Aug 24, 2012

'Cado Yumminess

Once upon a time, I said I was going to post a recipe. A week later, I did. And we lived happily ever after. 

The week before last I tried making my own guacamole. I used too much lime and ruined two whole avocados. Sad. This week I decided to try a different recipe for my 'cados and it was a major improvement from our last go 'round. 

I threw mine in the oven on broil real quick before I put on the cheese just to heat them up real quick. Then broil them just long enough to get the cheese melty and you're done. Bam! Just like that. They made a great side and I gave them two thumbs up. Even if I did use the low fat cheese instead of the ooey gooey good kind you see here!

PS I fell in love with this Chipotle sauce shortly after these pictures were taken. I used it in place of salsa last night in another recipe. Yummo! 

Adapted from this recipe.

Just Because Friday


raisingsteppesisters said...

I'm drooling and also kinda mad that there's no "after" pic of this...but I would prob eat it too fast to take pics too. :)


Annelise @ Aunie Sauce said...

oohhhh my dad's girlfriend makes something similar. soooo good! thanks for linking up for Just Because Friday today!