Apr 9, 2012

The one where I went car shopping...

{have you heard the "Real Men of Genius" commercials. I love them. I haven't heard one for a used car salesman but I'm sure there's one out there I just need to google it. No offense to used car salesmen. My dad was one for a while after he "retired". There are great ones and stereotypical ones}

Dear Mr Used Car Salesman,

I own a calculator and just so you know, numbers are my thing. I know $25/month isn't that much more but over 60 months, that's $1500 more car. For 1500 more dollars, I want a sunroof, just sayin'. I told you my budget was $x total and I'm firm on that. Also, if I say I don't like Ford or Dodge or Nissan, don't show me a Ford, Dodge or Nissan. I may have the silliest reason for not wanting a certain brand of car, but if I tell you I can't drive anything that rhymes with Fodge, then don't show me a Charger! Also, I want a car soon but I don't need to come in and sign a contract before I test drive anything. I may be a girl but I know I need to test drive a car before buying it. Don't tell me that something has "quite a bit of miles on it". My car is queen of "quite a bit of miles". Also, please don't tell me that anyone can just "buff out" the huge chips that are missing on the passenger side of car X. Again, I am not stupid. 

Taking the Sale Elsewhere

*And another thing...I hate that dealerships marketed to people with bad credit charge THAT much more for their cars. I stopped at one that I didn't realize was one of those dealerships. I just thought they had a little bit of everything and it would be a good place to look. They wanted new car prices for a 2009 model car I looked at. Seriously?
*I did meet two very awesome sales guys on my original shopping trip. Dannie & Rodney, please ignore this rant :) They were awesome because they listened to the words coming out of my mouth. Dannie even steered me away from a higher priced car because it didn't reach the fuel economy stated on its sticker and he knew I was going for something at or better than 24 mpg city. 

Here are a few things I have looked at, liked, test drove, etc. 

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