Jul 18, 2012

1. Buy a new {to me} car

Way back in February I started a "101 Things in 1,001 days" list....and I only made it to like 42. My bad. I got busy, ok! Anyways, I was thinking about that list the other day and thinking I needed to, I don't know, actually make it 101 things. Then I also remembered, I needed to mark something off the list!

Meet the newest member of our family....

And yes, my cars always have names. The name Gladys was semi inspired by my friend's car, Alice*. See Alice is all "techy-like" and Gladys is more behind the times when it comes to that stuff. I can't press and button and tell her what I want to hear on the radio. So she needed an older name. That's ok though because Gladys is classy and gets me all the way to work (a good 30 miles) on one gallon of gas. Pretty nice of her to do that for me, right? 

One great piece of advice I got while car shopping was "if you test drive something and you feel like the car should be named 'Bertha', get out immediately, that is not your car." My friends know just how to talk to me about important purchases. I just love them!

*I just googled the reason I thought Alice was named Alice and realized that I was wrong about who I thought she was named after. Now I'm wondering where in the world I got that from. It may have involved conversations to or from TJs and our friend Jager may have been there.


sophistifunk said...

love it!
xo brie

The Cavallaro's said...

LOVE THE NEW CAR! Sooo jealous! It's beautiful!