Apr 20, 2012

Hey, did you hear?

It*s Friday!!! Not sure if you had heard yet. I was in my car half way to work when I looked down at my jeans (casual Fridays) and said "oh my gah, it's actually Friday!" I guess I didn't pay attention when I was searching for the correct jeans and putting them on this morning. It took me a good hour to realize it was in fact Friday. So High Five!

1. High five for books. Yep, starting out the book route today. I had a great time discussing this month's book at our book club meeting last night, but big high five for seeing one of my best friends I haven't seen in forever. No really, for...ev...er (Stand By Me...the kid that keeps saying that? Anyone know what I'm talking about? No?). It was nice having a little catch up time before everyone got there and we got into book mode. Since I didn't exactly finish my entire book I still have to do that tonight/this weekend then it's on to our next book...Their Eyes Were Watching God
2. High five to Erin Condren. I am in love with my planner. I have to have it at my side at all times. I have always been a planner girl, but I found her site last year and ordered my first "Life Planner" as they are called. And I love it. So very organized and plenty of space for my big handwriting. I picked the customizable photo cover for mine {despite my intense love of all things Chevron}.
 Anywho, plum district was running this awesome deal this week for $50 of EC stuff for $25. I know the life planners weren't included but I went ahead and purchased one of the deals because there are some other things on the site I wanted to get. 
3. My new sewing machine will arrive in the mail on Tuesday! [ok, grandma] But seriously, I'm excited. I don't have any major big projects planned but there have been so many times I've said "If I only had a sewing machine that worked, I could fix that". Plus I want to take all of B's old school/softball/cutesy Tshirts and make a Tshirt quilt for her room. I can't bear to part with her kindergarten field trip shirt even though there is really no use for it at this point. This way, I can turn it into something instead of putting it in a box in a storage room for years to come. 
4. High five for family and friends. I'm spending some time with both this weekend since we have a softball break. 
5. High five for my BFF closing on her house next week, woot woot! So happy for her and a little extra happy because she is moving closer to me. Can't wait to annoy her by dropping by unannounced, haha. I'm kidding of course {#sonotkidding}. 


raisingstepsisters said...

You better not be kidding!!!!

Melissa said...

book club was SO fun! and it was great to catch up. thanks for inviting me! see you next month!