Aug 27, 2012

Weekend Update

First off, does anyone work in a building where you need to swipe a batch to get in the doors....and does anyone have those mornings where you just can't find your you just swipe your purse....and it works because it's buried in there somewhere. Yep. It's that kind of morning.

I will just blame that on a busy weekend. 

Friday was pretty laid back. B went to the football game with my sister and nieces. Middle J (that would be my middle sister, yep, we are all J's) said she had a great time and was hanging out with her friends from school most of the time. 

Saturday was pretty much the mom taxi service. B had volleyball from 9-10:30 and softball from 10 to whatever. And yes, those overlapped a little. Luckily or unfortunately, however you look at it, softball was rained out. Brooklyn and her friends loved their first volleyball practice, and they did really great for newbies. 

We headed home and relaxed together for a little while until we got a call that we could come take a pitching lesson with a well known private instructor. There was a group going and we could join in but we had to leave the house right that second. The place we were headed was about an hour and a half drive from where we were. So load up in the mom taxi and off we went. 

Saturday night B went to her dad's house and we had a lazy night at home. Complete with pizza and some eye candy...
We were throwing in "Your car or mine? Have you been drinking? I'll drive" with the little hand motions all weekend. 

We got to be a little lazy on Sunday and catch up on some old Sons of Anarchy episodes until we had to head to the softball field for a scrimmage game. 

That's my baby in the catchers gear. Her Aunt JJ would be so proud. Lil J played catcher throughout high school and is going to school on a softball and basketball scholarship. In fact, today is her very first day of college! Wow I feel old!

It was an all about sports weekend for us it seems, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!


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