May 24, 2012

A&A Thursday

-Getting lunch on Monday, we stopped at Tropical Smoothie {yum! Ikr!} and as we are standing in line two "accountant type" guys start up the steps to their seats and one of the guys trips. Not like fall down the stairs trip, but like "oh that was embarrassing, I lost my footing" trip. And now I am totally not going to laugh in your face, that's just rude....I will totally wait until you are gone to laugh my a** off. So I'm waiting for him to get out of earshot when he looks at me and my coworker and says to his friend "Watch out for that step" and then I considered it ok to laugh. Thank you Mr Pocket Protector funny nerd man for turning your Awkward monday into a pretty funny one. And thanks for letting me laugh in front of you. 
-Coming back from lunch one day {apparently all my awkwardness happens at and around lunch} I asked my friend who drives the new "douche car" in the parking lot. It's so new and expensive, I'm not even sure what type of car it is. That's not the awkward part. So I tell her that I saw the guy that got out of it the other day and try to describe him. Basically I just wanted to match a face with a name. As I'm saying "You know how some old guys will wear a fitted black shirt that is kinda like a Tshirt but more expensive with jeans and they look really douchey...."we came around an SUV and on the other side guessed old guy in a fitted black shirt. I tried to undo what I had said but I know he heard me. Oopsy. 

-I have a 5 day weekend. Does it get any better? Ok ok, 6 days off would be better. There is a ton on my to do list for Thursday and Friday and I'm hoping the weekend involves lots of sunshine time. 
-School is officially out for the summer as of 10:20 today. Summer time means lots of fun for our family and so much less stress. I can't wait to get our vacation plans locked in. 
-We are less than a month away from my BFF's wedding. It is going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait for the festivities to begin. I set my hair appointment today and I'll add a mani/pedi in there too. Being in the wedding means we don't have just the one evening to have fun. There are parties and girly get togethers and emails and texts, etc. I have really enjoyed it! 
-I figured out some more blog things this week. It is a learning process for sure and I seem to be pretty slow with it. This week I mastered getting my titles in cute fonts. Now, what should I learn next week? hmm...

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