May 4, 2012

This Week Brought to You By....

the letter A for accounting, for month end close and most importantly as in "I need a vacation!". The first two explain why I've been absent from my blog "project" {blogsent?} this week. 

But let me tell you some good things this Friday #H54F

1. Monday night was my baby sister's last home game during the regular season of softball, so that made it Senior Night. The coach painted their numbers behind home plate. 

And the three seniors were given balloons in red, white and blue [school colors] to let go at the pitcher's mount. Not gonna lie. I totally got teary for that part. 
And to put icing on the cake, they won the game pretty easily. [Have I mentioned they are defending state champs? #ProudSister]

2. So I mentioned that I finally ordered a sewing machine a few weeks ago. Yea, it's still in the box...BUT I did venture to a fabric store this weekend and picked up two patterns and two fabrics.  Last night I cut out the pieces for my pattern. Maybe by the end of May I will have time to actually sew a stitch or two. 
3.At the beginning of the week I had just enough time to drop off some old clothes at a local consignment store. It was the first time I've done that with my clothes and it was pretty nice. I got practically nothing for what I turned over, but I got junk out of my house so that was good. The bad/good thing is I found some things while I was there. I think I brought home more than I got rid of. Oopsy. But I have a thing for stripes and bright colors and shorts for home and shorts that are appropriate for public and boyfriend tees still with tags, to name a few. Total $17. I think I did ok.
4. This weekend is a wedding event weekend!! #ForeverYoung. My BFF is getting married in June, and I am so unbelievably happy for her. We have been plotting planning this day since their 2nd date, seriously. Honestly, probably before that. But it was the 2nd date when we literally started calling this man, FH...."future husband". My iPhone autocorrects "fh" to "FH" when I text it. Even my phone knows that is his "real" name. 

Anywhooo, this weekend is the big fun wedding shower. We are having it at a huge local park and it is just going to be such a fun time. And since my BFF is one of my 3 readers {lol} I can't give away too many details because I'm not sure what all she knows, but I just know it's going to be fun. I have been torturing teasing her this week about possible embarrassing scenarios that could play out all week. Have I mentioned how fun it is to be a bridesmaid?! Love you, Mrs. Young!

5. This weekend is also a softball weekend. We start out the tournament with a game tonight at 9pm (i know right...) and then tomorrow at 11am. We get seeded then play our bracket from there. Crossing my fingers that we do awesome but play at random enough times that we make it to a friend get together Saturday and the wedding shower this weekend! 

And that's all for this week. I promised blogger that I was going to be nicer and visit more next week. Work won't be as hectic which means more time at home next week. 

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Katie said...

exciting that you're going to get to use your sewing machine! i love mine! sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead! enjoy!

raisingstepsisters said...

ummmmm look at you fancy pants tagging my blog and all. apparently that A stands for "a blog tutoring session is needed for your BFF" cause i have no clue how to do that!

shower was time we cook out at my house!