Jul 27, 2012

My 30 by 30

So I'm not officially 30 yet, but I wanted to do the ___ in ___ post from Erin's blog, Living in Yellow. It made more sense to do 30 that 29, since I would only have 3 months to complete a 29 in 29 list. So here is a list of what I want to do over the next year {and 3 months}. 

one. Buy a house....whoa yea. I go balls to the wall right out of the gates with that one. It's time though. I know where I want to be and what I am looking for, I just have to find it. This is the year!

two. Update my resume. I'm not looking to go anywhere right now but it sure is a pain to update it if you wait too long. And it has been quite a while since mine was updated.

three. Lose 10 pounds and two sizes. I'm actually not too worried about the pounds, I just want to get back to my "normal" size in pants. I need to get toned though, not just skinny. 

four. Complete 5 sewing projects with my new sewing machine. 

five. Paint a large picture for my living room. I love to paint but I haven't done it creatively in a very long time. #OrMaybeI'llJustPutaMirrorAboveMyCouchInstead

six. Spend a week at the beach with my loves. [cheater...so it's already planned for October]

seven. Read 12 books. A book a month. I can do that right? -Says the girl that has missed the last 3 (or was it 4) book clubs. But we meet sometimes more often than once a month. Ok, I'm trying to make it sound better but it has seriously been a while. I'm going to be better though. I have this new book downloaded to the Kindle and it's ready to go!

eight. Host girl's night at my house. (Promise I'm going to, Lora)
Missing these gals!

nine. Meet a country music singer. Because it sounds fun, ok. Jason...Luke...I'm coming for ya boys!

ten. Increase my accessories. Yea, a goal about shopping, surprise surprise. 

eleven. Save 6 months worth of living expenses. Yep, now I'm stepping on goal #10 hah!

twelve. Visit NYC again

thirteen. Make a piece of jewelry that I love and will actually wear in public. 

fourteen. Take a girls trip or grown up trip somewhere.

fifteen. Go to at least two football games, two basketball games, and two baseball games (or 10) this season on top of all the softball we attend. 

sixteen. Go to 5 non-chain "Memphis famous" restaurants that I have never been to before. Arcade, I'm looking at you!

seventeen. Blog more regularly, can I get an amen!? It's something I'm always struggling with. 

eighteen. Visit with in some way at least 3 people that I have not seen in 6+ months or more. 

nineteen. Give my house the most thorough deep cleaning it has ever seen!

twenty. Find a great new pair of black comfy dress shoes. It's the little things in life that make me happy too!

21 (ok enough of writing out the numbers, it's making me feel old). Plant a garden. Or at least an herb garden for now. I really want fresh tomatoes though.

22. Get some professional photos taken. Again, this is kind of a cheat since I already have our appointment set up for Oct 23rd. Yay!

23. Go golfing! Confession...I just want to drive the golf cart. 

24. Become famous. nbd

25. Get a new camera. Nikon D3100 would be perrrrrfect! 

26. Go snow skiing. I've never been. My fam didn't start their winter vacations until after I was out of the house. My sisters have been, but I haven't yet. I think that would be a great plan for next year!

27. Take a trip to the horse races again. This used to be a yearly girl's trip but I think now that most of my friends are in a couple, it would be a fun couples trip. I'll get to planning!

28. Take an art class. You're not the only one asking "when will you have time to do that?" I know I probably won't but I think it would be so much fun. I loved art growing up and I was an awesome artist #liesItoldontheinternets (j/k I was decent). I think it would be fun to get back to some of that and see where it takes me.

29. Open an etsy shop once my art becomes awesome. How fun would that be to display your art in someone else's house? Ok, maybe another far fetched one, but did you see #1? I'm reaching for the stars this year. 

30. Be the best mom, sister, daughter, girlfriend (or fiance, just sayin), friend, and person I can be!


Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Great list! I love skiing, so I highly suggest you try that out. Just remember the third time you go is when it starts to be fun (haha for me anyway!)

Rachel said...

It's totally not cheating to write already planned activities as part of the list--rather, it's good strategy! Though I'm not sure that the goal to save a certain amount of money fits comfortably with shopping for accessories and trying out good restaurants--but hey, you just need balance. :)