Apr 6, 2012

A&A Thursday

So this week was super busy at work and two of my most busy days I was cooped up at the court house on jury duty. Omg. Have I not served enough during this 8 week period?! So this Awkward and Awesome post is Jury themed because that's all I know this week. 

awesome for me: A juror fell out of his seat...during the trial! And the judge laughed. We have the super comfy, super "leany" leather swirly chairs in the jury box {my home away from home}. He was getting comfy leaning way back and all I saw was legs flying in the air. He of course was seated beside two dainty women who couldn't lift him back up and he landed on the toe of the man behind him. We accused him of falling asleep, naturally. And yes the judge laughed. I wonder if/how many times he has seen that happen.
awkward for juror #3: (see above) 

awesome: I've had a pretty decent people experience this week. Getting stuck in a room with 12 other people for a whole day is a little weird and I'm glad I've met some nice people while doing this. 
awkward: I saw the assistant DA in shorts and a Tshirt taking his kids to soccer practice when I picked up B from after school camp yesterday. Part of me wanted to run over and question him a little about Mondays case, but that would be awkward right? Inquiring minds want to know. 

ok one work awesome and awkward: I was stopped by our security guard on my way into work this morning because he thought I had a BudLight can in my hand. It was just my trusty Sprite Zero. Then I noticed on the back it is just bright blue and silver. He said he thought I was just trying to "be frisky in here" haha! awkward and awesome

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