Mar 28, 2012

Dear Mississippi,

I started to hate on you pretty hard for what you did over the weekend. Then I started thinking that we are kind of alike, you and me. I was going to hate on you for something I do myself (that I can't stand)....starting new projects before finishing the last ones. Yep. Why oh why do you have miles of construction cones blocking a lane of highway for no good reason? I saw one bridge being worked on in the 13 miles of construction. The first 13 miles. I'm not even talking about the next set of 6 miles or the 3 miles we came to later. So before I have to head down 78 again, can you please move the cones and finish what you started before blocking off more road? Don't think I'm not giving Alabama the stink eye also for deciding they were done making 78 about 5-10 miles before you get to another good highway/interstate to actually make my way around Birmingham. I guess B'ham was feeling no love so they had to get us to see most of their city by way of ending the highway in the middle of nowhere, but still. I just hope you know that it is so over between me and Atlanta and that is partly on your shoulders. 


Still a little bitter that I wasn't at the beach

**we took a quick trip to Atlanta from Saturday to Monday evening. It wasn't that eventful because I didn't have much planning time, but the drive was pretty awful both ways partly due to my two hour miscalculation on how long it took to get there....oopsy. And then we had to add an hour when we changed time zones. I am usually a much better planner with trips. Everyone gets a mulligan at least once right?