Mar 6, 2012

The Jury's Still Out

So Monday I had my first experience {ever} with jury duty. From everything I had been told, I expected to go in get in line and pick a week on a set calendar. Then I'd be free and clear to head to work [on my second busiest day of the month, yep]. Boy was I wrong!

I got called "boo" before I even made it in the door. That always makes a girl feel sexy, right? :) I had to leave my phone in the car which was tough for me to say the least, but I brought my book club book to read. Good call considering I was about 30 minutes early. Finally the clerk came in and checked off names. I was truly surprised at the amount of people that skipped jury duty. Did they not read the part about the $500 fine?! 

The most interesting part of the process was listening to the woman two seats down from me talk about how working mothers pretty much disgust her. Yep, apparently we have no time to hug our children. Then she bragged about how she didn't think twice about leaving her "good payin' job at McDonald's" to stay home with her daughter. Seriously, I have no beef with stay at home moms. It's great but don't tell me I'm a horrible mom for working. 

The judge lectured us for about an hour and a half on the whole process and what different legal words mean. It was like a quick law lesson before the day even got started. Then we got a chance to see the judge and explain why we think we should get out of jury duty. I didn't even bother. #1 I'm not a good liar, lol. And #2 I couldn't let someone like "stay at home mom" be in charge of deciding someone's guilt or innocence {turns out she got out of duty anyways. She also thought jury duty should be something you sign up for...because obviously that is going to get the best and brightest in there making decisions.} 

After a full day of questions and paperwork and lectures, I am still on the hook until mid-April. I have a handy dandy little card with a phone number that tells me whether I have to go to work or go to the justice center. I also got to see {since I'm from a small county} a cousin, a friend, someone who knew me but I didn't know, a softball friend, a friend's mom and two guys from high school [in suits, kinda weird lol]. Actually makes me wonder how they find enough people who don't already know either the lawyer, person on trial, DA, accuser, witness etc to make up a non-biased jury. That's small town living for ya. 

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