Aug 9, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy Week 2

Let's play the excuses game real quick....

This week I ate like junk because I didn't get home until late on Tuesday because of a meeting at school. I went out to eat lunch twice at work because everyone was going so why shouldn't I? I got home late Wednesday due to my daughter's pitching lessons. I didn't work out because I was tired from all these after work plans. 

Going excuses. I am just going to have to plan better. Next week we have a parent orientation at school on Monday. My goal is to go to that but still plan a healthy meal that I can make quickly afterwards. Or even a healthy crockpot creation. 

Exercise. That is something my schedule needs more of. This week I am writing the exercise into my planner. If it's in my planner, then it must happen just like everything else. Next week I'm going to come back in here with all kinds of progress! Cheers to a very successful week 3!

*In my defense, I started my {serious} healthy kick when I started planning our vacay for fall break. I didn't just start slacking on week 2 I promise. It's like week 15 or something for me. I just haven't started really tracking the progress until this link up. 

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Amanda said...

No excuses for sure. But here is the thing about excuses, most people make them to deny their actions. At least you made it, but acknowledged that it was an excuse - you know what you need to do. Good luck!! You've got this.

Also, I tagged you over at my blog, another link-up'r tagged me so I had to spread the love. :)