Aug 22, 2012

Acky Khaki

Is it just me or are khakis super cute....until you put them on. They work for everyone else except me it seems. Today I was running out of options and decided to reach for my one pair of khakis that fit. I assess the wrinkle situation and it seems ok. Ok enough to pull off. I put them on, look in the mirror, and ACK! Hate it. But I was running out of time so they had to do for today.

After thinking about it today, I think I just don't like any of my shoes with my khakis. So, what's a girl to do? Buy some new shoes of course!

How cute are these boat shoes?
How about some glitter?
Or maybe a nice pair of wedges?

I guess I'll have to take myself to a shoe store and really see what works...oh I just hate that {sarcasm}

1 comment:

raisingsteppesisters said...

If you buy yourself those wedges, please buy me a pair too. please and thank you. #dontmakemeholdyourkidhostage