!

All In My Twenties

Sep 4, 2012

Beach Prep

We are headed to the beach in 31 days, 22 hours, 20 minutes, and....well, who's counting, right? 

It's a little too early to pack, but don't think I haven't already put a few beach towels and swim suits in a bag. And I've already done some vacay prep shopping, so what do I have left in the meantime? If you said tanning you are right! 

This weekend I busted out my self tanning supply and wow, I have quite a stash. I should have thought ahead and taken pictures of my collection {along with before and afters but that's neither here nor there]. 

This weekend I started with L'Oreal's Sublime Bronze for medium natural tan. 
I like this product because it's a little towelette with a very light weight self tanner. It feels like using a wet wipe, and it doesn't take long for your skin to try. I don't seem to have any noticeable streaking because of it. There's a little extra tan mark on my left heel but that's it. All in all I am happy with this product. It doesn't add a whole lot of color the first time around though. I am going to use my last towelette today and then move on to the next tool in my collection. 

What's your favorite self tanner?

Sep 3, 2012

What's up with that?

I look forward to 3 day weekends like nobody's business. It's like free vacation days thrown in at the best times. Plus it usually means extra food, cookouts, family, friends, etc. And this weekend meant FOOTBALL time!! I'm a little disappointed that I haven't used a pinterest inspiration to create a football themed wreath for the front door, but I digress. 

My Vols started the season off with a win Friday night. I couldn't be happier. I hope they surprise a lot of folks this season. 

Saturday we got together with some friends that just got a great new house. We did a little cooking out, snacking and football watching. The plan for the night was to watch the big Alabama-Michigan game. Wow. How disappointing. I thought it was going to be a close game. However, I didn't see the end of it because Hurricane Issac's storm buddy decided to swoop on through where we were. Lightning struck a transformer practically in the backyard...loudest strike ever. And have I mentioned I am beyond terrified of lightning! Anyways, so we spent the rest of the evening like this...
Hoping and praying the electricity would come back on. We waited out the storm and then headed home late. Luckily we live on the same street as the police department in my little town, so our electricity was on and usually doesn't go out for long. 

Sunday was a lazy day and we watched the Redbox movie that we didn't get to watch earlier...The Hunger Games. Yay, I finally watched it. Now it makes me want to hurry and read book 2 and 3. I have been slacking big time. We were feeling kinda blah so it was nice to just have a lazy day. Little did I know my Labor Day would be much worse. I've spent most the day with crazy hair, in my pajamas, hot and cold at the same time, unable to eat or swallow, sleeping most of the day away. It felt like strep earlier but the way my body is aching I'm starting to think it's something like the flu. I'm so lucky to have such a great guy that puts up with my sick, stinky self. He's been amazing. So amazing he watched while I caught up on my fav reality show of the he isn't too fond of...
What a trooper, right? 

Here's to hoping my next 3 day weekend is a little bit better! And here's to hoping i can get in at the doc's office early tomorrow!