May 24, 2012

A&A Thursday

-Getting lunch on Monday, we stopped at Tropical Smoothie {yum! Ikr!} and as we are standing in line two "accountant type" guys start up the steps to their seats and one of the guys trips. Not like fall down the stairs trip, but like "oh that was embarrassing, I lost my footing" trip. And now I am totally not going to laugh in your face, that's just rude....I will totally wait until you are gone to laugh my a** off. So I'm waiting for him to get out of earshot when he looks at me and my coworker and says to his friend "Watch out for that step" and then I considered it ok to laugh. Thank you Mr Pocket Protector funny nerd man for turning your Awkward monday into a pretty funny one. And thanks for letting me laugh in front of you. 
-Coming back from lunch one day {apparently all my awkwardness happens at and around lunch} I asked my friend who drives the new "douche car" in the parking lot. It's so new and expensive, I'm not even sure what type of car it is. That's not the awkward part. So I tell her that I saw the guy that got out of it the other day and try to describe him. Basically I just wanted to match a face with a name. As I'm saying "You know how some old guys will wear a fitted black shirt that is kinda like a Tshirt but more expensive with jeans and they look really douchey...."we came around an SUV and on the other side guessed old guy in a fitted black shirt. I tried to undo what I had said but I know he heard me. Oopsy. 

-I have a 5 day weekend. Does it get any better? Ok ok, 6 days off would be better. There is a ton on my to do list for Thursday and Friday and I'm hoping the weekend involves lots of sunshine time. 
-School is officially out for the summer as of 10:20 today. Summer time means lots of fun for our family and so much less stress. I can't wait to get our vacation plans locked in. 
-We are less than a month away from my BFF's wedding. It is going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait for the festivities to begin. I set my hair appointment today and I'll add a mani/pedi in there too. Being in the wedding means we don't have just the one evening to have fun. There are parties and girly get togethers and emails and texts, etc. I have really enjoyed it! 
-I figured out some more blog things this week. It is a learning process for sure and I seem to be pretty slow with it. This week I mastered getting my titles in cute fonts. Now, what should I learn next week? hmm...

May 18, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, I'm not going to lie. I really missed you this last week. 
Dear Mr Man looking for the 3rd floor, thank you for this morning's laugh. 
        Convo as I am sitting at my desk working--
        Mr Man: Uh, hey, uh, do you know where we get new badges?
        Me: Um, that's on the 3rd floor
        Mr Man: We're ON the 3rd floor [like I'm new here or something]
        Me: No, this is the 2nd floor [I think I know where I work everyday]
        Mr Man: (pause) Are you sure?
        [Is he serious, haha]
        And then he turned and left. My correct response should have been "Oh 
        crap, am I in the wrong place", grab my computer and head for
        the elevator.
Dear Ladies at work, Thank you for the awesome strawberry shortcake today, but maybe I should remind you that I am on a diet. I am totally blaming you for forcing me to have two servings...
Dear Jackson Sportsplex, did we piss you off? Is that why our 9 year olds are playing ball games tonight at 8 and 9:15pm? Or did you not realize that I have an hour an a half drive home after we finish? Get it right next time, k?
Dear Target, have I mentioned lately that I love you? Just thought I would remind you. Thanks for always being there for me. 
Dear clock, I would appreciate if you just skipped to 4:30. There's no need for all the in between today.
Dear Y, please open your pool a week early. It has been hot since the first of May and I need pool time desperately. If you want to open it early just for me, that would be ok too. 
Dear Miranda Lambert, I can't be at your show tonight and I know you will be looking for me in the crowd. I apologize. However, I think next time we need to match our schedules up a little better. Have your people call my people. 
Dear MIM 2012, I want my bf back. I miss him terribly and I am so cranky when I don't have him to keep me on track in the mornings. 

Aunie Sauce

May 17, 2012

MIM 2012

Last night was family and friends night at the Memphis in May International BBQ Championship {MIM BBQ Fest, for the locals}. BBQ Fest is downtown along the Mighty Mississippi River each year (except last year due to a serious flood). So basically, it is a beautiful location to watch the sunset, which we did last night. It is also a great location for a classic Memphis photo....or two.
Us with the "M" bridge in the background

B with our friends' daughter Rosa
We had a great time last night and had some yummy BBQ for dinner. Leaving was a little sad for us though. Brooklyn has softball practice tonight and a tournament Friday-Sunday, so Wednesday was our only night to enjoy BBQ fest this year. Luckily, I was able to take off work a little early so we could fully enjoy our day at the "park". 

May 16, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

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Happy Hump Day! Hopefully this week will keep rolling on by. Not that my weekend will offer any "breaks" before Monday shows up again. We're used to that though. Here's what I'm loving this Wednesday...

I'm loving that tonight is Friends and Family night at the MIM World BBQ Championship. My bf has been cooking on his team at work for at least the last 7-8 years. Wednesday night is open for a smaller number of people {i.e. not as crazy in the park so you can bring the kids}. 
I'm loving sandals and pastel nail polishes. And by default, I'm loving this beautiful, sunny day!
I'm loving my sushi lunch...from a local gas station. Yes, you heard me, don't judge. Mr Lee made #17 on the 100 Things to Eat in Memphis list, lol. I didn't say it was my favorite sushi or anything, but I needed gas today because as usual my gas light was on. I usually grab sushi and an eggroll when I have to get gas at lunch and I'm in a hurry. No eggroll for me today though. Trying to avoid the fried foods if possible. 
I'm also loving that I get to leave work a little early today {3:30 what what} to get a jump start on the MIM festivities. 

And as always I am loving my bf and my B. And I'm going to enjoy spending time together tonight. Due to our crazy schedules, we actually won't get to spend time together {all 3 of us} until Sunday evening. So not normal for us. 

Now, what are you loving this Wednesday?

May 15, 2012

Target Tuesday

It really is dangerous having a Target so close to my work. I can easily drop in on my lunch hour and pick up a little this and that. Today my mind is set on vacation. 
I always go for the stripes and pink...
Mossimo Neon Tank
Super cute colored shorts to match
Mossimo shorts
Love the multicolored chevron bikini
Bandeau bikini top
I like this denim wash and the belt
Mossimo shorts

Looks like Target knows about "Target Tuesdays". I thought this was pretty funny actually. I was looking for a bigger "beach sheet" for this year but I may have to get this instead.
And it's only $9

May 14, 2012

Timing is Everything

It really is. And I have had a serious case of bad timing lately. 

Who gets a serious cold after the hottest weekend so far this year? Me and my bad timing. I was stuck in bed most of Friday feeling icky. 

Who gets an awesome blog to host a giveaway for her, types up the entry and then can't get the blogger app to work when the giveaway goes live? Yep, that would be me too. I guess I could blame my sister for having to graduate on Saturday in a building that creates an issue with cell service. Gah!

Who gets a migraine and sleeps practically all day on Mother's Day when we had reservations at one of my favorite spots {in other words...a place with a chocolate fountain}? Yep, that's me again. 

Despite all that, I do have some posts to catch up on this week...graduation, my first sewing project, new clothes, and upcoming BBQ fest!

Until then, hop on over to Erin's blog and enter the giveaway or just go shopping

May 8, 2012

Play Ball

Another softball weekend in the books. We were back in MS Friday night, Saturday and Sunday for another tournament. Things are always interesting in the world of competitive softball, and I'll just leave it at that. Despite losing, we had a great weekend and made some serious improvements. B almost was thrown in to pitch a little in one of the games. I was half way interested in seeing what she could do and half way annoyed because she isn't ready just yet. We are waiting on her pitching coach to say when. 

Anyways, I only got a few pics from the weekend. Did I mention it got above 90 this weekend...each day! So yeah, I spent a lot of time just trying to stay in the shade and stay cool. 

Ready to hit the ball
Our new coach is kinda hot...just sayin' 
Taking a break to be silly

May 4, 2012

This Week Brought to You By....

the letter A for accounting, for month end close and most importantly as in "I need a vacation!". The first two explain why I've been absent from my blog "project" {blogsent?} this week. 

But let me tell you some good things this Friday #H54F

1. Monday night was my baby sister's last home game during the regular season of softball, so that made it Senior Night. The coach painted their numbers behind home plate. 

And the three seniors were given balloons in red, white and blue [school colors] to let go at the pitcher's mount. Not gonna lie. I totally got teary for that part. 
And to put icing on the cake, they won the game pretty easily. [Have I mentioned they are defending state champs? #ProudSister]

2. So I mentioned that I finally ordered a sewing machine a few weeks ago. Yea, it's still in the box...BUT I did venture to a fabric store this weekend and picked up two patterns and two fabrics.  Last night I cut out the pieces for my pattern. Maybe by the end of May I will have time to actually sew a stitch or two. 
3.At the beginning of the week I had just enough time to drop off some old clothes at a local consignment store. It was the first time I've done that with my clothes and it was pretty nice. I got practically nothing for what I turned over, but I got junk out of my house so that was good. The bad/good thing is I found some things while I was there. I think I brought home more than I got rid of. Oopsy. But I have a thing for stripes and bright colors and shorts for home and shorts that are appropriate for public and boyfriend tees still with tags, to name a few. Total $17. I think I did ok.
4. This weekend is a wedding event weekend!! #ForeverYoung. My BFF is getting married in June, and I am so unbelievably happy for her. We have been plotting planning this day since their 2nd date, seriously. Honestly, probably before that. But it was the 2nd date when we literally started calling this man, FH...."future husband". My iPhone autocorrects "fh" to "FH" when I text it. Even my phone knows that is his "real" name. 

Anywhooo, this weekend is the big fun wedding shower. We are having it at a huge local park and it is just going to be such a fun time. And since my BFF is one of my 3 readers {lol} I can't give away too many details because I'm not sure what all she knows, but I just know it's going to be fun. I have been torturing teasing her this week about possible embarrassing scenarios that could play out all week. Have I mentioned how fun it is to be a bridesmaid?! Love you, Mrs. Young!

5. This weekend is also a softball weekend. We start out the tournament with a game tonight at 9pm (i know right...) and then tomorrow at 11am. We get seeded then play our bracket from there. Crossing my fingers that we do awesome but play at random enough times that we make it to a friend get together Saturday and the wedding shower this weekend! 

And that's all for this week. I promised blogger that I was going to be nicer and visit more next week. Work won't be as hectic which means more time at home next week. 

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