Jun 20, 2012

Forever Young

This weekend was the big Young wedding! We had such a great time celebrating. I'm going to photo dump some of my favorites from the big day...

Pre-wedding we had some champagne and took our time getting ready for the big day. The groom was not allowed to see the bride at all the day of the wedding so he was blindfolded for the pictures before the "I do"s. 

The bride and her knockout bridesmaids

Us on my BFFs big day!
The bride and her beautiful twins

The entire wedding party after the "I do's"

My sweet baby girl and I after the ceremony

My Loves
Hopefully they will be just as close as their mommies.....but maybe without ALL the shenanigans :)

Jun 18, 2012

Weekend Recap - Wedding Edition

It's Monday...and there aren't emails and texts going back and forth with pictures and questions and wedding details. I feel a little lost. 

This weekend was my BFF's wedding. It feels like we have been planning this one forever since we started right around their first date. In other ways, it seems like this time went by so quickly.

Besides getting called "Laura" several times when her name is actually "Lora" {kind of her pet peeve}, the rehearsal went really well. The preacher officiating the wedding wanted to make sure everyone felt comfortable on the wedding day with when to walk, where to stand, when to do this, that and the other.

The happy couple!

The table as your entered the club. Our friend and fellow bridesmaid, Rachael, actually did all the flowers! She is so talented.

For some reason, I felt like I did something weird with my eyes. LA assured me I didn't....clearly she lied! haha

Bridesmaids! Me, Rach, and Erin. So glad Erin got to come in from Virginia to be part of the wedding festivities. We have missed her!
After the rehearsal we had an amazing dinner prepared by the bride's stepdad, watched a slideshow of photos of the bride, groom and their new family, and then the *awesome* bridesmaids read our speech/toast to the bride. It was so hard keeping the hilarious details of that secret from her. We prepared the ABCs of Lora with memories from our Wolfpack and inside jokes about our friend. She threatened me several times about what we couldn't put in the speech itself. I'm pretty sure she just told me her conservative grandmother would be there to keep it extra clean. Either way, I have the "rough draft" that I want to put together and give to her when they get back from their honeymoon.

Tomorrow's post will be pictures from the wedding itself.

Jun 11, 2012

Wedding Week

It's wedding week!!! Not mine. But it's my BFF's wedding this Saturday and I cannot wait. But what wedding would be complete without the Bachelorette Party!! And that was this past Saturday.

First I want to apologize. The girl that always always has her camera failed this weekend. I switched from my big purse to a smaller, empty purse to allow room for just my flip flops, ID and debit card. So all pics are courtesy of our camera phones.

The bride wanted a Beale Street bachelorette party, so we started the night with dinner downtown. Our goal for the night....dancing. Oh and staying out later than the bachelor, but our bride is a champ. Totally knew we would accomplish that. We headed to Alfred's where we knew we could dance and listen to some live music.

Before stepping inside, the bride was given her "scavenger hunt" for the night. She even completed a task before we got in the door. Told you, she's a champ.

The bride and me with her checklist

First check on the "hunt"

The Bride, Tiff, LA & me
We even met a celebrity there...
Ok so maybe it wasn't the reeeeeal Michael Jackson, but he had moves!

Carlos, our very muscular bartender/waiter...ok so maybe his name wasn't really Carlos. I can't remember exactly. But he was nice and he signed the "well wishes/advice for the bride" book.

From there we headed a whopping 5 blocks to another classy Memphis bar, Raiford's. The walk was a little too much for some...

She wasn't falling, she was checking for glaaaaass

But we saw this awesome shirt on our walk there....
Come at me Bro (hey, do you know where we can get some tacos?)
We met some more friends along the way, pursuaded them to come to Raiford's too....only to decide at the door it wasn't worth it. Women...we are allowed to change our minds for the price of $15 per person.

That's where the night ended for me. I walked back to the parking garage with two other friends of the bride and made it home to my nice comfy bed at 2:40am. I forgot that drinking redbull keeps me up forever though. I don't think I fell asleep until around 4:30.

We had a great time celebrating Lora and FH's upcoming marriage. I can't wait for the wedding weekend. Considering we all started planning after their first date early, it's been a long time coming!


Jun 10, 2012

Sunday Social

Sunday Social
Today I linked up with A Complete Waste of Makeup for Sunday Social. Each week you get a list of questions to answer. And here are mine....

 How did you come up with your blog name?
     Running on Empty is a good way to describe how I feel on most days. Not in a depressing way, but just in a constantly busy way. We always have something going on. We always feel like we are running to our next project. At least we are running instead of walking right? Plus, I have been known to drive my car when we are pretty much running on fumes, so it just works for me. 

What is your favorite thing about blogging?
     I love the "community" feel. I have made friends through the blogosphere. I also love the exposure to different parts of the country (and world). And exposure to new products and fashion. 
What is one thing you have discovered because of blogging and now cant live without?
     My Erin Condren planner. It cannot leave my side. I took it out of my laptop bag one night and forgot it at home. I really felt naked all day. It was sad.

Facebook or Twitter? and why?
     Hmm, right now i am loving twitter. The crowd is a little more accepting. You say too much on facebook and there's drama. Plus, twitter has my favorite celebrities, singers, bands, reality whores stars. It's just lots of fun. I still love my facebook though.

If one celeb read your blog who would you want it to be?
     Carrie Underwood. I think we should be BFFs. Then we can shop together and I can go workout with her. I would love to have her legs. They are crazy in shape. Plus, she could come sing at my wedding #notevenengagedyet.

What is something you want people to know about your blog?
     It's going to get better, promise. Haha, but seriously. It takes a lot of work to keep a blog going. Life happens so fast and you want to document it all, but there just doesn't seem like there's enough time. I'm going to do the best I can though :)

Now, go check out the link up and answer this week's questions.

Jun 5, 2012

7 things you should know about me if we are going to be BFF

1. If it's pink, polka dot, striped, chevron or sparkly, I will love it! Period. 

2. My biggest pet peeve is people dragging their feet. Not like, taking forever to get something done but literally....dragging feet. There are two women at work and I can always tell when they are headed my way because I hear their feet shuffling down the hallway. One of these days I am finally going to scream politely ask them to stop shuffling their feet!

3. I need you to tell me the new latest and greatest book. I hear about these things months [sometimes years] later or whenever the movie comes out [ahem...Hunger Games]. 

4. I am seriously the most forgetful person ever. Last night I went to pick up some things from the grocery store and was supposed to get a prescription while I was there. I remembered as I was leaving, but I knew I would forget after my daughter's pitching lessons, so I texted my bf "remind me to go back after lessons" because I knew he wouldn't see his phone until we got back in the car. Glad I did because 15 minutes later, I had forgotten again. Ok, what was I saying again? Oh yea, things you need to know...

5. I am your go to research gal {my BFFs and I usually call it R&D}. If you have any question--what time does this movie start, does this place have a website, is this place in the ghetto or not, who is this property registered to, lol...the usual--I'm the person to find out. 

6. I hate mustard and raw onions but I will eat honey mustard and onion straws/awesome blossom. I hate every kind of beans except green beans, but I will eat a black bean brownie. 

7. I will be late to wherever we are going. Except opening night for the Redbirds or a Cardinals game. I have been on time for weddings though because I was late to one once and had to wait on the BRIDE to finish coming through before I could sit down, hah. How rude of the bride, right? Just kidding of course. Since then I haven't been late to a wedding since. Ironically, I absolutely hate being late. I have skipped out on things before because I was so nervous about walking in late. As a friend, you must tell me things start 30 minutes before they really do....sometimes an hour if I'm onto your scheme.

I have several posts to catch up on including my secret blogger swap from Framed Frosting. [I'm already enjoying two of my bloggy gifts today]. And my giveaway winnings, yep, you read that right! I won two giveaways in the last two weeks. Maybe I should run get a lottery ticket! I have iPhone pics to photo dump on here and my #junephotoaday challenge from fat mum slim. So far I'm 3 for 4. Not too bad.