Jun 5, 2012

7 things you should know about me if we are going to be BFF

1. If it's pink, polka dot, striped, chevron or sparkly, I will love it! Period. 

2. My biggest pet peeve is people dragging their feet. Not like, taking forever to get something done but literally....dragging feet. There are two women at work and I can always tell when they are headed my way because I hear their feet shuffling down the hallway. One of these days I am finally going to scream politely ask them to stop shuffling their feet!

3. I need you to tell me the new latest and greatest book. I hear about these things months [sometimes years] later or whenever the movie comes out [ahem...Hunger Games]. 

4. I am seriously the most forgetful person ever. Last night I went to pick up some things from the grocery store and was supposed to get a prescription while I was there. I remembered as I was leaving, but I knew I would forget after my daughter's pitching lessons, so I texted my bf "remind me to go back after lessons" because I knew he wouldn't see his phone until we got back in the car. Glad I did because 15 minutes later, I had forgotten again. Ok, what was I saying again? Oh yea, things you need to know...

5. I am your go to research gal {my BFFs and I usually call it R&D}. If you have any question--what time does this movie start, does this place have a website, is this place in the ghetto or not, who is this property registered to, lol...the usual--I'm the person to find out. 

6. I hate mustard and raw onions but I will eat honey mustard and onion straws/awesome blossom. I hate every kind of beans except green beans, but I will eat a black bean brownie. 

7. I will be late to wherever we are going. Except opening night for the Redbirds or a Cardinals game. I have been on time for weddings though because I was late to one once and had to wait on the BRIDE to finish coming through before I could sit down, hah. How rude of the bride, right? Just kidding of course. Since then I haven't been late to a wedding since. Ironically, I absolutely hate being late. I have skipped out on things before because I was so nervous about walking in late. As a friend, you must tell me things start 30 minutes before they really do....sometimes an hour if I'm onto your scheme.

I have several posts to catch up on including my secret blogger swap from Framed Frosting. [I'm already enjoying two of my bloggy gifts today]. And my giveaway winnings, yep, you read that right! I won two giveaways in the last two weeks. Maybe I should run get a lottery ticket! I have iPhone pics to photo dump on here and my #junephotoaday challenge from fat mum slim. So far I'm 3 for 4. Not too bad. 


Breenah said...

Glad you're enjoying the gifts! :D And rock on about the giveaways! It's always fun to win one, let alone two at the same time!

raisingstepsisters said...

I (would like to pretend like I) already knew all of these things. PS if you are late for my wedding, I will cut you. :)

Hi, I'm Jayda! said...

The first and third ones...totally agreed! Haha. I always look at the book store's top 10 shelf to see what's new. Then I order it from the library, because I'm chep :)