Apr 13, 2012

High Five for Friday!


I am so super glad that it's Friday! It's been a long week. Wednesday was Thursday all day until it wasn't, so this week has been a real hot mess in my head!

So here's my high five for Friday:

1. High five to me for creating my new header. I love the stuff my computer is capable of doing if I can just make it do it. That's the challenge. Yes, it's pretty simple for now, but I'm learning new bloggy things daily to try.

2. I get to jet out of work early today thanks to extra hours worked this week and working through lunch...wait, that sucks. But the leaving early part is great. 

3. I am really enjoying this month's book for book club. We are reading The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff. I get made fun of often for having my book right there so it's ready to read a paragraph or chapter at any given moment. Seriously, I busted it out at the gas station the other night for the few moments when the gas was pumping. But honestly, with our schedules I have to do that to get through a whole book in time for book club.

4. Softball season is in full swing!! I know it is super time consuming but I love being a travel ball mom. This weekend we are headed to Southaven for a tournament with 14 teams. That is the largest tourney we have been in so far. Last year it was harder to find competitive 8 year old teams, and I understand why. The 10U group is so much bigger though. We play tonight at 7:30 and 9pm so I just hope the girls aren't asleep in the second game. We will get ranked and then find out our playing time for Saturday's brackets. 

5. High five for accessories. Today, accessories made it possible for me to get away with basically wearing a Tshirt to work. And not just any tee but the most comfortable soft tee ever, seriously, ever. It was just one of those mornings when I got up and wanted to go to work in sweats. Instead I threw on jeans and my comfy gray tee. Add a scarf and earrings and it looks like I actually tried this morning! 

Time for me to race home and to the tourney! Let's go Lady Wildcats!! :)


collettakay said...

My daughter's softball season has started also. Right now they're just practicing. I'm not sure when the first game is.

I hope you enjoy your book!

Here's my H5F:



smk053078 said...

I hear ya on the accessories...oh what we can do with a few pieces of jewelry! Hope you don't have to work through your lunches this week!