Apr 4, 2012

Kids Say the "Darndest" Things

I have the most special nieces in the whole wide world period. Just had to mention that first. 

My niece Gracie is just about 4 years old. She is a mess and I love it! She recently went to take a 4K test to start preschool at the same private school my daughter will be going to next year. When asked to name 4 colors, she named 4 off nice and slowly then responded with "Now, can you name 4 colors?" And the same for the next few questions. Apparently when she met with the principal to get their paperwork she was asked what she had been doing lately. Her response..."Smoking grass with my big poppa"

In Gracie language that means cutting the grass with her granddad. I am sure all the ladies in that office stopped what they were doing, choked on their coffee, and said "what!" at the same time. 

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