Apr 19, 2012

You know the drill...A&A Thursday!

Do you ever have that moment when you are headed toward a door and it looks like it isn't 100% closed, so instead of turning the handle and walking through, you just go to push it?....And then you smack right into the door because you are wearing tall heels and couldn't stop in time?? Yeaaaa, me neither. Or maybe that awkward moment is what reminded me that it's Awesome and Awkward Thursday!

awesome this week:
1. I can {even if no one else can} tell that I am getting a little more bronzy color. I have been using a new tanning lotion with bronzer that I love and it seems to be working so far. 
2. B's softball coach from last year is stepping in to work with the girls and get them ready to win some tournament games. I am thrilled because I love his style of coaching and I am ready to see the girls shine! 
3. My [uber talented] sister is signing her intent letter tomorrow at her high school. She has been asked to play basketball and softball at a local community college. I'm so proud of her and all her accomplishments. Congrats Lil' J!

1. The running into the bathroom door at work incident mentioned above. 
2. I truly dislike strangers in my house. Actually I'm a little weird about anyone in my  house except its residents. Apparently the water company called my landlord today (why they didn't call me directly I'll never understand) and said my water meter was going crazy. Since I've had this happen numerous times (including 2:30am when I was not at home once before, my floor was flooded and so was my neighbors ceiling due to my toilet  magically overflowing). So today my landlord has been in the house and upstairs and a plumber will be by later. I think this is particularly annoying because I want my house to be perfect when people are over and it is SO not right now. No time and no space to get it perfect right now. 
3. Secrets. For me, secrets are awkward. I guess because I am not a good secret keeper. And it's not that I like to gossip but when one of my friends is talking to me about something and I know a secret about that something, it is hard to contain myself. It's even harder if I know a good news secret. Luckily, I had a friend that was not involved {and didn't care. i mean, cared enough to listen but wasn't affected in any way} to tell the news to until it was out. 
4. Hmm is it awkward that it's book club meeting night and I am about 100 pages shy of finishing the book that I chose for this month's read?! I'm getting better at this reading thing but I just don't have it mastered quite yet. 

That's all the awkward and awesome I have going on for now. 

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