May 8, 2012

Play Ball

Another softball weekend in the books. We were back in MS Friday night, Saturday and Sunday for another tournament. Things are always interesting in the world of competitive softball, and I'll just leave it at that. Despite losing, we had a great weekend and made some serious improvements. B almost was thrown in to pitch a little in one of the games. I was half way interested in seeing what she could do and half way annoyed because she isn't ready just yet. We are waiting on her pitching coach to say when. 

Anyways, I only got a few pics from the weekend. Did I mention it got above 90 this weekend...each day! So yeah, I spent a lot of time just trying to stay in the shade and stay cool. 

Ready to hit the ball
Our new coach is kinda hot...just sayin' 
Taking a break to be silly


Aron Dawson said...

Playing any sport is very suitable for any weekend. Thanks for your memorable times.

onur Bulut said...

Many people think that Softball is a game that is for the hitters only but that simply is not true. Fielding and pitching can make a huge difference in the outcome of a game if done properly. Sure when a softball is pitched it comes at the batter slow which in turn gives them a distinct hitting advantage but there is a lot a good pitcher can do to throw the timing of the batter off even when it’s pitched slowly .Softball takes a lot more skill than most people give it credit for. Many people have the misconception that just because a softball is bigger than a baseball that makes it much easier to hit. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even slow pitched softballs can be hard to hit if the pitcher knows what they are doing. Not to mention, a pitcher’s mound in fastpitch softball is 15 feet closer to the batter than is a regular baseball mound. If a softball pitcher knows how to throw a curveball then that could be real trouble for any batter.