Aug 9, 2012

Big, Big Day

Yesterday was a very big day for me...uh, or I guess for Brooklyn. 
Yesterday was the first day of school.
First day of 4th grade.
First day at a new school.
First day in uniforms.

I know it may be too early to form an opinion, but I am loving it so far! And more importantly so is she! Yesterday we revamped our morning routine and it worked out perfectly. We were actually out the door a little too early! {p.s. that never happens at our house}

We pulled into the school drop off line and I got nervous. I graduated from the school that B is going to, but it doesn't even resemble my old school. I drove around the high school and middle school, up to the elementary building and debated on which door she was supposed to go in. What's a mom to do, right? I texted the BFF, of course! Did I mention another big advantage of the new school is B's two BFFs go to school there?! Yep. My best friend's twins are the same age and one will even be in her class this year. Luckily they were only 2 seconds away. 
One more quick photo op [since B really didn't want me to come inside] before we left. Notice there are seriously no other cars dropping off at this time! Never fear though, we made up for it this morning. Apparently 6:40 is too early to leave our house and 7:00 is about 5 minutes too late. We will go for a happy medium tomorrow. 

I cannot wait to see what this year holds for these girls. They are growing way too fast so we just have to enjoy every second of it all. 

*If you haven't already clicked on the little BFF link above, now is your time to do so. So here it is again.... BFF. Seriously. Don't make me cut you....#kiddingkinda


Melissa said...

I can't believe it. I know she'll love it there. Hard to believe they're following in our footsteps.

raisingsteppesisters said...

ummm yeah, I noticed when we got to the school at 7:12 this morning that y'all were not there.....haha

Amanda said...

Ah, I can't even think about my little guy some day being in the 4th grade. They really do get old too fast.

Nicholl Vincent said...

aw such a big day! i still remember fourth grade so well! good luck to you guys!

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