Aug 31, 2012

Dear Friday...

Dear Friday, so glad you're here but seriously, you don't have to take so long next time. I never get sick of you, promise. 

Dear holiday weekend, I think that I'm in love with you!

Dear manager, if you could go ahead and let us skip out of here at noon that would be greeeeeat. Mkay
Yep...just said it like that too

Dear Redbox kiosks at the grocery store, why do you have one movie I want in one kiosk and one movie I want in the other. Now I have to choose which to get because I'm obviously not waiting in that line twice just to pick it up. Maybe me and the Walgreens kiosk can work out a deal.

Dear scale, Do you even know how happy I am with you this morning?? You basically gave me a high five for that boring salad and only one plate of Mexican when it was catered in this week. I hope we are still bff after the long weekend.

Dear Isaac, enough already. We get it. You are big and messy and windy and rainy and destructive. Now cut it out. We want a pretty weekend for 3 full days!

Dear readers, thank you for multiplying like rabbits! Keep that up because I enjoy chatting with ya. Have an amazing weekend!!

Just Because Friday
Let Them Eat Cake


Reese said...

Happy Friday! Thanks for the laugh.


F.... said...

Ha!! Yay that you made friends with your scale!! Can you have your scale talk some sense into my scale?! HAHAHA!

Found you on That Friday Blog Hop! New follower here.


Shar Martinez said...

Hey girl! Visiting/following from the blog hop! Come over and visit me today! :)

Hubby and I used to go to redbox like everynight!... that was before we had kids though! LOL

xoxo ♥ Shar

Shelly Ann said...

Haha, the boss thing was cute. I am glad its a long weekend too. I am a new follower from That Friday Blog Hop. Nice site! Have a great 3 day weekend!

Michele @

Hallie said...

found your blog on "just because"

I hope you rented the hunger games, I didn't read the books but was a huge fan of the movie!

love your blog and am your newest follower