Apr 26, 2012

Kind of like a Weekend Wrap Up

Check out this adorable little nugget...
You're welcome.... That is my adorable niece Gracie "posing" for a photo at Red Lobster. My fam got together this weekend for dinner to celebrate my middle sister graduating from college....in December. Yea, we were a little behind, but December was quite hectic for us. My grandmother was in the hospital and things were extremely rocky for a while. Now things are better and there was time to go celebrate. My BIL (who is a police officer) was off on the weekend for once, so there was the perfect opportunity to get everyone together. 

Sunday we got together with some friends for the afternoon. There are 3 babies in our group and little Kindle is the smallest. Here we are holding this cute little mini-nugget. 

She's Her Mother's Daughter

I woke B up one morning and noticed this as I was walking out of her room....
That's her piggy bank with a little note card listing how many pennies, dimes, quarters and nickels she has and a total. Yea, she is definitely her mother's daughter. I asked her if she was going to be an accountant one day and I think she answered with "so what do you do at work each day?" Typical. 

Apr 20, 2012

Hey, did you hear?

It*s Friday!!! Not sure if you had heard yet. I was in my car half way to work when I looked down at my jeans (casual Fridays) and said "oh my gah, it's actually Friday!" I guess I didn't pay attention when I was searching for the correct jeans and putting them on this morning. It took me a good hour to realize it was in fact Friday. So High Five!

1. High five for books. Yep, starting out the book route today. I had a great time discussing this month's book at our book club meeting last night, but big high five for seeing one of my best friends I haven't seen in forever. No really, for...ev...er (Stand By Me...the kid that keeps saying that? Anyone know what I'm talking about? No?). It was nice having a little catch up time before everyone got there and we got into book mode. Since I didn't exactly finish my entire book I still have to do that tonight/this weekend then it's on to our next book...Their Eyes Were Watching God
2. High five to Erin Condren. I am in love with my planner. I have to have it at my side at all times. I have always been a planner girl, but I found her site last year and ordered my first "Life Planner" as they are called. And I love it. So very organized and plenty of space for my big handwriting. I picked the customizable photo cover for mine {despite my intense love of all things Chevron}.
 Anywho, plum district was running this awesome deal this week for $50 of EC stuff for $25. I know the life planners weren't included but I went ahead and purchased one of the deals because there are some other things on the site I wanted to get. 
3. My new sewing machine will arrive in the mail on Tuesday! [ok, grandma] But seriously, I'm excited. I don't have any major big projects planned but there have been so many times I've said "If I only had a sewing machine that worked, I could fix that". Plus I want to take all of B's old school/softball/cutesy Tshirts and make a Tshirt quilt for her room. I can't bear to part with her kindergarten field trip shirt even though there is really no use for it at this point. This way, I can turn it into something instead of putting it in a box in a storage room for years to come. 
4. High five for family and friends. I'm spending some time with both this weekend since we have a softball break. 
5. High five for my BFF closing on her house next week, woot woot! So happy for her and a little extra happy because she is moving closer to me. Can't wait to annoy her by dropping by unannounced, haha. I'm kidding of course {#sonotkidding}. 

Apr 19, 2012

You know the drill...A&A Thursday!

Do you ever have that moment when you are headed toward a door and it looks like it isn't 100% closed, so instead of turning the handle and walking through, you just go to push it?....And then you smack right into the door because you are wearing tall heels and couldn't stop in time?? Yeaaaa, me neither. Or maybe that awkward moment is what reminded me that it's Awesome and Awkward Thursday!

awesome this week:
1. I can {even if no one else can} tell that I am getting a little more bronzy color. I have been using a new tanning lotion with bronzer that I love and it seems to be working so far. 
2. B's softball coach from last year is stepping in to work with the girls and get them ready to win some tournament games. I am thrilled because I love his style of coaching and I am ready to see the girls shine! 
3. My [uber talented] sister is signing her intent letter tomorrow at her high school. She has been asked to play basketball and softball at a local community college. I'm so proud of her and all her accomplishments. Congrats Lil' J!

1. The running into the bathroom door at work incident mentioned above. 
2. I truly dislike strangers in my house. Actually I'm a little weird about anyone in my  house except its residents. Apparently the water company called my landlord today (why they didn't call me directly I'll never understand) and said my water meter was going crazy. Since I've had this happen numerous times (including 2:30am when I was not at home once before, my floor was flooded and so was my neighbors ceiling due to my toilet  magically overflowing). So today my landlord has been in the house and upstairs and a plumber will be by later. I think this is particularly annoying because I want my house to be perfect when people are over and it is SO not right now. No time and no space to get it perfect right now. 
3. Secrets. For me, secrets are awkward. I guess because I am not a good secret keeper. And it's not that I like to gossip but when one of my friends is talking to me about something and I know a secret about that something, it is hard to contain myself. It's even harder if I know a good news secret. Luckily, I had a friend that was not involved {and didn't care. i mean, cared enough to listen but wasn't affected in any way} to tell the news to until it was out. 
4. Hmm is it awkward that it's book club meeting night and I am about 100 pages shy of finishing the book that I chose for this month's read?! I'm getting better at this reading thing but I just don't have it mastered quite yet. 

That's all the awkward and awesome I have going on for now. 

Apr 17, 2012

Dear Target,

You are truly one of my BFFs. Thank you for having a pair of plain brown low-ish heels today since I realized I didn't have any comfy ones this morning. 
Of course, while I was looking at shoes I noticed these cute sandals, which really are more turquoise in person than on your website. 
Target, you are an expensive friend, but I love you anyways. Thank you for moving so close to me at work. I know you just wanted us to be able to spend more time together. 

Also, did you overhear me telling J that I really like the bright/pretty colors mixed with gray in bedrooms now? {It gives me a girly color and a manly color to balance the bedroom linens.} You must have because I turned a corner and saw these combos (again, even prettier in person). I'm digging the yellow.
I'm not sure if we were playing hide and seek with the crockpot liners or if that was more of a scavenger hunt that lead to me finding a new [and cheaper than the sports store] Blender bottle. Not sure what it was doing on the trash bag aisle, but whatevs, I'll take it. 
Also, kudos on having blackberries on sale. Just the afternoon snack I needed. I'm sure I'll be seeing you again real soon. In the meantime, you can go ahead and put some of those cute turquoise storage baskets on sale. I could totally use those in my closet. 

Until we meet again....
Your BFF J

PS The cashier on line 8 was totally high. Just sayin'

Apr 13, 2012

High Five for Friday!


I am so super glad that it's Friday! It's been a long week. Wednesday was Thursday all day until it wasn't, so this week has been a real hot mess in my head!

So here's my high five for Friday:

1. High five to me for creating my new header. I love the stuff my computer is capable of doing if I can just make it do it. That's the challenge. Yes, it's pretty simple for now, but I'm learning new bloggy things daily to try.

2. I get to jet out of work early today thanks to extra hours worked this week and working through lunch...wait, that sucks. But the leaving early part is great. 

3. I am really enjoying this month's book for book club. We are reading The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff. I get made fun of often for having my book right there so it's ready to read a paragraph or chapter at any given moment. Seriously, I busted it out at the gas station the other night for the few moments when the gas was pumping. But honestly, with our schedules I have to do that to get through a whole book in time for book club.

4. Softball season is in full swing!! I know it is super time consuming but I love being a travel ball mom. This weekend we are headed to Southaven for a tournament with 14 teams. That is the largest tourney we have been in so far. Last year it was harder to find competitive 8 year old teams, and I understand why. The 10U group is so much bigger though. We play tonight at 7:30 and 9pm so I just hope the girls aren't asleep in the second game. We will get ranked and then find out our playing time for Saturday's brackets. 

5. High five for accessories. Today, accessories made it possible for me to get away with basically wearing a Tshirt to work. And not just any tee but the most comfortable soft tee ever, seriously, ever. It was just one of those mornings when I got up and wanted to go to work in sweats. Instead I threw on jeans and my comfy gray tee. Add a scarf and earrings and it looks like I actually tried this morning! 

Time for me to race home and to the tourney! Let's go Lady Wildcats!! :)

Apr 12, 2012

Throwback Thursday

So, no awkward & awesome Thursday post today. Actually was thinking about A&A yesterday on my way home since I thought all day yesterday it was Thursday! Seriously. I was even on my way to Wednesday night pitching lessons when I realized that it was in fact Wednesday and not Thursday. All because I had turned my planner over to the Thurs-Sun page for this week. 

I thought I'd participate in Throwback Thursday though. This is from B's very first year of softball. The first time she swung a bat. I can't believe that has been 4 years ago. She looks so mini here. And man did that kid's hair have volume! 

Apr 9, 2012

The one where I went car shopping...

{have you heard the "Real Men of Genius" commercials. I love them. I haven't heard one for a used car salesman but I'm sure there's one out there I just need to google it. No offense to used car salesmen. My dad was one for a while after he "retired". There are great ones and stereotypical ones}

Dear Mr Used Car Salesman,

I own a calculator and just so you know, numbers are my thing. I know $25/month isn't that much more but over 60 months, that's $1500 more car. For 1500 more dollars, I want a sunroof, just sayin'. I told you my budget was $x total and I'm firm on that. Also, if I say I don't like Ford or Dodge or Nissan, don't show me a Ford, Dodge or Nissan. I may have the silliest reason for not wanting a certain brand of car, but if I tell you I can't drive anything that rhymes with Fodge, then don't show me a Charger! Also, I want a car soon but I don't need to come in and sign a contract before I test drive anything. I may be a girl but I know I need to test drive a car before buying it. Don't tell me that something has "quite a bit of miles on it". My car is queen of "quite a bit of miles". Also, please don't tell me that anyone can just "buff out" the huge chips that are missing on the passenger side of car X. Again, I am not stupid. 

Taking the Sale Elsewhere

*And another thing...I hate that dealerships marketed to people with bad credit charge THAT much more for their cars. I stopped at one that I didn't realize was one of those dealerships. I just thought they had a little bit of everything and it would be a good place to look. They wanted new car prices for a 2009 model car I looked at. Seriously?
*I did meet two very awesome sales guys on my original shopping trip. Dannie & Rodney, please ignore this rant :) They were awesome because they listened to the words coming out of my mouth. Dannie even steered me away from a higher priced car because it didn't reach the fuel economy stated on its sticker and he knew I was going for something at or better than 24 mpg city. 

Here are a few things I have looked at, liked, test drove, etc. 

Apr 6, 2012

A&A Thursday

So this week was super busy at work and two of my most busy days I was cooped up at the court house on jury duty. Omg. Have I not served enough during this 8 week period?! So this Awkward and Awesome post is Jury themed because that's all I know this week. 

awesome for me: A juror fell out of his seat...during the trial! And the judge laughed. We have the super comfy, super "leany" leather swirly chairs in the jury box {my home away from home}. He was getting comfy leaning way back and all I saw was legs flying in the air. He of course was seated beside two dainty women who couldn't lift him back up and he landed on the toe of the man behind him. We accused him of falling asleep, naturally. And yes the judge laughed. I wonder if/how many times he has seen that happen.
awkward for juror #3: (see above) 

awesome: I've had a pretty decent people experience this week. Getting stuck in a room with 12 other people for a whole day is a little weird and I'm glad I've met some nice people while doing this. 
awkward: I saw the assistant DA in shorts and a Tshirt taking his kids to soccer practice when I picked up B from after school camp yesterday. Part of me wanted to run over and question him a little about Mondays case, but that would be awkward right? Inquiring minds want to know. 

ok one work awesome and awkward: I was stopped by our security guard on my way into work this morning because he thought I had a BudLight can in my hand. It was just my trusty Sprite Zero. Then I noticed on the back it is just bright blue and silver. He said he thought I was just trying to "be frisky in here" haha! awkward and awesome

Apr 4, 2012

Kids Say the "Darndest" Things

I have the most special nieces in the whole wide world period. Just had to mention that first. 

My niece Gracie is just about 4 years old. She is a mess and I love it! She recently went to take a 4K test to start preschool at the same private school my daughter will be going to next year. When asked to name 4 colors, she named 4 off nice and slowly then responded with "Now, can you name 4 colors?" And the same for the next few questions. Apparently when she met with the principal to get their paperwork she was asked what she had been doing lately. Her response..."Smoking grass with my big poppa"

In Gracie language that means cutting the grass with her granddad. I am sure all the ladies in that office stopped what they were doing, choked on their coffee, and said "what!" at the same time.